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Good morning! Do you know the three most popular pets sold at

San Bar P!t shop in Costa Mesa?

1)Fish 2) Cats 3) Rodents ttiamsters;'mice, etc.)


Friday, Aug. 14, 1882 Winner of 51 journalism awards in 1992 25 cents

In this corner. . .

Sparks ·fly over fireworks

Fuel for the fire. On \Vednesday, we asked

Daily Pilot renders if they thought Cosw Mesa should out/Div the sale of fireworks ~ based on the problems created in Newport Beach?

Herc's a sampling of responses left on our Readers# H otline. You can get involved by CD/ling 642-6086 with your comments.

0 No, I don't think fireworks

should be outlawed. My sons and I bought around S4.00 worth of fireworks in Costa Mesa and set them off at my place of business on the Fourth. Reading this article on fireworks, it quotes Newport Beach Councilman John Hedges as sa)ing that a large amount sold there enc.h up here and they come here and shoot them at each other. Well, none of the $400 \\-'Orth of ftreworl...s I bought could )OU shoot at anybody. They \\ere ,111 stationary and I bought just about everything they hJd for sale in Costa Mella.

So if somebody is shooting fireworks at each other 1n Ne\\port Beach, they arc bu)ing illegal fireworl..s and not the SJfe and sane CirC\\Orks thJt Costa Mesa is selling I don't think they should be outlawed.


Corona del Mar

0 I've been a fire aptain for

20 years, I've never seen a city left in Los Angeles County that still sells fireworks , I've never seen a cily as bull-headed as Costa Men for selling fi re"orks. Obviously this one councilwoman named Sandy Genis left the u out of her name.


0 I think it would b~ very "rong

to outlaw fireworks in Costa Mesa just for the benefit of Newport Beach. We've been shooting off a big box of fireworks in our backyard for children and grandchildren ror over 20 yea!'), safely, sanely and successfully and under adult supervision. It's a fun occasion which everyone looks forward to. There will always be cert.Jin people who use illegal fireworks in stupid ways but banning legal fireworks won't solve this problem either. Why do '"'e always have to throw out the whole barrel because of a few rotten applesl


0 I deOnitely believe that the

sale of Oreworks in Costa Mesa should be banned. It's like a war zone in front of my house every 4th of July. I'm afraid to go away for fear m y ho use may catch on fire . I think public fireworks are wonderful and we have enough shows that nobody has to be deprived of fireworks . I think they should be banned.


0 I don't think that Costa Mesa

should outlaw fireworks. It's been a tradition ever since I was • growing up and I can 't imagine not having fireworks in Costa Mesa. I don' t think it creates a problem in Newport Beach or anywhere else.


0 I feel that since the citizens

o( Costa Mesa voted 1g.ilnst Oreworlcs by S 1 percent that the council should hne taken • position to ~n flr~ks to

r.roted the homn and children rom injury. let the

cwpnlzaUons flnd ocher mHns lo rme money. And I was .-ued at Sandy Genis' ~ to Newport dty't requnt.


Quesuon of the Day

The friendly skies? Beginning in October,

airport and community groups will work to amend a 1985 airport noise agree­ment to accommodate new federal regulations. Should the 1985 airport noise agreement be amended? What else can the airport do to limit noise?

Leave your thoughts and your name on the Readers' Hotline, 642-6086.

Batters up!

Above: Ben Lopez, 5, of Costa Mesa takes

a major league cut at the ball Thursday

at the YMCA Day Care faci lity at Mariners Park

in Newport Beach. Al right: Katie Conlon, 5,

of Newport Beach pic"-s out her

batting coach during Thursday's ball game.

Marc Martin photos

Muggy heat makes locals .scream for more ice cream By Lor1Ann Basheda Sutf Wroter

This \i.t!ek's l>\\chermg temp­eratures in Orange County may mJkc )OU sticky, sleepy and short-fused - but 11 al~ g1\.CS c'<cl)onc a good excuse to go to­thc ice cream store.

And it appear most folks have been ta~ing ndvant.igc o( the opportunity.

At the beach and nt the pool , lifeguards reported low turnout Thursday afternoon, C\.en though the temperature topped 9-i de­grees in parts of Orange County.

See HEAT/111* Piii

Flight tests to elld; noise to remain ~ Aircraft noise tests to be completed Sept. 30, but new FAA regulatioQs may mean noisier takeoffs from John Wayne Airport. City and county officials plan to confer with citizens' groups over 'fays to curb the noise.

bod) think .... thb noise b going to be it." \\ hilc ajrport, Cit) and community group:.

"111 \\Ori\ IO eliminate the no1l>1es1 of the ne'' proecdurc!I, proposed Feder.ii A' 1;.111on Agcnc) regulation~ publi,hcd m tht; redual Reg1:.tcr 011 Aug. 7 hJ\ c dlccll\ cl~ tcrminJh!d the lo"· .il11tude po"er cu1 that helped reduce aircr .. tt no1,e.

By Russ Loar Sult Wn1er

NEWPORT BEACH - The end of aircraft noise 1e:.ting at John Wayne Airport late next month will not eliminate the noisy takeoffs "hich have tarnished the quality of life for :.ome nearby residents.

While some say they ha\e nouccd little change in noise le\'el:. during the te')ting pc­nod, others Sa) the incrcasei. in airport nubc have been dramatic.

''I'd never made a complaint e'er. until tlu:} swncd the first testing," said ~.rnta Ana lleights resident Terry Farrell. ''It \\JS '>0 bad. It seems 10 me now it doesn't matter "hat an)-

.. The)'" ill not go back to cutting back po"cr b~lo" 500 feet, " said airport spokes\\oman Courtnc) W11.:rc.10<. h Pilots h:id long com­pl.11ncll that the IO\\·ahitudc po\\cr cut \'.JS un­~:ifc . SJ) ing it lcll )llllc margin for error bn

- See NOISE/A7 But some homeowners think it may help.

Dftwn Blodgett

Latino leaders . blast GOP's border plank ~ Proposal to add tough border control plank to GOP platform announced same da.{ Bush unveils trade agreement. By JOt Beers ~·.J.,. ,•, • r

COSTA ~ll:.SA - On the l>Jmc dJ' Pre 1dcnt Dush umcilcd a proposed agr1.:cment linking the L'n1tcd State-. Mexico and CanJda into the "urlJ 's largest common m.1rkct. members uf the Re publi­C.in Part) ':. pl.Hform comm1tt1:c \\ere con~1dcring a propo:.:il some sa) \\ Ould result in coni.truct1on of a ",11\ Jlong the Mc,jcan border.

The iron) 1n ju:-:taposmg t hll~e l\\O cH~nb isn't lost on locJI Lrn­OIJ le adc rs. "ho say the \\all pro· po .. al ll> t~pical of the \\JY non· Lau nos t I) to de:il "Ith the prob­lem of 1llegal 1mm1grat1on.

"lnl>tcad of going for the bru le force approach, \\C :.hould put vur m1nJs together and Je,clop an JP· pro:ich to deal \\;th rt in~te:.tJ:·

• s:uJ Ro} Ah Jrado, . president of Latinos Co~ta Mesa.

President Bui.h ume1lcd 1he North American Free TraJc Agreement \\'edne da). f hc Jgreemem. "h1ch need) appro' .11 in all ihree aountries, "ould cltm1-· · nate most trade barriers on the continent.

.It woukl also haven 1JOsi1nc d­tect lrn immigration. according to C1J~ta ~k-.a Councilman Peter Uuffa

" I think the a!!reement \\Ill hJ\C J \Cr) po:iltl\ C effect On k:isening 1lkgal immigration because em­phl) ment l'flpOrtun111c:i 1n north­ern 'ln1~·l1 "111 be 1ncreal>cd ... ,.11d 13ufl J · h :. a t remcndou l'p­{X1rtu n11~ to m.Jke progre~ at n'1 -trul 1nl! ilk~;,il 1rnn11gr JllOn."

.-\t the ~Jmc 11mc. ~upporters llf

l1Jrm~ r GO P pre:.iJenual candi­date Pat1 11.k Uuchanan "'ere cd-111£ to 1·11 roJu('c a measure into the Rtpublkan Part)\ platform a11111.d Jt 11ghtcn1ng up the L .~ · ~k\ICO txHd r. poss1bl) C\Cn Cl)n­l>lrUCllng a "all


As able as she wants to be ~ Costa Mesa college student doesn't let disability stand in the way of achievement.

By Joel Beers Sufi Wrl'.«

A t 19 )Cars of age. Da" n l31odgctt 1 a \1ep .may from being a ~Ji, America The fact th.lt she i in a "hcckh,\lr docsn·t t~unbh

the honor. Last \\ Cd, the Orange Coast College student

and Estancia l ligh gr aduatc \\Oil the right tlJ rcprc,cnt CahforniJ in the Mu. America Wheelchair Pageant nc't \ummu.

For Olodgett , a virnciou and ankulJtc teen-ager, her latest honor j, another e\amplc ,,f her determination to not allo" cerebral pal ) to stand in the \\a) of "hat \ he ''anl\.

