10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (2024)

Note! Be careful when using these apps and make sure to observe all ethical norms. Never use them to break the law.

With the release of deepfake apps, it became even more difficult to tell apart real photos from fake ones. While most users employ deepfake technology for entertainment and creating memes, malicious users use it for spreading disinformation, creating fake news, and extorting money. Deepfakes are created with the help of deep-learning algorithms based on artificial neural networks, which explains the origin of the name.

Top 10 Best Deepfake Apps

  1. Reface: Face Swap Videos - Best deepfake app by editors
  2. ZAO Super Fun - Collection of videos with stars
  3. FaceApp: Face Photo Editor - Realistic AI-based photo- and video face editor
  4. Face Swap - For swapping faces in real time
  5. - The best free deepfake and face swapping app
  6. Celebrity Face Morph – Transform Face with AI - Allows creating cinema posters
  7. Jiggy: Face Stickers and GIFs - For full body swap videos and chat GIFs
  8. Wombo: Make Your Selfies Sing - For TikTok and singing selfies
  9. Anyface: Face Animation - For talking selfies
  10. - Photo animation and restoration

Deepfake is a type of manipulated visual content created with the help of complex AI algorithms that allow such videos to look real. A couple of years ago, it was nearly impossible to create a realistic deepfake video using machine learning technologies and digital effects. It required a powerful PC with high-end graphic cards. However, these days, you just need to use your mobile device and a deepfake app to create funny videos with your friends and you looking like celebrities.

A reliable app provides realistic results using only one source image. High-quality deepfake is difficult to create and recognize, besides, you may face some difficulties when using it. World governments set some restrictions on the usage of such technologies, so you need to be careful when using such apps. It’s allowed to use them for finding out more about machine learning, performing face recognition, and other tasks. Most people use them for entertainment purposes.

1. Reface: Face Swap Videos – Our Choice

Reface AI platform

  • Convincing results
  • Meets all confidentiality requirements
  • Gender and face swap technologies
  • New content every day
  • Animated images and voice-overs
  • Free version has ads and a limited number of downloads

Verdict: Reface was downloaded over 150 million times, which makes it one of the most popular deepfake apps available today. It allows you to swap faces with celebrities or overlay your face on images, memes, videos, and GIF files using Reface AI based on a generative adversarial network known for its seamless ML/AI face-swapping algorithm.

You need to take a photo and then select a GIF file. The result will depend on the angle and the GIF file you have chosen. This is the best free GIF maker when it comes to creating personalized solutions since there is a huge choice of GIF files. Using the Swap Animation feature, you can add your own content and animate it. The Pro version costs $2.49 weekly. It allows you to get rid of ads, animate your photos more quickly, and download an unlimited number of files.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (2)

2. ZAO Super Fun

Risk management algorithm

  • One photo can be animated in different ways
  • Allows creating custom emojis
  • Copy a celebrity style in one click
  • A huge library of videos and images
  • Confidentiality protection policy
  • Users can’t take or save screenshots
  • Chinese phone number for verification

Verdict: Zao is the best face swap app released in China. It became viral thanks to the tools that allow creating deepfake videos in a few seconds. You can use it to swap heads, add your face to a video, or make yourself look and sound like an actor from a popular movie or TV show.

All you need to do is to select a video from an extensive library of clips. In a few seconds, Zao will create a realistic deepfake video. While the algorithm is based on the results the developers received when analyzing Chinese faces, your photos look realistic regardless of your ethnicity. You just need to click on your photo and try on fashionable hairstyles, clothes, and makeups. The deep fake maker has a huge collection of videos and effects. By paying $2.67/month, you will get unlimited opportunities to create new content.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (4)

3. FaceApp: Face Photo Editor

  • Advanced technology of neural face editing
  • A variety of conversion options
  • Allows changing specific facial traits
  • Extensive editing and customization options
  • Allows comparing before and after results
  • A free version contains watermarks

Verdict: FaceApp has become a viral app thanks to its unique AI tools that allow users to apply an aging effect, preview how children might look, or morph a face with other faces. It has a collection of backgrounds and morphing filters that you can add to your photos in one click. The app uses advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies as well as image recognition options to create realistic results.

You can upload your photo to FaceApp and then make it smile, merge two faces, or create young teens pictures after Photoshop. Many people use the app for enhancing their selfies. It allows adding a mustache, beard, and tattoos. You can change the color of your hair and your hairstyle, apply digital makeup, edit your facial features, and modify the way you look. FaceApp is a powerful video editor that allows adding filters to footage. To get upgrades and extra content, you need to pay $4.99 per month.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (6)

4. Face Swap (Live)

A gallery of funny face masks

  • Basic photo and video editing tools
  • Face recognition
  • Draw with your fingers over your image
  • Allows creating a mask from any photo
  • Sharing photos on social networks and via messengers
  • The results depend on the selfie quality
  • Too many unnecessary app permissions

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (7)

Face Swap

Verdict: Face Swap is one of the best deepfake apps for mobile devices as it has versions for iOS and Android. They will come in handy for those who want to experiment by adding masks to their images or videos. You can use them for swapping two faces in one image as well. The Live camera mode is similar to AR Snapchat filters. When using it, you can apply your edits in real time.

