14 Best Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024 | ExpressVPN Blog (2024)

Face-swapping apps may be all the rage at the moment, but there’s huge potential for this seemingly innocent technology to be abused.

When using deepfake tools, you’re putting your photos, videos, and voice—all of which is your personal data—into the hands of app developers. Such data can be repurposed, stored, or shared with third parties without your consent.

But deepfake is a ton of fun to use and can even be valuable if you take the right safety precautions. To help you select the best deepfake app, we’ve rounded up all the most popular ones, along with some safety and legal issues you should know about before you start deepfaking.

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1. FaceApp
2. Reface
3. Voilà AI Artist
4. MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia
5. Avatarify
6. Zao
7. Wombo
8. Deepfakes Web
9. DeepFaceLab
10. DeepArtEffects
11. Face Swap Live
12. FaceMagic
13. Lensa AI
14. Craiyon AI
What is a deepfake app?
How does deepfake technology work?
Are deepfake apps safe to use?
Is using deepfake apps illegal?
Is viewing deepfakes illegal?
Top deepfake voice generators
FAQ: About deepfake apps

1. FaceApp—the Instagram-worthy selfie editor

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/us/app/faceapp-perfect-face-editor/id1180884341
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.faceapp&hl=en&gl=US
Browser-based online generatorNo

FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps for selfie editing, thanks to its array of Instagram-worthy beauty filters, called “impressions.” It’s easy to use—in one tap, you can glamorize your look. There are also individual settings that allow you to touch up your skin, enhance your facial features, or even change your smile or hairstyle.

But FaceApp can handle more than giving your face a glamorous boost. With its age filter, which went viral back in 2019, you can age yourself a few decades in a matter of seconds (or reverse the process to make yourself look younger). It also offers a gender-swap feature to show you a feminine or masculine version of yourself.

FaceApp is generally safe to use, but you should be aware of its terms of use: Using FaceApp grants the app and its parent company “a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully paid license to use… your User Content.”

Read more: Is FaceApp safe?

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(source: www.faceapp.com)

2. Reface—the most fun deepfake app to use

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/us/app/reface-face-swap-video-app/id1488782587
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=video.reface.app&hl=en&gl=US
Browser-based online generatorNo

Reface (formerly Doublicat) is one of the most popular deepfake apps, best known for its face-swapping functionality. It features a wealth of photos, videos, and GIFs spanning a vast selection of themes to choose from—cringe, artistic, festive, spooky, funny, or futuristic.

It has countless options for Marvel characters, trending memes, magazine covers, celebrity portraits, or mythical paintings, and you can easily spend hours on the app and still not get bored! When using Reface, be mindful it collects your personal data—including your photos, facial features and usage data. Learn more about its privacy policy here.

3. Voilà AI Artist—best app for creating Pixar-style art

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/us/app/voil%C3%A0-ai-artist-cartoon-avatar/id1558421405
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.faceapp&hl=en&gl=US
Browser-based online generatorNo

Voilà AI Artist transforms your photos into cartoonish images or avatars—or even sketches, Renaissance paintings or portraits of movie stars. Besides people’s faces, you can upload photos of your pets and turn them into adorable wool dolls, toy bricks, and more. Voilà AI Artist is the deepfake app that rekindles your appreciation for art and color.

Like many other apps of its kind, Voilà gets permission to host, store, use, and modify your uploaded and generated content. Read its terms of service before using it.

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(source: www.instagram.com/voilaaiartist)

4. MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia—an app that animates old family photos

Supported devicesAndroid, iOS, and desktop (website)
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/app/myheritage/id477971748
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.myheritage.mobile
Browser-based online generatorYes (mobile apps are also available)

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia helps you bring back memories of loved ones or get a feel for what your ancestors may have looked like. It can animate photos of faces with lifelike expressions such as smiling, blinking, and head tilting. You can even write a short paragraph and have the people in your photos read it out loud. The app also has photo restoration capabilities and a feature to generate photos of you in different historical eras.