Though he h.i never \\ allo..eJ " ithout the aid of

"8Tf Of T1lf DAY

a" a Iker. lllodgett \J) he ha-; nc,cr lln c tl!ll l>Orr\ for her-.clf.

For four \car 'he ha cornpctcJ 111 the -'1• CJhforn1..1 \\ heekhair compcti11on, the la'>t t\\l) ) e.1r bcmg named fir'lt runner-up.

Participant.. .ire judged on 1hc1r :ib1ht) tu rdatc lo the media. h,),, long the> hJ\C been J1:.JbleJ, · \\hJt thC) h:l\C 3\7\:1..lmpli hcd 'Ince the on Ct o( the J1,abih1~. cdue.111on, pcrsonahtv and ap~3r:ince.

'I hough 'he \\On th1 )CJr, 13100,ctt :l) the J J)

"' "'-'mpcung "1th other \\Oman I'> a bigger tht1ll ''\\'urning "a" ju ... t the king lln the c:ilc of an

incredible "\:clcnJ," he aiJ. ··1 compete in this hcc.1u'e l karn '<.l mu~h from the people I meet.



-A2 Friday, August 14, 1992 Newport BNch/Coa Meu Dally Piiot

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Locals Only , Managing Editor Steve Marble ... 642 .. 321


, s

' ,. r , t ,. , ' ,. ,. ,. ,. • ,. ,. , , .. ,. ,.

Streetwise Interviews and photographs by Shauna Norlld!t

<Asked at Mariners branch library in Newport Beach)

Karen Murtaugh Corona del Mar

" Yes, ab~olutely. It's going to be a close race this time and anything he can do to help his campaign. Quayle is a liabHity."

Patricia Elias Laguna Beach

" It's a tossup. If he drops Quayle he is seen as disloyal, and if he keeps him it isn't really an asset. Bush seems detached, like he isn't interested in being president.

John Smith Newport Beach

''No, Quayle is impeachment insurance. As long as Quayle is there, no one would shoot or impeach the president for criminal activity."

Dody Reid Newport Beach

" Yes, I think Quayle is a big anchor around his neck, a big minus against Bush, and he ha:, a very unpopular following."

Ted Kalil Costa Mesa

" Yes, I think Bush ought to drop himself."

VOL. 88,NO. 192

Readers' Hotline: 642-6086


Arts, jazz on tap at

the Marriott For arts sal<c.

entire length or the performance they're in. Shows will run consecutive Saturdays, Oct. 24-Nov. 28, with a final performance Dec. 12. If you're interested or want to nominate ~omeone, call 840-1406.

CRYSTAL DALL: The "Future of Di Chiera Spislo Em mes Ersldne

PIC K OF TUE WEEK: Former Weather Report drummer Peter Efsktne} RCA/Novus debttt " Sweet Soul" gdl the nod this week from our crack listening staff.

the Arts" locally will be the topic of discussion at the Newport Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce Dolphin Division's breakfast at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday a l the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Tennis Club, 900 Newport Center Or., NC\\ port Beach.

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appetizers. A portion of proceeds benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Erskine has a reputation as a powerful thumper with jazz-rock fusion and straight-ahead bands, and he displays those skills aptly in such up-tempo pieces as the .title track and the bluesy-gospelesque "To De Or Nol To De."

MO' DETfER JAZZ: Speaking of the Marriott, due to the overwhelming popularity of the "Champagne Sunday of Jnzz" series, three more free concerts have been added.

DANG GOOD STUFF: Tickets go on sale Saturday for the B·52s and special guests the Violent Femmes, who play nt Irvine Meadows on Saturday, Oct. 24. Out in other numbers, such as the

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Stage lites

Special gucm ore David Di Chiera, general director of

Opera Pacific, Lou Spisto, executive director of Pacific Symphony, and

Sax man Doney James plays this Sunday. Voc31ist-kcyboardist Bill Cantos appears Aug. 23. Guitarist Ron Komic strums things up Aug. 30.

Besides getting to hear some free good music, there's no charge for parking and the- stunning coastline vie\ from the View Lounge, which serves a wide variety of sushi, sashimi and other

PAGING JIM SLEl\IONS: The Orange County Crazies, the improvisntionnl comedy troupe, needs guest ho~ts for its latest lampooning of life on our little slice of hea\en on earth, "Raiders of the Lost Orange."

This CD isn't a 74-minute drum solo. Erskine plays "'ith every combination of combo up to a septet, and his sidemen include such greats as guitar master John Scofield, trumpeter Randy Dreckcr and bass plnyer Marc John~on.

Hosts, who can be anyone from the unkn0\\11 to car dealers (Slemons has done it twice), arc rc~uired to attend one rehcar~al and be· present for the Tha t's all he wrote.

COMMUNITY EVENTS • Ple.-.se send it in '"ritinf; To ~lace an C\lent, please w11te: Community Events, aily 1lot, 330 W. BJy St, Costa Mes.1, CA 92627.

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4 p.m. -11 p.m.

Ha,,aii;in Fe.isl, the ltJ\\J.11Jn Cl\ ic Club \\111 hlht an Aha'a1nJ, a trad1tionJI ft.•a..i, at C~tJ M~ Community Ccn-1\!r, 18-15. · .

5:30 p.m

9am.· 7 p.m

Ne,\ port Harbor '52 Class Reunion, .1t Countryside Inn in COSta Mesa Call DJ,, n 1P1crsoni Cu1ld .:it 5.J S-5441 or Of\1f1c Amburge) at 557-6545 for 1nform.-a11on.

SUNDAY Southern California Indian Center's 2.ith .innual Pow·Wow, Orange County fairground>, 68 fair 011\C, Co~a M~. Ame1ican Indian dancing. ~ns•ng. colle<tib!c art iood and CCfcrnom~

MONDAY 6 30 p.m Costa Mesa City Council, regular meeting 77 fair Dr.

TUESDAY 7: 15 a.m.· Arts breaUast, Dolphin D1\1sion of Ne\\ port H.irbor ArC'a Ch,1mbcr of CommcHe '"" host di'oCuss1on ·•Cultural

Arts 1n Orange Counl), \Viii They Su""cl" al 1':C'\\port Beach Marriott For more mrrl, c.ill i29-HOO •

noon Community anocialions, The Southern Count1e) chapter of the Community AhoC1Jtt0m w11I prt•sent lunchl'On on managing community .is>0e1at1on fund> Jt Red lion Inn, 30SO Br1>tol St in Crr..ta i\\('<.J For mow 11)10, call 380· 7360

· WEDNESDAY 7 pm Costa Men Transportation Commission, ccgul.u meeting 77 ~air Dr

THURSDAY 7 pm Mes;i Consolidated Water Dhlric-t Board of Directors, regul.ir meeting. 195.i Pl.Jc<'nlla A\O. ~uuc 204, Costa



Placentia A\ enue: A 199..! Lumina \\as stolen Saturd,1y from the front of the \ 1,1oos n1gh1 club According to the police report , a Latino man with a long. dark pon~1a1I jumped into the rC'nt -a·CJr .ind sped away momC'n~ after a parking \alct brousl t 11 to the front of the dub

Ne"port Boulevard: Someone >tole the rJd1os out of three boats Sum.!Jy at Warner Boot Sal~ 1n the 2200 block

Various locations: Autos \\ere rC'portcd stolen at four lo­cations Monday and lucsd.l)· According to police reports, the thefts occurred 1n the 1600 bloc!.. ol 10,.,.a Street, the 2800 block of Bristol Strcct, the 1000 block of West 16th Street and South Coast Plaza

Logan Drive: Someone broke into the S1h.er Motor Coach in the 1300 block last Friday, but nothing was stolen.

100AY'S ..


NEWP~T BEACH Dorchester Ro01d: A burglM ,.,.ho brole into a home in the 4 500 bloct.. •PPJrently h.:i(f second thoughb a11cr me<:t1ng up \\Ith a Doberm.m P1mcher \\ho

resided there.

N~port Center Ori,.,: While at Tutto ~Ure r~tauranl J man report<..J thJl his \\allet \\,1\ m•S .mg after pJ)-ing for h1) dinner.

East Ocun front : Someonc through .i hl>er !Joule thtough a sliding gla•i \\1ocbv of an Jp.lrtmcnt in the 800 blod .. Goldenrod A\enue: Al Harbor View llcmentary elementary, vJndals broke a gla~ display case. Diamond Avenue: In the 3CO bloct.., ~meone ~ole a car phone out of ~ llunk of a c.lr that \\J~ p:11J..ed in the g.>· rage.

