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As we know, there is advancement in technology and the use of deep fake videos has increased with the use of machine learning technology, and all these technologies have been of great use to mankind.


But with the growing technology, we have to keep in mind that it can be more dangerous than one could ever think of. Who could have thought that using fake videos would create havoc?

Such types of audio and videos are used only in a harmless manner or as a part of the prank, but it leads to dangerous situations when it gets into the hands of the wrong people.

With such activities, many of the social media platforms have been banned and taken to limits.

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What is Deep Fake?

10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (1)

The Deep Fake is basically a combination of deep learning technology like AI and machine learning. The word fake is denoted for this used to create false information by not showcasing the actual data.

For example, with synthetic media such as videos and audio, your face and voice are replaced by someone else to create a false portrayal to showcase in videos.

These actions are created with the help of a Generative adversarial network (GANs), a Generative neural network, and, mainly, deep learning.

Multiple illegal activities like video hoax, fake news, cyber fraud, and similar types of similar activities have been reported in 2019, and the government has taken strict actions to limit the use of such apps so there is no damage in the future.


Until now, we talked about the Deep Fake and how people use it illegally, but there are also some of the applications of the deep fake apps like in politics, film dubbing education, etc.

Apart from everything, there is a lot to learn about how it can be used in positive ways as these websites or apps are utilized to learn more about AI and machine learning. Here we will talk about some deep fake apps on websites.

Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites


10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (2)

Zao has been created by a Chinese company and is currently the most advanced deep fake app. It is not available all across the world. People living there can access it through their smartphones.

It contains a library from where you can find many clips from movies, series, etc. And also allows users to make voice modulation and swap celebrity faces.

This app is quite fast as it hardly takes a second to create your video. Moreover, the videos made on this are more authentic and legit than other websites and apps.

However, it cannot be said to be one of the best for those people who live outside China as it is trained according to them.

Install App:Android/iOS (Free)

Deep Fake Web

10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (3)

It is a web-based software that uses a machine-learning algorithm to face swap with another one. The process is quite simple to do this.


Firstly, you can upload the video and make changes according to your needs. The process is also very simple to use the application. It sounds easy, but it takes four to five hours to learn the video and an hour to make the overall swapping.

When your model will be trained, from next time it will save a lot of time and will also give the best results and much faster. One thing to keep in mind: the deep fake web is not free, it requires some charge to use the service.

Visit Website: DeepFakeWeb(Paid, $2/hour of usage)


It is also a face-swap video creation app that is mostly used for fun purposes, not anything which can harm others.


Both iOS and Android can use it as it is free of cost. You can create new videos by swapping your face on celebrities and can also create hyper-realistic videos.

This app is known for its impeccable implementation of AI technology and has been loved by users everywhere. It also follows privacy norms by considering deep fake concepts.

Install App:Android|iOS

Avenge Them

If you are a Marvel fan, then you are definitely going to love this deep fake website.However, the whole concept is fully related to deep fakeness, but you can make a 3D model of your face.


When you go to the homepage, you can see the list of GIFs and swap your face using it.

It has features like GIFs, a total of 18 GIFs are present in the popular scenes from the Marvel cinematic universe.

This app looks pretty, and you can choose your desired character and do the swapping, choose GIFs, upload an image and then submit it.

Visit Website: AvengeThem


Face App – AI Face Editor

10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (4)

This app is powered by an AI face editor which uses advanced features like Neural face editing technology.

More features like changing the hair color, adding a smile, applying makeup, color and style, young and old filters, tattoos and many more are there. People all around the globe had created a huge buzz with this gender swap feature.

It makes the switch and is very realistic without getting any errors.

Install App:Android,iOS(Free)



10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (5)

MyHeritage is a website that also has an app with a deep fake feature. It uses a technology known as Deep Nostalgia which allows users to animate old photos.

This feature took the internet by storm and social media was also flooded with various experimental photos. This technology enables users to make faces, eyes, mouths, and display with slight movements.

Deep Art

10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (6)

It is not a deep fake video app, but it creates deep fake images by turning them into artistic ones. It is a free app and has many filters in art styles. It offers ultra HD features which are paid versions.

This app also uses AI and Neural style transfer algorithms to convert photos into famous paintings and create artistic images.


Install App:Andriod,iOS


It is an AI-POWERED lip-sync app which enables users to transform their faces into singing faces. There is also a list of songs to choose from, and users can select any desired character into the image singing with it.

Wombo has Photoshop quality and also creates singing videos, but it seems animated and not very realistic. To enable deep fake scenarios, it uses AI Technology.

Install App:Android/iOS(Free, in-app purchases)


Face Swap live

10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (7)

Basically, Face Swap Live is a mobile application that allows users to swap faces with another person and also to create videos by applying different filters to them.

You can also directly share them. It is not a fully deep fake app, but if you want to choose for fun, you can definitely go for it. This does not use static images and effectively uses machine learning.

Download App: PC


10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (8)

The DeepFaceLab is a Windows program that lets you create fake videos. Not only as a fun element, but it allows users to learn and understand the technology better.


It uses machine learning, deep learning, human image synthesis which are exclusively built for researchers in the field of computer vision and deep learning. You need a high-end GPU and a powerful PC to use thisprogram.

Install App: PC


10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (9)

Jiggy can help you create deep fakes GIFs and put in any GIFs you like. It’s pretty cool, right? Only you have to choose a photo of yourself and then select if you want to be in it.

After that, Jiggy will use its smart features to place your photo in GIFs with full animation. It’s very much fun to create personal and customized GIFs which you can share.


Install App:Android,iOS(Free)

Conclusion – Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites

These were some of the deep fake apps and websites, we hope it will help you in creating some fun and good gifs and short clips.

In case you didn’t understand something, or you can have any other queries regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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10+ Best Deep Fake Apps and Websites (2024) | TechLatest (2024)


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