14 Best Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024 | ExpressVPN Blog (3)

(source: www.myheritage.com/deep-nostalgia)

5. Avatarify—the app that lets you deepfake in live video calls

Supported devicesAndroid, iOS, and desktop
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/ru/app/avatarify-face-swap-live/id1512669147
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avatarify.android
Download the app for desktopgithub.com/alievk/avatarify-desktop
Browser-based online generatorYes (mobile apps are also available)

Avatarify animates your face so you can see yourself singing or saying something in the voice of a celebrity or fictional character. The app is fairly easy to use—you’ll pick a clip of your choice from the home screen, upload your photo, and let the app do the rest. You can double the fun and make your friend sing with you by uploading their photo to one of the duet options.

But Avatarify’s desktop version is what takes deepfake to the next level. It lets you superimpose a mask onto your face in a real-time video call.. The mask can actually move along with your face, meaning you can fool your friends or colleagues into thinking someone famous has joined the call!

You should be aware that Avatarify may have some privacy-related issues. Apple removed the app from its China app store in 2021 amid concerns about invasion of privacy.

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(Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lONuXGNqLO0)

6. ZAO—China’s most downloaded deepfake app

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSAvailable on China’s iOS App Store
Download the app for AndroidAvailable through APK: zao.en.softonic.com/android
Browser-based online generatorNo

Dubbed as the Chinese counterpart of FaceApp, ZAO is a face-swapping app that rocketed to the top of the free charts in China’s iOS App Store upon its launch in 2019. It lets you act out iconic scenes from movies and TV shows by morphing your face onto the actors. You can choose from a selection of video clips. All you have to do is upload one photo.

The app is fun to use and all, but it requires a Chinese phone number to sign up and is displayed in Chinese. You should also be aware that ZAO’s user agreement has sparked privacy concerns in the past, allowing the company to retain users’ photos and sell them to third parties without their consent.

7. WOMBO—an app that makes you lip-sync

Supported devicesAndroid
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.womboai.wombo
Browser-based online generatorNo

WOMBO allows you to lip-sync to your favorite songs. All you need to do is upload a selfie or a photo of someone you want to deepfake, and choose a song from a list of known favorites. The app will automatically generate a video of you lip-syncing to the song you picked!

WOMBO is a fun and easy app anyone can use, although its functionality is quite limited compared to other popular deepfake apps. Also, WOMBO’s privacy policy isn’t clear about what data it collects and stores.

8. Deepfakes Web—cloud-based tool for professional use

PriceCharges for cloud usage rights; paid plans available
Supported devicesDesktop (web service)
Browser-based online generatorYes

Deepfakes Web is a cloud-based web tool that lets you create deepfake videos with ease. Once you’ve signed up for an account, all you need to do is upload two videos—a source video with the person for the face swap, and a target video with the new face you want to use. Leave the rest to the platform. It will learn and render your video, which can take up to 4 to 6 hours.

9. DeepFaceLab—the advanced deepfake tool for PC

WebsiteNo official website
Supported devicesWindows
Download the app for Windowsgithub.com/iperov/DeepFaceLab
Browser-based online generatorNo

DeepFaceLab is an advanced deepfake tool targeting individuals with a background in programming and video editing. It’s an open-source project hosted on GitHub and runs on Windows. As the user, you’re involved in the complete deepfake creation process.

You can also easily find online tutorials that walk you through the basics and core functionalities. Up for a fun challenge? Be prepared to set aside some time for studying the workflow and enhancing your skills.

10. DeepArtEffects—the app that turns photos into fine art

Supported devicesAndroid, iOS, and desktop
Download the app for iOSitunes.apple.com/de/app/deep-art-effects-photo-filter/id1170544083
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.nextsol.deeparteffects.app
Download the app for desktopwww.deeparteffects.com/page/download
Browser-based online generatorYes

DeepArtEffects transforms any photo into artwork in the style of renowned artists like Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Picasso. The app uses highly advanced algorithms to mimic how a human brain works and aesthetic elements to produce artistic images. It offers up to a hundred filters to choose from. It’s sure to keep you hooked!

11. Face Swap Live—the real-time face-swapping app

Price$1.99 to buy on Google Play; $0.99 on iOS
Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSitunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1042987645?pt=221482&ct=fls_website&mt=8
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.laan.labs.faceswaplive&hl=en&gl=US
Browser-based online generatorNo

Face Swap Live is popular for letting you switch faces with a friend in real time using your phone’s built-in camera functionality. You can swap your face with a celebrity or with one of your own photos. You can also use it for whimsical effects and stickers.