R~Mt reJ/ C'St.Jte' s.Jles as rc-ported by tile ContinelltJf LJ\\}ers Title Co rn 5.Jnta J\nJ

Costa Mesa o 245 Mllgnoli.i SI .. S385,000, 1 bedroom, \ bath to Dan S. Roi;tr\ o 265 Rose une, S242.000, 3 tx.-droom, 2 b.ith to Carlo Bell o 2.ia E. 19th St., S 195,000, 2 bedroom, b.ith to St~'l.cn J Michael o 271 Walnut St., S2l0,000, bedroom, 1 b.lth to MJurine E Schrock o 440 E. 191h St .• S275,000, 2 bcd1oom, bath to M1chJC'I A OrtliC'b o 2438 Crt>rncll lane, S215,000, 3 bedroom, 2 bJth to Bob K Bonebrake o 2434 Brillany Woods lane, S220,000. 3 bedroom, 2 bJth to )Olot'ph M ZJppJla a 370 Sanl.t Isabel A~c., S208.000. 4 bl'droom. 2 bath to R L Holton a 2511 Alder lane, S 175,000 2 bedroom, bJth to Jo.ln M Nichol> o 2400 Elden Ave.. S 165.000. 2 bedroom, bath to ChJrlc-s E. Borl..man S-243 Hill Pl. S329,000, 3 bt.'<lruom, 2 hath lo Ch.trlC'> E. Borlman 0 1632 IO\\J SI. S H 0,000. 2 b\>tlroom, l bath to Ian B. MJcDonald o 17"1 Tustin A\e .. S1 80,000, 3 bedroom, 2 b.Jth t.o Lorraine Allison o 3-lS Uni~ersity Or. 17. S 176.500. 3 bedroom, l ~lh lO Kirk Sm)'th 0 .345 UnM!rsity Or. J.i, S18.i.ooo, l tx.-d1oom, 2 bath to 11.empton K Carroll o 601 Sea\ ie\ une S 191 ~500. J bedroom 2 b.ith to Ruth E. G.lrn1er 0 610 Rhine L.-ine. S1 78,000, l bedroom. 2 bath to ChJrlc, L Miller

IRENE TURNER Nc"'"porl Dench

(rcsnrding the: recent ne11.) 31oty ubuut former Co.)tJ Me J p/:Jnning commi )ioner Drian The­riot 's June primary election $1Unt in " hich he drc1>.)t:J :1s :i wom<.1n and carried u !>ign saying " Lc.)bi.in.) for Mary Hornbuckle.".

'While reading the August 5 Daily Pilot, I had the irresistible urge to cross-dress and parade down New­port Boulevard with a 11Transvestites for Brian Theriot" sign. Seriously though, I doubt if Theriot would be whining 11free speech" if someone organized a "Nazis and Klansmen for Theriot" rally. Then again, given his obvious hom*ophobia, maybe he wouldn't mind.

UICAI. IUEM111B: Newport Beach 79/69 Balboa: 79/68 Cos~ Mesa: 84/68 Corona del Mar: 80/69

19AY: Yout comments iboul ~ 0& I'\ p,IOI Ot !\NI\ Upt will be rK~ 11'<1 gMn d•r«t/y 10 fdotor Willo~m l~ll Thi' Mine 1• hour ~mw.MI Wl'>r>Ct ~y ~ uwd to r«O«I le(ttf\ 10 the fdf IOt on • "l' lope ConlrobulOl'l 10 !ht Holl•M who .... n1 lo - thfo·r cnrntnfnts pubfrsllfd mw 1Nlude IMlf "•""' <llV •nd p'1c~ ·•um!Mf tlot ~t1f1C<1IH>f' Th11 fl llOUr c<>mmuni1·1 ~Pf'. ~ Wini yiour n~w!f'"nf'nt

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Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily PJlot I

Friday, August 14, 1992 A3 ~ ., Oh~ quit whining and crawl into that tube like a man When I wrote about my feelings chicken I am!"), wrote: " I

nftcr being shoved into one of didn't think it would be that those Magnetic Resonance · confining. But the moment I Based on response te my column, I

think it's safe to say tbat most people find the MRI scanner far more than "a little too enclosing."

Imaging machines, I didn't expect much got inside the MRI, I couldn't reaction one. way or another. go through with it. I panicked

Once again 1 was wrong. A goodly ' and had to get ou t of there ... number of reade rs l felt like it was squeezing the wrote or called to rnlk breath out of me. If I had about their time in the been prepared ahead of time tube, and near)) all o--f _ ...,for--:r what i1J_real!Y Jikcjnsidc __ _ .- - - -fhcm hailrncmorlcs as e Chamber, I would have had them an option, which you failed to do." unpleasan t as mine. sedate me, which I later did." (A column•is, by definition, ;Jn

Verna Degenhardt VeroniC<.1 Hurrison, however, strongly c.,pression of pcrson:1I opinion or said, " I was with yt>u disagreed with what l wrote: experience. not an objective report. For every minute ... I could "Your description of the MRI an option, see penult imate paragraph feel it closing in. Just procedure was very negative because you below.)

Fred reading about being in failetl to explain the reason it was ··r went through the MRl with positive Martin that chamber made me necessary for you to endure the reasoning because I did not ~vant back

----- shiver. I'm glad you enclosure of the process." surgery after a bad car ;lCcident. The On the wrote aoout ''hat an (1 don '1 see what that has w do with result was positive and I slo'' ly healed." Coast t\tRI is really like." 1/Je price of beans, but I have a $houldcr (Congratu lations, Vcro11ic.1, good on

----- Another reader. who t/i;lt has painful demons in it.) ycr! My shoulder gets a little 11 orsc each asked not to have her name ul>ed ("l .. When you write :i column, you have duy, so the doc 11i/J h.11·e to go in there don't want everybody to know "hat a the responsibility to your readers to give and fix it.) •

Sen. Bergeson report studies cost of illegal immigration SACRAMENTO - lllcgal

immigration is costing stnte and local governments nppro>.imatcly S3 billion a year, according to a report released by state Senator Marian Dcrgeson R-Newport Beach.

"The coi.ts arc u·nbcawblc and n11.~st be brought under con­trol," Ocrgcson suid in a pre· pared statement. "We can "t Cl)n·

tinue to let our shrinking re· sources to be siphoned off to suppofl illegal actiVity."

The report, drafted by the sta te 's Auditor General, says health and welfare, education and criminal justice service arc the main co~ts affecting undocu­mcnti:J workeri. and facilities.

The report deals primarily \\ith S'1n Diego':- costs. csti·

mated a t S146 million. But Ilergeso~ voiced concern abo.ut Orange Coun ty's costs.

"San Diego's problems arc in· dicntive of those facing our sout hern-most counties, · espe­cially Orange County, where ex­pert-> predict costs may be dou· blc those in San Diego,'.' Derge­!>On snid.

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(Really? Somehow I can 'c picture some poor soul bailing out of a potentially Jife-s:Hing diagno~ric procedure because of ivhM he read in

- my column. Hcmc~-er. 7 11ouJd be pieasc:d if it cau,ecl him to inquire fu'rthcr about 11 hut will be lwppening -to him.)

''When I was a child, I \-.;as hfper and my grandmother locked me in closets to keep me out 9f trouble. What do you think I feel about tight places? Dark one!I with no air?

(No commenc.) · "Grow up and assume your

responsibility as a writer." (I'm 1wrking on that, Veronic:i -

grm~ing up, that is. But I believe 1( was quite responsible 10 wrire about a proce· dure that can cause many people to


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• A4 Friday, August 14, 1992 Newport Beach/Cotta M- Dally Pllo

Selling your home? Be honest witli yourself abo~ its worth You need to sell your home,

but you\e read all the newspaper stories about how

!.low the real estate market is, and \OU\ e talked to friends who have iult.I )OU the >ame thing.

Are there >trategies )OU can use . I .,,

~.j to improve the chance that your house "111 be one of the minon~ of homes h>ted that will Sl!'ll? · Absolute I).

Reme{nber that in an"

prices arc going up ncAt >car? The good news 1s that i( you are

l>Clling to mo\e up. the property you wani is more reasonable thnn It has been in several }Cars, so )Our net gain in such a move is \Cry poi.lli\e right now.

Condition is also a crucial factor in the marl..etability of your home. Your home's market value will fall \\llhin n certain range, but

v. hether it ' at the bottom or top of lhat range v.ill depend on condition, nnd this is v.here )OU

do have some control. · Ask your broker to w.ilk through

your property "11h )OU and help )OU look at it lhrough the eyes of a poten tial buyer. If you've been in your home for a few yti::1rs, you've probably begun to overlook minor problems. 1 he closets :ire

-f!/Jed ~ 5n f!TOUJVn-

overflowing, the dog has scratched the paint off the back door and the back lawn really could use a li1tle greening up.

What )'OU want is for your hou c to look like a model home. CJcan what needs to be cleaned, p;iint what needs to be painted (in neutral colors), plant new flowers in the yard and green up that lawn. Resurface the driveway and

paint the front door, and don't t.1ke it pcn.onally when your broker suggests you uncluucr by renting a >torage unit.

An experienced broker has seen many homes through the eyes of many buyers and can help. you be objective about the process. Packaging your home properly will help you achieve the best price in the shortcl>t pos!lible time.

• •

Above all, look at the process obJetti"ely. We all have emotions about our homes, and a tendenc)' to make subjective decisions about something we're emotional about, That's why an objective, competent broker is so important.

Ste• t SutJicrlt n ls a salts associate in the Ncttporl Beach offlce of Cotd .. cll Banker Rcsldcnti:JI Rcnl Estate.