Another advantage of Face Swap is that it allows adding pet muzzles. The Live version costs $0.99. It lets you add 2D effects. The app lets you create videos and add various filters to them. The Face Swap Live version doesn’t use static images. It swaps faces in real time using a camera of your phone. This app is based on machine-learning technologies.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (8)

5. FaceMagic: Upload & Face Swap

High-speed work

  • Allows uploading photos from a gallery
  • Advanced face swap
  • Change gender, age, and faces
  • Collection of photo, video, and GIF files
  • Social media sharing
  • Watermarks and ads in the free version
  • Need to pay to download files from gallery

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (9)

FaceMagic Upload and Face Swap

Verdict: What makes FaceMagic one of the best deepfake apps is that it is based on advanced face morphing technology. You can make your face look funnier in any photo, GIF, or video in a few clicks. You can use most of its features for free. The process of face replacement is very streamlined. Just like other best animation apps for Android, FaceMagic has an extensive library of GIF files and videos. While there are some distracting ads, you don’t need to sign up to use this app.

To get started, you just need to upload any photo from your gallery. The prices start at $1.99 per item. Start by selecting a character you want to change places with. In a few steps, your new image will be ready. You can make your photo dance, replace one head with another one, or make your characters go beyond the frame of a photo. FaceMagic allows you to quickly change your gender and the way you look.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (10)

6. Celebrity Face Morph – Transform Face with AI

InstaFace using any photo

  • Automatic face recognition
  • Free of charge
  • Several algorithms for changing facial expressions
  • Source photos from the Internet and phone uploading
  • Perfect for movie posters
  • Some results have subpar quality
  • Distracting ads

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (11)

Celebrity Face Morph

Verdict: If you are a huge fan of movie stars and their cinema roles, then Celebrity Face Morph is a perfect app for creating deepfakes for you. You can select a character from a huge selection of movie stars, athletes, politicians, and even animals. Then, you can turn yourself into them. The app uses the most advanced AI-based neural networks and powerful face recognition technology. It allows you to perform quick transformations even without knowing how to swap head in Photoshop.

In addition, Celebrity Face Morph has some interesting features for automatic face recognition, face morphing, and changing facial expressions. It comes with an advanced toolset that allows you to perform a variety of tasks, including morphing, face swap, scaling, blending, and deformation. You can also publish movie posters with your face for free.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (12)

7. Jiggy: Face Stickers and GIFs

For all chats with stickers

  • Custom GIFs, stickers, and memes
  • A hundred unique dances and face morphs
  • Advanced AI tools for animating selfies
  • A library is updated daily
  • Streamlined drag-and-drop interface
  • Occasional issues with updates
  • A free version adds watermarks

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (13)

Jiggy Face Stickers and GIFs

Verdict: Jiggy enables you to swap your face or body in a GIF file, thus saving you much time and effort. You can use it to create stickers, GIF files, and short video clips. The app also lets you share the results on social networks. All you need to do is to select a photo and a GIF. Jiggy will then use its AI models to merge them and animate them.

You can also use these images as your profile photos or create fake clips. Besides replacing your body with another one, you can use a library of GIF stickers, to make your boring photos and videos more engaging. The Premium subscription is available for $3.99 a month.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (14)

8. Wombo: Make Your Selfies Sing

Only popular songs

  • Several voices
  • Doesn’t require editing
  • Playlists creating and sharing
  • 15 songs from the start
  • Songs are regularly updated
  • Results do not always look realistic
  • A free version contains ads

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (15)

Wombo Make Your Selfies Sing

Verdict: Take your singing selfies to the next level using the Wombo app. It uses AI-based technology to create deepfake videos and synchronize the movements of your lips with the words of the song. All you need is to upload your selfie and select a song. A person in a photo can start singing, dancing, and reacting to the music.

Wombo allows users to create playlists as well as select tracks, images and videos. After selecting your content, you just need to wait until the app creates a playlist that you can extend by paying $3.99 per item. You can play your video at any time. While singing videos are of high quality, they seem too animated.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (16)

9. Anyface: Face Animation

A variety of face animation effects

  • Voice recording and editing
  • Duration of GIF files and videos changing
  • Automatically saves files in GIF
  • Filters, effects, and objects for enhancing
  • Photos of popular stars
  • A free version has limited functionality
  • Extra content is expensive

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (17)

Anyface Face Animation

Verdict: Anyface allows you to animate and improve your selfies. You just need to select a photo, and you will see your animated face in a few seconds. If you want to apply more animation effects, you can make faces laugh, smile, frown, and talk using pre-recorded phrases. In case you want to edit your selfies, you can add filters to them to transform the overall mood.

This free deepfake app has a streamlined interface with intuitive animation tools. You can use them to animate the movements of the head, mouth, and eyes. Then, you can apply various effects, such as eyeglasses, hearts, and more. Extra packages will cost you $39.99 per item. You can improvise using various objects and combine different effects to achieve unique results.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (18)

10. MyHeritage: Family Tree & DNA

Animation of any photo + genealogy tree

  • AI-based colorization option
  • Integrated DNA results
  • Over 81 million genealogy trees
  • Automatic smart matching technology
  • Cross-platform genealogy app
  • Colorization is only for subscribed users
  • Expensive subscription

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (19)

MyHeritage Family Tree and DNA

Verdict: My Heritage is a genealogy service with an in-built app called Deep Nostalgia that allows users to animate old and new photos. Face recognition technology to enables it animate the uploaded photos by making eyes, face, and mouth move a bit in a natural way to create a live picture.

Its integrated deepfake video app allows users to transform black-and-white photos into color ones with the help of the colorization feature that becomes available to those who pay $16.99 for a monthly subscription. The neural network will help you fix several widespread problems, such as bleak colors in photos, watermarks, and blurred faces. Thus, you can use this solution to improve the quality of your family photos.

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (20)

10 Best Deepfake Apps for iOS and Android in 2024 (2024)


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