Face Swap Live states that it doesn’t collect, save, or transmit face data. However, it collects some user information like your IP address—so consider connecting to a VPN when using the app.

14 Best Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024 | ExpressVPN Blog (5)

(source: faceswaplive.com)

12. FaceMagic—an app for high-quality celeb face swaps

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1566529086?pt=123166990&ct=official&mt=8
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xgd.magicface&referrer=utm_source=official&utm_medium=cpc
Browser-based online generatorNo

FaceMagic works in a similar way to Reface and Avatarify. You can choose from a wealth of photos and videos to morph your face into.

Compared to its competitors, FaceMagic offers a wider selection of photos and videos focused on celebrities, all of which have top-notch viewing quality. Each clip is also split into various scenes, making the deepfakes fun and entertaining to watch!

Learn more about how FaceMagic handles your data.

13. Lensa—a photo editor for selfies and artistic filters

Supported devicesAndroid and iOS
Download the app for iOSapps.apple.com/us/app/lensa-photo-picture-editor/id1436732536
Download the app for Androidplay.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lensa.app&hl=en&gl=US
Browser-based online generatorNo

Lensa is a photo-editing app that’s easy and fun to use. Its beautifying filters work like FaceApp, giving you various options to retouch your face, change your hairstyle, remove eyebags, and much more. What sets Lensa apart from FaceApp is that it also gives you countless trendy visual effects and artistic styles that turn your originals into a stunning piece to look at. Wondering if Lensa is safe to use? We’ve put together eight ways to protect your privacy while using Lensa.

14. Craiyon AI—generates photos from a single prompt

Supported devicesDesktop (web service)
Browser-based online generatorYes

Craiyon AI (formerly DALL-E Mini) can generate any image from just a single text prompt. It’s easy to use—simply type a description of what you want to see, and it’ll generate nine images that fit your prompt.

It gives you four image styles to choose from—art, drawing, photo, or none. The first three options are the safest ones to use; the outcomes are artistic and visually stunning. The “none” option, though, is a wild card; the images that come up can be rather absurd and even the stuff of nightmares.

Unlike many deepfake apps, Craiyon AI doesn’t require you to upload photos of your face for it to function, so it poses less of a privacy risk. But like other websites, it still stores cookies on your device and displays third-party ads.

14 Best Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024 | ExpressVPN Blog (6)

(self-generated images for text prompt “a man reading a book”)

What is a deepfake app?

Deepfake apps are computer programs that use AI (artificial intelligence) to create synthetic media. The word “deepfake” stems from ​​”deep learning” (a subset of machine learning) and “fake.”

The images or videos created by deepfake apps aren’t real, but are made to look like they are. You can appear as if you were someone else, and as if you were saying something or singing a song that you didn’t in reality.

Deepfake apps require a source, which, in most cases, is a photo of yourself. Your face on the photo is then mapped onto a target, which is usually a famous person, fictional character, or animal. You can typically choose from a selection of images or videos.

How does deepfake technology work?

Deepfake technology utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce high-quality visual and audio output. This generally involves feeding a program hundreds, if not thousands, of images or audio samples in order to train it to produce realistic models.

On a consumer level, the most common use is deepfake apps on smartphones. They take a user’s facial features and either superimpose their face onto a different head or superimpose a different face onto their own.

Are deepfake apps safe to use?

In general, deepfake apps are safe to use. Deepfake apps, like any other apps, are scanned for viruses and malware before appearing on app stores.

But the real danger lies in the misuse of personal data by the developers of these deepfake apps. Using these apps usually requires uploading photos, videos, or audio clips of yourself and potentially those of your friends or family—all of which are personal data.

Deepfake apps can use your data in various ways, from repurposing the content you generated for their advertisem*nts to storing the raw materials for other uses. Some deepfake apps may even share your data with third-party companies, along with other information, such as your preferences and behaviors. These companies will then use the information to target you with personalized ads.

Is using deepfake apps illegal?