..__ marke t, the two owwu most importan t

lldllm°lln elements in rnarke11ng )Our

Residential ~~~~03;JiS~~.e Real Estate but in 10J,1v·,

market, t he~ are H n: important than C\ l!r

4. 8750/o . (6.•20% APR) '

START RATE TO $7S0,000 0 QUALIFYING TO S7SO,OOO ummer! \\hen it cuml'' to price, 11\

1.11pl>1 t.in1 to ~c.:kct a 11~1111~ brokc.:r "h11 hJ, the CUUI J £C IO tell ~OU the truth. not Jlhl what ~llU \\Jnt t 1 br.:li,·,e. Your home i.., .1

r1.11 l-.e1.1bk "'"et. with a certain ,,llur.: 1h.11 ''ill be placed upon it - 11\11 b~ ~uu. not b~ )OUr broker. I ul b' th\.'. m.Hkl.'.t.

II ,· rn make the deci._i,1n tl> ~ell ,10..:i..' tuJa,, \ OU \\Ould ~r.:11 it for \1h~1r 11ie·:.;to~k mJrke1 i<. "'lling to p.1~ 101 tt tl>J.1, You \\Ou ldn't p11,e 11 ai:-,,,.: the marl-ct t"lc.:..:.iu~e

1: \H>uldn't l>dl In thC\11") . pric1Pg \llU1 home.: "thi: '.ime: it\ JU'il

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~·.!..T (C.0.C..)

~~ ·=,] ~::r .... ~T

Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Dally Pilot

2 3 •

Newport oHicials want to tal- with Dad's Kid _founder By Tony Cox 6'1$!"1HS Ed. tor

NEWPORT DEACI I - City offici:ils scelo.ing to in­vestigate a new i.porb c:ird company have disco\ercd \\hat Upper Deck Co. and The Daily Pilot already know: Christopher Kamar 1s not an ca2)' g~ tct trnQ-down. - - - - - -

Kamar is founder of Dad's Kid Corp., a company in Newport Beach that makes a new three­dimensional trading card called Tri Cards. Upper Deck sued Dad's Kid for alleged trademark and copyright infringement, but did ~o only as a last re· sort, after officials of the Carhbad compony were un­:ible to contact Kamar to inform him of" hat they be­lieve is improper use of their product.

''Newport Beach is No. I per capita in con">umer fraud," said Oa .. id McPherson, a license in!oipector \\ilh the city. "We like to monitor companies and do our part."

But what sta rted out as routine monitoring turned into_ a.!!.. invo_lvcdJ<:.arcll, Mc.P..hCAOJl got ~n-ad<J1e<is for Dad's Kid from Upper Deck. but Kamar's com­pany uses a post office box. I le abo tried to l1nd in·

formation on Dad's Kid through the company's busi­ness license, but according to McPherson, Kamar didn't to get a license.

McPherson said he will try 10 u'le Postal Service records :ind a cross-reference for the Dad's Kid phone number to track down the company, bul a!> or Thursday, he hadn't yet found Kamar.

City officials aren't alleging any wrongdoing by Dad's Kid, other than the compan)'s lack of a bu~i·

Friday, August 14, 1992 AS ~


Turn To Classified for your_ Summer .•••• co-upon Savings

The Daily Pilot ran an article earlier this ''eek on Tri Ca rds. but unlike most business features, it didn't include any quotes from Kamar. The entrepreneur declined to grant an interview.

nc~ l~en~, but they want to learn more. ~r one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ thing, McPherson said, c11y inspcctori. want to asccr· tain whether Dad's Kid needs to pay any sales ta\CS. Cit) officials read the story, including discussion of

the Upper Deck lawsuit, and decided they should check out Dad's Kid.

Kamar could not be reJchcd to comment for this story.

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• .,

AS Friday, August 14. 1992

Movie listings Newport Beach EDWAllDS NlW~RT CINEMA 300 N.­Pol' c. ,,., o .... 6'4 0760

Deoth I .com•• Hor !>C 3' I JO • 8 ) . u • Unforgiven • I • 1 I

Slngl• White Femole IR 12 •!>. 3, Jv 9 • !>

lD WARDS ISLAN D CINlMA •~• ..., ~ I., J '•ow...,.! Co '•• t>•O 1~18 F-

3 Nln(oa PC,1 11 2 4 0 8 I 0 _ Wbbpeu IA ?he Dot&! •• • l 2~). -S

9 •5 J lv/ly th• Vampire Slayer PG 13

• . ~ • "' • Jv b JO 8 JO 10 JO • Stoy Tuned '(; I 3 '!> lv 1:1

Dlgg•town ' 5 J I) !> I) l I)


A League of Their Own "C 1 I •!> . . .,.

l nd'la'11ed April ><· • J. ~ ~). ) - J ~ ..

LIDO CINEMA '••""°" B .o 01 '•~oon \,I

_. -Ralttng Coln ' 3 :. <;

PORT THCATRl ) t ,· •' "<1'~0,

Ho..,ord-. [ ,,d • ~ :)

Costa Mesa lDWAflDS CINEMA CfNTIR •• ' "J •

" • .J \'hO \eM~ 1·1'• 9·" 4 4t

' Ho,,oy, I Blew Up lhe l<ld ·~ " •!> 3 • ) 0 & '

. l N1njo1 '-

) A Leagu e of Their Own ' JO • < ' 9 JO

"' Ra"tn9 Coln • 2 • " O ..

lDWARDS CINEMA 110 ~ r e • ~~ "' '

Single White hmole • J• o

HARBOR TWIN CINEMAS " bcr • . J i •rt :>

A Stronger Among Ut Pohlo1 Gome1. •

M o' M one y • t ....... c i Unl \oer• i.at Soldier .. J ' .:,!-

ME SA CINEMA • " ~. • • • '

for & Awoy lude To A Kl u


Whlspert In The Dork

. Uf\forg1.,en 4

Death 8 econ1e1 Her 11-"' J • .,

Stoy Tun<'d • 4

019gstown ... ~ t:. ..i

e. Death Becorn~s Her n •

" : Unfofg1'f'cn •

b A Leogu• 01 The ir Own I : 3 S , j., 0


" a-1 Stoy Tune d • •5

• Whltpers In Th • Dork • • • • • ) 9 .,

J Gos food lod9ln11 • J J,

.i The l f'1f fnr~ntton•

SOUTH COAST PLAlA • •• Oigg•town ••

S1ngf• Whl!e fema le • J " e J,

Death Becomes Her

SOUTH COAST lllLLAG£ • ~•· • '",

l h• Holfdreu~r' 1 H"''bond · • I

• Rolling Caln ' • • 0

( nthontt'd Apnl • 6 8


Stoy Tune d ·~ J : J O

. • Doggolown • • J SI~ l 30

Rol•lng Co ln • Y

.a Mo • Money • I . .& Boomerang

' Patr io t Gome• • A Stronger Among Ua '._ "

A l e ogve of Their Own • 0


• J Nl,,(o • )

• J

. . , I J (>JO

Unforg iven • J • JO 7 30

• Rol • lng Co tn • • t 1:1 De ath Bee om•• He r • _. 1 J l JO

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('Naeka Ids 'ti 1 am)

nr piano ta- w1 keep I 'PJ turmn'I I

II 3131w.0.~ a

~Beach I I (714) 842-7880 I

' - - - ~ --- - - --- - 1

Newport a.ch/Coal& Mesa Daily Piiot --- - -- -- - --- -- - - ------ --~- - -- - -

-- --- - - --- - -------------- -------=------ --- - ----- -- ----

Around Town Send your items to Bob ' 'an

Eyken, The Daily Pilot, 330 W. Bay St., Costa M esa, 92627.

Saturday Newport Harbor '52 -

Newport Harbor High School's class of 1952 will hold 1l5 40th reunion Aug. 15. Please contact D.iwn (Pierson) Guild at 545-5441 or O"ille Amburgey at 557·6545 for information.

Senior-expo =-Numerous companies and organizations offering goods and services of interest to ~enior citizens will be e>.h1biung at the Oasis Senior Ct!nter's Senior Resources CxposiLion, SaturdJy, Aug. 15 at the

• center, 800 Marguerite Ave. in Corona del Mar. for information, call 644-3244.

Hawaiian feast - The HJwaiian Civic Club will host an Aha'aina, a traditional feast, from 4 p.m. lo 11 p.m. Aug. 15 at the Co)ta Mesa Community Center, 1845 Park Ave. The event will feature Hawaiian cuisine and dancing. For information, call Sandee Mann at 97 4-1919 or Tieri Bis)en at 768-8722 .

Monday, Aug. 1 7 Calli~raphy class -

Senior citizens are invited to register beginning today for a class in beginning calligrap~y at the West Newport Community Center. The class will be held on six consecutive Wednesda}S beginning Sept. 23. Classes fil l up fast, so early registration is nece!>sary. For inrormat1on, call 644-3240.

- Tues-day; Aug. 18 Arts breakfast - The

Dolphin Division of the Newport harbor Area Chamber of Commerce will host a panel discussion on the issue "Cultural Arts in Orange County, Will They Survive?" at the di, ision's second anl)ual Inter-Active Breakfast, 7: 15 a.m. Aug. 18 at the Newport B~ach M.miott. Call 729-4400 .

Community associations - The Southern Counties chapter of the Community AssociJtions Institute will present a luncheon program on the topic of managing community association funds at noon Aug. 18 at the Red Lion Inn, 3050 Bristol St in Costa Mesa. Call 380-7360 for

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Kids and AIDS - Joanie Jeffrey J. Johnson, first vice the Security-Conscious lnv~tor" at Heinemann, R.N. will give a ,·1 president of Shearson Lehman 6 p.m. Aug. 20 at 19000 presentation on how to talk to Brothers' Newport Beach office will MacArthur Blvd. in Newport Beach.

children about AIDS at 7 p.m. Aug. r.~o~ft~er~ai;ifreeiiiseiiim~in~a~r e~n~t·~·1r~cdiliiiiiiiiiiiFfioririieseiirv~aitioinis,ica~lli9i5i5-ii7i55i4iii·ii 18 at the offices of Joah Andre"vs, - --11 51 Dove St., suite 105 in Newport Beach. for more information, call 476·0/ 91. ••

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_____ , Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Dally Pilot Friday, August 14, 1992 A7 ~·

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~&~ WALL From A1

''The timing might be ironic but ns for as (Buchanan's) intent, 1 agree with it," Buffa said. "The fi rst step in (combating) illegal im­migration is to get control of our border. Nothing else will work until that happens. 1 disagree with building a wall bu t the border pa­trol has the ability if Congress

- gives them-the TCSOUtecs: •

Alvarado said building a ''all along the border is similar to a sit­uation in Costa Mesa t\\O years ago, when the city tried to force charities that receive city funding to screen their clients for legal res­idency.

Alvarado said ,if more Latinos were involved with the decision­making process, such " ridiculous" things would be unnecessary.

" If the system just decides to utilize some of the people familiar with the culture, other options would come up," he said, "A lot of time people "ho arc capable of

putting in a constructive effort are O\erlooked. ".

Gloria MartineL, another mem­ber of Latinos Costa Mesa, agreed that talk of building a wall on the border is a "natrow, short-sighted means" of uddressing immigration concerns.

But, she said the same mentality that gives rise to talk of building walls may spark resentment of Latinos if the trade agreement is apptUYc.cl J

'' Initially I'm afraid (attitudes) might be negative among non- ' 1 lispnnics," Martinez said. "With a more liberal trade agreement, so­cial issues will become more obvi­ous and I think non-Hispanics in general may feel threatened by what they perceive as a loss of jobs or opportunities."

Co n g re s s m a n D a n a Ro­hrabachc r declined to comment on the agreement. He said he sup­ports free trade, but has not yet read the details of the Free Trade Agreement.

But, he did say the agreement would "systcmizc the labor sit-

YES, You Can ••• participate in world peace

·and understanding Open your heart and home to an International Exchange Student. Call YES Today to become a Host Family ·to-o-h igh-seheol student 15-18 years of age. Say YES

/ to world world peace. ~>~ -

~ ~~~$###


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ttc1a To Toe Buuty Quellty Scntcc I Products

~ SORe>I€

. ONE HOUR $45 1/2HOUR~$U

Question ol the Day NOISE Building walls t ~:~e~r~.1

Members of the Rcpub· Airport and city offic1ab "ill lican Party's platform com- meet Monday to review data from mittee are considering a the fi rst 30 days of phase two of proposal some say would the airport noise test, "hich began result In construction of a July 1. After a three-month test of wall along the Mexican diff crent departure procedures Cor border. What do you think about 10 flights daily, phase t\~O of the ideal Should a wall expanded the test to all of the air-bc built along the Mexic;;;;;a~n-+- port's ave.mgc ..90 .dail)l-dep<1rtuf,Ci border to hefp deaf w1tll of commercial airliners. the problem of illeg.:il During the first three months of immigration? the airport noise lest, calb 10 the

Leave your thoughts and airport noise office increased dra-your name on the Readers' matically. There were a total 1,700 Hotline, 642-6086. calls during April, May and June,

compared to 700 calls during the

Uation between our tWO COUnlriCS and hopcf ully re sol\ e the ch:iotic situation that exists between us at the moment."

" Duilding walls isn't the an­swer," he said. "Cutting the free money and service!> to nnyonc who can mnl.c their way across the bor­der is the answer."

same three-month period one year ago. "Airport officials say the in­crease is due in part 10 a cam­paign ~ouraging public comment on the noise tests. and they say many of the calls were about air­craft that were not participating in the test.

There was another jump in the number or noise complaiAts in July during the first 30 days of the ex­panded noise test, but airport of-


The Red Lion Hotel and Maxi,s Lounge Invite you to the

''American Dream Comedy Competition"

starting this Thursday.

...... .

Enjoy the best local comics and cheer on your favorites as they vie each week to compete at

the regional competition in Las Vegas in 1993.

We'll see you at 8:00PM at Maxi's Lounge located in the Red Llon Hotel, 3050 S. Bristol, C.o>ta Mesa.

$5.00 C.Over Charge Live Band • EURQ..K

to follow Comedy Night

ljfnjij, 1J.llu 11.,~

For Futher Information • 714) 540, 7CXXJ

V1efAL1St . vacate.

The 911ild1n9


f1c1Jb could not pro,ide a total mun11y group~ including SPON number of catb. for the 30-day pc- and the Airport Workirlg Group nod. along "ilh cit) rind county of-

Although new federal rcgu la- ficials . Airport officiJI!> pl:rn to ... tions which extend the noisy full- meet "'ith the community groups po, .. er climb of commercial airlin- later th1:. month 10 di!>cu:.s preluni-cr:. \\ill not become law until J:in. nary finding.:. lrom the cxp;inded 1, most u11 hne compan1c:. arc ul- no1!>c test. ~ady compl)tng \\Ith the pr~po.~~d !'\e"pon Ut 1c.h Ocput) (ll) rcgu l•nion~ becau:.e of habil11y Manager Ken L)clino '.:iid he bc­conccrns, according to W1crcioch. lie,cs the cit\ and count\. can find

With change!. in airport dcp;1r- '1 wa}' 10 1mplcmcnt the nc\\ !~AA ture procedures m:rndatcd by the rcgul:uiom. \\llhout )ign1ficant 10-

fet.leral government;-thcrc are-con-- crcJsE1n ntibe cerns about the loss of lot.JI con- "There arc c.ert;11n ..1\cnuc:. trol over airport noise lcH.:ls. After u' •.111..ibh.: to the c11y ant.I the cuun-phasc m o of the test cmh on t) 1f the I AA rc...gulJtivn-. n.: ult in Sept. 30, airport and wmmunll} 1ncrca:.ct.l nobc.... ·~hno ~;.i1d. "l

. ..gfOUpS"""iff-work to nlttenJ a"J9S5 pt:n1UnaJI} t.fon't think \\C0

fc going airport nobc agreement to :iccum- to :.cc l.trgc change.:. 111 the 001:.e modate the new federal rcgula- ell\ ironment." tions. Out former uirport act1\ 1!>1 Lrma

"The present admumtr:itiun U..itham, \\hO l'lO\C:d rrom Santa tall..s about local governm~nt ,int.I An.1 ~k1:!hb to Co,ta t-.k)J an all that, but "hen it come:. to locJI 191)5, belie' c-. 1ni:n:J:.cd airpurt government on practical 1\!>ues hl.c no1:.e I!> ..in unfortunate f,1ct ol life tht!>, they take po\\ Cr a" J) from for resuJcnts "ho II\ e near the air-locat agencies and local ag1 cc- port. mcnts.'' said Karl Hulbaucr, J co- " I lccl \CC) \Ort) tor the p .. ople presiding officer of the en,aron- there because the ftdcr:il gmcrn· mental group Stop Pollution Our mcnt "tit "in out," :.he '!laid. "The Newport. The 1%5 airport noise federal go,crnmcnt t•;in O\Ctruk agreement "~s signed by com- an)thing:·

Designer HAIR CUT



$200 OFF Paul Mitchell• AVEDA Sebastian • KMS • Nexus

' I

AB Friday, August 14, 1992

Back Page HEAT From Al A nJ ,11 10:30 fhursJ.i) 111gh1, the mcn:ur} \\,is stuck nt a balmy 80 degrees inland and an unheard of 75 Jegrees on the Nc"port Pier.

The hot tcmpcrn1urn :ics.:rnt!d LO bnng.­out the ice cream JO\cr in e\el)boJy.

l3uth Uasl..111 Robbin'> on Harbor l3oulc' .1rJ and the Golden Spoon on 17th Street \\ere pacl..ed wllh people -Jc,pilc 1.hnner Time hl!ing JU;l around the l'1.)111cr.

··\\ c c.1me fur the .11r-comhtion1ng," 111,1:.teJ Denise Ura), J Costa Mes.1 111lHll 101111g three to ts - a!> well :l'> an ice crc.1111 cone - at U.iskin Robbi ns.