In general, using deepfake apps is not illegal. Many people use deepfake apps as photo editing tools or for harmless fun. However, it can be illegal if your deepfakes breach legal codes.

You may be liable for copyright infringement if you use copyrighted videos and photos to create your deepfake materials. If your deepfake materials are defamatory and lead to a loss of reputation of a person, you can be sued for defamation. There can also be legal issues with the invasion of privacy when a person’s name, photo, likeness, or voice is used in deepfakes without consent.

Is viewing deepfakes illegal?

No, viewing deepfakes is not illegal. There’s currently no law preventing you from viewing deepfakes, regardless of whether they were created by you or by others.

But just because there’s no law against viewing deepfakes doesn’t make it inherently right. Let’s take an example of deepfake p*rnography—the act of morphing faces of people onto sexually explicit material and acts that they didn’t actually participate in.

Deepfake p*rn objectifies and exploits victims, many of whom are Hollywood female celebrities and ordinary women targeted in revenge p*rn by their ex-partners. The more views these images get, the more they get circulated on the internet—and the more repeatedly the victims are exploited and violated. We need to focus on the ethical issues associated with viewing deepfakes before government authorities establish laws around it.

Top deepfake voice generators


Website: www.resemble.ai

Resemble turns any written text into spoken words. It can match real-life performances, including the imperfections in human speech. You can also add emotions to the speech, like friendly, angry, or terrified. The more information you feed the AI, the better the speech will be.

Website: www.respeecher.com

Respeecher creates synthetic recordings that are indistinguishable from the originals. It promises natural-sounding voice; allowing you to record in different languages and localizing your voice with different accents. Its target audience is filmmakers, game developers, and other content creators.

Real-Time Voice Cloning
Real-Time Voice Cloning, an open-source project hosted by GitHub, can clone voices from an audio recording of only a few seconds. The service runs on Windows and Linux and is intended for individuals with some technical knowledge.

Website: fakeyou.com

FakeYou, available as a web service, lets you generate audio from text and speak as someone else. There are countless voices available—from fictional characters in Marvel or DC to real life personalities like Donald Trump. You can also make videos lip sync to your audio or songs of your choice.

Website: www.descript.com

Descript is a one-suite solution for editing audio and videos. It has an impressive voice cloning feature, called Overdub, that allows you to type what you meant to say into the script without having to re-record the video. It also has a whole range of recording and editing features—best suited for podcasters and social content creators.

FAQ: About deepfake apps

How can I deepfake a picture for free?

The easiest way to deepfake a picture for free is by downloading deepfake apps from Google Play or Apple App Store. These apps should be free to download and offer basic features to use for free. When using a free service to deepfake a photo, remember to review the service’s privacy policy.

Is deepfake material illegal?

In general, deepfakes are not illegal. However, deepfakes can be illegal if they are shared as p*rnography, fraud, or hoaxes. The legal ramifications vary depending on where you are, but the victim can usually sue for defamation or copyright. As of May 2023, the U.S. is trying to pass a bill to illegalize AI-generated p*rnography.

What apps should I use for deepfake?

It depends on what you want to use deepfake for. If you want to use it for face swaps, Reface and Avatarify are good deepfake apps to use. Use FaceApp for its age filter or a gender swap. If you want to swap faces with your friends, go for Face Swap Live.

Is there any free deepfake software?

Yes. Many deepfake apps can be used for free for their basic features (but require a subscription for advanced features). These include Faceapp, Reface, Avatarify, and Voilà AI Artist. The free version usually limits the number of photos you can deepfake per day and show you lots of ads.

What is bad about deepfake?

While deepfake is harmless in most cases, it can be problematic when used for the wrong reasons. Deepfake as revenge p*rn subjects victims, mostly women, to harassment and objectification. Deepfake can also be used to manipulate the public with falsified information, interfere in elections, and violate personal rights and rights of intellectual property and personal data protection.

Is deepfake available to the public?

Yes, there are plenty of deepfake apps and software accessible to the public. If you’re looking to use deepfake for your own entertainment, there are many deepfake apps available for download. Some deepfake software is available for more professional usage.

14 Best Deepfake Apps & Software in 2024 | ExpressVPN Blog (2024)


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