B.J,l.111 Robhins m.1n.1ger Jcan-nette Cadmus '>.lid busincs-. hJs been siuhng ~1111:c !:>uuth Count\ st.irteJ t() bal..c e.1rl1er tlw. \\Cd •. •

In (\l:-ta ~lcsa, tcmrc ratu1cs lllppcJ S~ degree:. Thu1sda) frmpcrature-. hit ..,:'degree' 111 :'\c" port UeJch. Ol'e.111 1c111pera1un:s relllJHI .111 unu~uall~ \\ .irm -3 degree:,.

Local-; got a bncf n:prie\c Thur:-.J.iy e'cnin~ \\hen .t ''ind "hipped up llom thunder'>tlllllb a t L:il..c thinon: 1emp1.1r.1nh Cl1olcd th1np off, bu t 11Jllllll.JI \\e,11hcr ...... f\ 11.'C 111e1eon.ih1~1''' s.1~ the lw.11 1 ... here to ''·') .ti k ."1 'un11l rul.''>d.I~

·1 he fn1ei:a"t i:Jlh tllf -.unn\ but hJl\ J."' ''llh p.1td1) lug th1uugh-1he -"Lll..end.

\klllHl fl1~ 'h bl lllh..' lhl 'lull\

''e.1tha Or.1ii!:'.c C>Unt~ '' nperienung Pn .i h1l!h pn:,,url' build-up 'rilling 11\1. r 1111111 ~uuthan ?\ i:,ad.1 and the 'IHI 1'u'lJ11 I! n11..>unt.11n'

L1kp1.11d-. 'J~ Jb11u1 h°'JKl\l pc:11pk h11

Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Dally Pili>


y the l'l.11..h n1ur,d.1\ Ill l.-;_:1!-..~c~.i~d:.:.'·~ll~ll~··!j~'\.''--'1~11_~--:---:---::-:----:------:------ --­l111:1x•c.1n brel.'LI.'. Gina Janicki of Laguna Niguel opts ·fo.r some Newport Be,1ch rays insteJd of her lunch bag on a sunny afternoon. W.um \<\Cather is C\pcctcd to last through Tuesday.

BLODGETT From A 1 1h.1t I l.111001 k t a" h1.:ekh.11r :-top me. l\e ,tl\\a\!-1 l..nlmn th.it but ''hen I i.ee tlic cou rage of 1'1.'llpk ''ho h.1, I.' become TL'<.:e 111 h d1~Jhlcd. 11 ~" C:!> me rnur~1gc hi dLl

"hat I \\ant .. It help' me reJl11e th.11 (being

J1s .. 1bkd) "JU~l one lllll.Jil 1hing ou t·of a group of thing' th.11 l.' .. 111 hJf'rl'll IO )O~. The 1h111g 111.11 l.cl·r~ ~ou J";.iblcJ 1' ~our .1tt1lullc \\ c"re all d1,.1blcd in

'L'llH! "a~'· some JU~t mon: \ i-.iblc th.rn other.,."

_....., ~11'' Californi.t Wheelcha ir. UluJl!l."11 \\ill 1r;nd ti l ,1.11c. 'Pl. .1k1ng 1111 r .1d11> pw.i:r .1111,, Jf'pc:mni; ..11 reh.1bili1.111llfl center-.

.rnJ ,lf1ool' .ind general!) promoting ,l\\,lrcncss among -.inJ about - the di!>ablcd. ~he 'l.flllll'> he r positl\e atlltude

lo her mothcr, £..,tellc, \\hO nc,er 11 c.11cd he1 an~ differently from her other fl\c children.

.. She", .1l"a" sJiJ I can Jo \\hJte,er I \\.J·n. to do," D::mn .... 11d .

1 kr nwthcr '")"the leaching is mutu.11.

'"She h.1, 1.1t1)!ht me -.o much mer thl.' ~c.ir-.. ho'' to ;1ppreLi.lle thing!> .1~ ... 1mpk a~ being Jblc 10 '>ILr olf .1 rnrll .111d to re;1lilc ~omc 1h1 ngs in lil"c aren·1 as important a' \\C think."

D.i'' n " m.1Jorinf 111 telc\l!>Jl>n Ill"''!> hro:Hk.1,1111g ;ind p1,,)cholO~') 1111J , .. t~ulJ hi.I.' tu ""md up 111 a joo

FURNITURE (We 've Moved Next Door)


Dressers, Armoires, Nightstands & More Steel, Pine Handpainted & Upholstered Finishes


1hat combines 1hc bc:,t of 1ho~c two Ji,cipli ncs, 1hough she\ nol quite sure what that will be.

She !)pend:> her free time doing t)pical teen-age things as \\Cl! as pl:t) ing wi1h her 3· and 4-ycar-olJ nieces.

Speaking to groups about 1he disabled, and to disabled groups about 1hcmsclvcs, are two 01hcr goab. She say!l it'll very importnnt for people "ho become d b ablcd to h~tvl.' a support group.

.. One of the thrngs I've heard people 'ay "hen they first become tllsablcd 1s they c.i n't do anything an)more, their life is ovcr ... but as time goes by, 1hc) realize they ca n do an) thing in a chair they can do 't:.imling it up. You just learn 10 Jc,11 "-it!Hl."

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Fantasy 5 Thursday, Aug. 13

dra\\ing: 10, 17, 27, 30, 36

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Sports Ueberman still pursuing s~es-01-111e-1111rM1c- :__

~ -111111.... 0 k ' k' • · tics (the most recent_ via a 30-17 • .,... U es OWner ta lrtg -htS-case thrashing of the Dukes in the Aug. 8 to McEnroe at U.S. Open; final), Lieberman said a marquee play-

Patton's return as the coach f:a~~.ot a nc~ssity to compete in the

remains in a limbo status. "The fact of the matter is that ulti· mate TcamTcnnis is not based on the

By Barry Faulkner star system," Lieberman said. " Amy SclCMtl Wrllr Frazier has do ne very we ll for us the

N E W p O RT past two years, and she's become a BEACH - Less somebody In this market. We went to than a week after the finals with her, and her being t h c N cw port ranked as high as eighth in the world Beach Dukes fin- isn't bad." ishcd their most Lieberma n a lso successful World has heard rumors TeamTcnnis sea- about C hris Evcrt 's son in the fran- potentia l interest in chlse's three-year TcamTc nn is , but history, Dukes owner Fred Lieberman would likely pass on is planting the seeds of fu ture success. bringing her to New-

Llcberman will hope to cultivate port Beach, something at the upcoming U .S. Open, " We thought we Aug. 24 through Sept. 6, where he says had an opportunity tennis business if often conducted to get her last year, mo re intensely than the on-court bat - but it didn't work .__,_. ..... -----' tics. out," Lieberman ex· Mc nroe

Among the items on Lieberman's plained. " I've heard a rumor she may agenda is ongoing talks with John be interested in joining the league, and McEnroe, whom the Dukes' patriarch we could have a leg up. based on our has openly courted, beginning early ta t~ last year. But I'm not so sure I'd this year. . just as soon have her come in here

Friday August 14, 1992

1ort Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot •r Carlson .... ~2-4330 ext .387

Section B Sports on TV-radio/82 ClasS1fled/B5 TraveVB8

Pro beach volleyball

Musical chairs keeps Lewis-· ~ ·

• o~~y'~~~ec!~';!~ !~·s rival in continuing battle· of the contenders. By Barry Faulkner Sports Wmt

D on't call Brian Lewis on a Tuesday. On no other day can the tolling of phone

beJls render such a devastating toll o n the frag­ile week-to-week existence of a pro beach volleyball player.

" It came totally out of the blue," Lewis said of his most recent Tuesday telephone tragedy, when partner Tim Hovland delivered the discouraging word .

" He dropped me, and I think it's a dumb mistake," said Lewis, who had relayed assurances in a Tuesday morning 'Y Interview that he and OU could say it Hovland wou ld be adds Slightly to my playing out the sea- motivation this week. son as one of the As-soci at ion of Vol- I h~new partner) leyball Professionals' Mike Whitmarsh and I top tandem . get a chance to meet

" tioo-wiU-~nuG\---'""-.u.u.-..~v1=itlru; team, because I'm not until he tells me no," Lieberl}lan said convinced '>he could win. Mart~m-a~st-1 - .1-.._

" We were talking"'> Tim'S team (he's now about (IM furu.rc)_..o<.A.l.n _ _ witt!Adam ------our ret'1fu flight from

Wednesday. " But with the kind of has it. but there was a big (drop off) m Wimbledon he had ( riding a string of the level of play of Jimmy Connors upsets into the semifinals). I'm not op- (Los Angeles String ) from la~t year to t imist ic he'd be in terested in this year.

Cleveland (last week- Johnson). 1

end's tour stop) and - - LEm eve ryt h ing seemed ex-Tlm Hovland teammate

TeamTennis." "The bottom line i . our business is fine ," Lewis said Wednesday. " It just goes to show you that Though Martina Navratilova's domj.. successful," Lieberman cont inued. "We

nating presence has helped the Atlanta made the playoffs and we were a suc· Thunder to consecutive TcamTennis ti· See DUKES/112

we change our beds quite a bit. You could say it adds lightly to my mouvation this v.eek l hope (new part­

ner) Mike Whttmar..h and I get a chance to meet Tim's team (he' now with Adam John)on),".

An Irrelevant starter? Corona del Mar's Brian lewis is looking for the golden spike this weekend in Seal Beach with a new partner.

Local volleyball standouts featured

See LEWIS/112

.. Mr. Irrelevant XXVll giving Washington Redskins something to ponder in preseason work. By Bany Faulkner • SpoitJ Wltltr -

T liough Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 draft

pi c k D es m o nd Howard is a Wash ing­ton ~cdskins ho ldout, ano ther less heralded rookie out of Michigan is turning heads with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Offensive lineman Matt E lliott, known around these parts as Mr. Ir­relevant, started the Redskins' second preseason game, and has played every series in 1 of 8 prcseason quarters .•

Elliott, an All-American center with the Wolverines, has been playing pri­marily at center, but bas also seen time at both left and right guard, which could add grea tly to his chance of making the team.

" Matt says the coaches have been real pleased with his play in the first two games," aid his mother, Arden. reached a t her Ann Arbor. Mich. home Wednesday. " He's very optimistic

about malting the team a t this point." One Redskins' official said Ernott 's

chances of making the team were ex­tremely low, before training camp opened , but a bruised knee suffered by veteran cente r Jeff Bostic has provided a chance for extended preseason play-ing tim e. ·

E lliott and the Redskins a re cur­rently in London, preparing to meet the San Francisco 49ers tn a nationally te levi ed game Sat­u rday at 1 p. m. (KNBC, channel 4).

" Mau called from London when he a r­rived, and you could Elliott hear the excitement in hi voice," Arden Elliott said.

Another facto r working to E llio tt 's advantage is 20 pounds added since he left the Irrelevant Weck proceedings in Newport Beach. Elliott is now 6-foot-3, 290 pounds, e rasing the strike of lim­ited size he bro ught with him to camp.

Local fa ns should get an opportunity to see Elliott ' progress firs t hand, when the Red kins vi it the Lo An· geles Memorial Coliseum to tak.e on the Raider in a pre eason affair, Sat­urday, Aug. 22 at 1 p.m.

Major stop at Seal Beach this weekend Lewis, Vrebalovich, Moothart, Wurts

among the contenders taking their shots.

SEAL BEACH - Several local products will be among ' I those vying for a chunk of the $100,000 prize purse when

the Association of Volleyball Professionals makes it,s exclu­sive Orange County stop for the O range County Open, today through Sunday near the Seal Beach Pier.

Former Corona del Mar High and O range Coast Col­lege standout Brian Lewis heads a list of pros with local tie . O ther area players include Dan Vrebalovich (Costa Mesa High, Estancia High and OCC), Costa Mc a re ident C raig Moothart, CdM native E ric Wurts and Sean Fal­lowfield. who lives in Huntington Beach, but trains in Newport.

Lewis, ranked eighth in the current points standings and third overall in prize money ($88,050) will attempt to top· pie the juggernau t tandem of Karch JGraly and Kent Stef­fes with new partner Mike- Whitmarsh.

Lewis, who enjoyed success with Pat Powers and, mo t recently, Tim Hovland, enters his fi rst tournament pai.rea \\tth Whitmarsh, a 6-foot-8 intimidator who should com· plement the 6-1 Conner Sea King's well-rounded kills.

Kiraly, a two-time Olympic Gold medalist who was con· sidered the top player in the world during his tenure with the U.S. national team, has taken to the beach \\ell. He

and the 23-year-old Steff es, whom many consider the most talented player on the beach, have won the past 13 A VP tournaments, and have 18 tour victories since tearnmg up late during the 1991 campaign.

T h e 1 3 straight wins are the most ever on the to u r and have threatened to make a mock­ery out of a cir­cu it t hat had been dominated in previous years by the legendary tandem of StnJtn Smith and Randy Stoklos.

Smith and Stoklos, who won last year' event over Kfraly and

A partner shakeup·, triggered when Adam Johnson lured (Tim) Hovland away from (Brian) Lewis, has sent shockwaves down the ranks of players, causing what may be several first-time pairings. The heavy player movement figures to create a handicap­ping nightmare for tour afi­cionados.

Steffes with a 7-2 sudden-death tnumph. "-Ill mt thtS ye~r·s event to compete in a pct.tat Olympic year tourna­ment in pain .



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82 Friday, August 14, 1992


Wurts, a Huntington Beach residt:nl, brings a No. 14 points ranking into the Seal Beach affair, which in­cl udes Jction today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on eight courts.

Saturday's action# scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and plJy Su nday is slated from 8:30 a.m. to a 2 pm. fi rst i.en e of the nationally-televised (KNOC, chJnnel 4) champiorn.h1p match.

Moo1hart 1s ranJ...ed 17th in \.he points standings and the season money earnings (30,430), while Vrebalov-1ch. \\ ho pl.ms to play "ith l3ruk Vandcweigh, is ranJ..ecf 181h on the money list (S29,737.50) and 20th in the poin ts standings.

Fallu\\fteld ~curren tly 42iid in the points ratings. A p;,irtna shakeup, triggered when Adam Johnson

lun.-d H0vlJnd .m ay from Lewis, has sent shockwavcs do\\ n the ranks or players, causing what may be sev­eral first-time pJiring'

1 he he.1\) pla}er movement figures to create a h.1ndicJpping nightmare fo r tour aficionados.

" It's the biggest shal.eu p in a long time," said Lewis, "ho ca mes the No. 3 seed into today's opening round.

- By Barry Faulkner Costa Mesa's Craig Moothart (rig t) is among the field in this weekend's Seal Beach stop.

Skateboards race at speedway

COST A M l:SA - Professionn l 'Pcl'J,, .1) mt11orcyclc racing ~n ­l tnuc) 1b ··summer Sc.1son" at the Or.111ge Cnunr~ Fairgrou nds oval llltll~ht.

l..1\1 FmlJ\ \ Summer Scallon l..11..J..oll gm:tcd 5,2~0 cnthusi:l!>t1c 1 .11.:c-eoe~~ \\ho \\ Cre tre;Hcd 10 a nigh t~of excit ing racing

·1 h1.., \\l'C I. , a compk tc program 1 I 'rccd\\ .I) racing .1long Y. ith 'c" ZcalJnd sill' · ... ·1.if prcsentatit'n l)f J1 rt track ,)..,1teboard r<icing will be pre· ,i:n1ctl.

Spc("i.ilh Je:.1gned '>kJtl'boa rds, PU\\ercd b~ lncl.ed-ou t chain !>:.tw cngmcs, c.1puble of speed:, up to ~O mile' per hour. "ill compere ' ' heel to \\heel on 1he famous Costa ~lc~a bullring O\JI.

Promoter I larry O\ lcy \\ <IS skep-11c;.i l of 1hc idea of motoriLccJ 'l.Jtcboan.h 1ni11:tRy, 'o he ordered .1 practice to dcmonstr.11c their ability to run on dirt.

" l \\ :ls amaLed at th.c ~pecJ~ these gu)s v. cre cap.iblc of. There 'cems to be a lot of interest in the media fo r 1hese sl..1teboarders.'' Q, ky s:.11J. •


9 a m - PGA Champ1onsh1p. TBS Beach Vollevball

10 30 am -\\omens tourney ESPN Tennis

1 t 30 am -Austrian Open. ESPN Baseball

12 1 O p m - Astros-Cut>s. wG·~ .i JO pm -ESPl'Y .: 30 pm -8ra~es·P11ates. TBS 5 pm - va•Jkees·Ch1sox WGN 7 JO pm -Angels-As. Ch 5 i 30 p m - G.ants·Oodgers SC 7 30 pm -ESPN l O JO p m - 7 4 Sines tJo I. PT

Soccer 5 p m - You!h rourney. SC 11 pm - El Salvadot-N1caragua. SC

Australian Rules Football 5 30 p '11 -t' gh otit*. PT.

Mlacellaneoua ~ 30 p m - r1rel1gtiter Games. PT

Horse Racing 9 30 p m - Del Mar replays. Ch 56 2 a m - Del Mar replays. PT

Boxing 1

12 30 a m - Carba)al·Roman. ESPN RADIO

Pro Football J p m - Chargers Pats .. XTRA (690)

Baseball J 30 p l'1 -Padres Reds KFP.~B (760) 7 30 pm -An9els·A's, KMPC (710) 7 30 pm -G1ants·Doc!gers. KABC (790}

THU"SDAY'I COUNTS DAVEY'S LOCKER - 7 bOl!S ns lllQlttS 34 'td·

A' • .a 12 o~aoo 2s bOr* 9 1>a11Kucsa 130 u o 4 >Mid !Im 11 KMIPR 1 i/lttllllt.tcl 9 ro«!<sll. 4

A ' • 1 ~ ~6 """' "" NEWPORT LANDING - S ~s 161 ~ 233

,,"<! bm 33 u1tto oau. 53 birtKuda 27 ye~ 1111\1 9 S'·~~~ 2 dOlldo 8 rocldis~ 11 SC\llO'n. 8 bOMo I

l"tt1>'1fld 389 mKU<ll


Area trio in contention COSTA MESA - A trio of area golfers arc in the thick of

things after the first day of a thrcc-dny invitational golf tourna· ment at Mesa Verde Country Club.

Dave l farnood and OJ\ C Quisling, from Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Ocach, recorded a gross score of 71 in the first­day best·ball format, t)i ng fo r third, a shot behind the co-lenders. Th~ host du~\ :rony Au~ilo , and par.tncr Randall Thorne, were

also ued for third 111 the k1w ne t race "1th a round of 6-i. · 0111 O'Connor 3nd Lou Salem from Riviera Country Club in

Los Angeles and Furrcll 11 111 1.h: and Larry Watt from PGA West arc tied for low gross al 70, while Clyde Christensen and Tom Wallace (Los CO)'Otes) lead the net category \\ilh a score of 61.

The tournament cont inues 1otl.1y \\1th a l\\O·man scramble for­mal. :ind culminates SaturdJ}.





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Lewis and Whitmarsh will be playing together for the first time this week, when the A VP visits Seal Bench for the Ornnge Cf>unty Open, Friduy through Sunday.

A former All-CIF indoor Mandout at Corona del Mar High and a two-time state MVP at Or· nnge Coast College, Lewis had teamed with Hov­land the past five weeks, earning two second-place fi1fishes, two fifths and one ninth. Adding that to ..Le~ 1£ early 1992 work with ft)fmer partner Pat Powers, the CdM re)ident hQs risen to the No. 3 spot on the A VP's 1992 earnings list ($88,050). He is also ranked eighth among tour players bru.cd on n points-rating system.

··1 don't think the reason we weren't \\inning was me," Lewis s~1id of 33-ycar-old I lovland, whose 59 career tournament \vins rank third in A VP history. Hovland is rated fifth in the in­dividual points standings, but is 11th on the 1992 earnings list.

" I've never played with Mike, but l know he's huge at the ne1, from playing against him," Lewis said of this week's teammate. ·•1 don't think it will

DUKES: . From 61 cess financially. If we got McEn­roe, we'd have to step everything up. a notch (financially). We couldn't have $4,000 sponsors any­more, because our o'erhcad \\Ould be too high."

Newport Beach/Costa Meaa Dalty Pll

be much of ;in adju!ltment. I can ad;ust with the beo,t of them."

Lewis' rnpid :ldJUStment from indoor ~ucccss to the more individually demnnding outdoor gunic proves the la11cr point.

As n rookie, the 6-foot-1 kill machine "-On just $14,550, with a fifth-place in Chicago with Owen McKibbin hh modest highlight.

Last ycur, he improved his ranking from 32nd to No. 22, bul once 11gain did not crack the top four in any tour event. J lis \\innings totaled a more comfortable $39,585, but his most importnnt asse t was the confidence gained by con~btently compet­ing with tou r legends like Sinjin Smith, Randy S1okJos, KarC'h Kiraly and, ironically, Hovland .

"COnfidcncc was the key,'' he said .... The IUril· ing point, r think, was at Hermosa Deach, where (Powe rs) and I beat K!lrch and Steffes in the qu:m crlinuls. We finished fifth. but J realized I could play with the best."

Le" is' phy~ic31 pro\\ess has c.irricd him to the lop at every tc,cl thus far, but the experience fac­tor is all that separates him from further advance­ment on the beach.

" l'vc worked very hurd to improve the physical focets of the game like jumping. strength and ball handling," Lewis c~p13incd. "A lot of thi!> game is physical, but most of it's mcnlnl. The more tour­naments you play in, the more it helps you ."

Lieberman said the status of Greg Patton as Dukes· coach re­mains up in the air, though both he and Patton have e~presscd u willingness to continue with 1he franchise. Potion leaves in Sep­tember to !lssume collegiate coach­ing duties at Doise St,1te. , "We still have some loose ends to clear up, before anything is of· ficial (regarding Patton),' ' Lieber· man said.

BetweflO Sa!n-1 oam & 5pm-Oose Monday - Friday

At the Costa Mesa Golf & Country Club

e presen OfA:R EXPiRES 81.) 1,c32


642-3490 2476·,-~

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Friday, August 14, 1992 83


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St;, .. ~twpor'I Beach, Calit PLICATION$, TELEPHONE ~ATZntFOUNDATION : Published Ne~port Beach Ttie Fou"daton' s print.•· The polla w1U be open bo· -92-.. 7S•H1245 OR CALL AT THE I nd I • I pal ottoee" IOCaled II 40J 1 IWffn th• houtl ol 7 00 ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ll Thia bualneu la con- OFFICE OF THE PLAN· P1111•11 ou iuon, 1 evai · Costa MHO Daily Pilot July Omd1ne Circle. Hun11ng1on 1 m ~a oo p m ducted by· an l"d1vidual NINO DIVISION. ROOM abet lor pubhc lnspec11on 24, 31 , August 7, 14. 1992 Beach. CA 92646 Dated A ust 7, .1992 The reg1s1r1nl(s) c:om- 200 77 FAIR DRIVE bto any in~tr~sl~lh ciltllt~ F·S1S The p11nc1pal manag~r ol EILEEN ~PHINNEY City mencedundl o ~~.f~t ~~ COSTA MESA. CAUFOR'. dallo~u•;r~~.:al eotf.~~ PUBLIC MOTICE lhe Foundatton is Drck Cieri.. of lht City of Co•ll nesa tr 1 1 NIA • 1 1 d 1 17 H 00 R dge ,n Bonin Mesa. Caltlornia Bu11ne11 Name(•) bsl ed Publlshtd Newport ocae a 81 'h 1 CA Harold J Grat. CPA 2152 Published Costa M•H· at><We on: August 1. 1992 Beach.COtll fMll D"ly ~~·s6~twf:r.ph~-:_c •(7141 CNS10Sttee Dupont Onve, Suite 101 Ir· Newport Beach Dally P1lot NIMft• L Gray h Pilot Augu11 14, 1992. 7~1929 beg MlnQ on lht Fic titious "'"'· CA 92715" A.ugusl 14, 1992. .. TI1 • 1111~~ "'ca.!..k 0 1sse date 01 the pubhcaho" ~ 8ualn•H N• m• Pu b 11 sh• d Ne"' Port rssv

with lht vvvrnY .., lh ti d St•tement Bebth·C0518 Mesa D1 ty •--------Orange County on July 27, PUBLIC NOTICE :OI ',!,:{~,.'::::s ~;;· The Follo"'1og peraons P1101 August 14 1992 PUBLIC NOTICE 11192 FS395IO Fictitious ~. pr111clpal manager of ert d0tng t>U••f'llU as I ,54 CITY 01'

B auelneu N•m• ,,,. founcsa1t0n is Aic:hard CHEZ NOUS DELI. ' 560 PUBLIC NOTICE NEWPORT •EACH PIJbhahld Nl'#l)Ort MC Kratt MD Supe11or ""' itAI , Costa - - ------

Cost• MIU Oa•ly PtlOt Jul St•t•ment KELLOGG 6 ANDEi.SON. Mff1, Cal t 92627 f ictitious PUBLIC W09'KI 31 August 7, 14, 21, 1992 Thld loll°bing ~rsons Cerlllled Public Ac· Erwklue Cad rouo. 11874 Bualness N•m• OEPARTMENT/

' 'f'·5t ~r~l\/EoRS~TY usOn~~~Mao. countanl , 828 North San Vt· Ann Arbor Court, Arnraide St•tement TRAFFIC

PUBLIC NOTICE SI LE . PONTIAC, GMC ~ ~~~~"1 Hol· ~~~~~~11118 Cod 10110 The FOiiow ng pwrsona £N~l~:.~~NO THE COSTA MESA ZON· T~~K HlrbOr Boulevard P ubllahed Newport 11874 Ann AibOr Court:

1s~~ffi.£"'1R~~TAU· INVITINO ••DI ING ADMINISTRATO R Co1t1Me11 CA92628 ' Beach·Cotta Mesa Daily Ai~ersidt.Cahl 92505 RANT 2tS·17 R111t'11lde S.aed b>Ja may bl r• WILL RENDER A DECI· U"lvers1ty

0Salea and Ser· Pilol August t 4, l992. 1563

J:c't~d b~;!"~~:b~~d c::d Drive'. N1wpo11 8Hth, co1~vd 11 the oll11;e ol tl\t SION ON TUESDAY AU· vice, a Cahlornla Cors>01a· ~ile ' Caal 1Wl60 C•IV Clerk. City Han, 3300 GUST 25, 1992 OR A uon. 2480 Hatbor aoui.. PUBLIC NOTICE The reglsl!ant(•I con~· W1'11tson Food Ser..,rcu Newport eou1ev1rd, P.O SOO N AS POSSIBLE vard, Costa MtU. CA mtnc.cl 10 trtnuct bllll Inc •• Cal1forn1t. 2889 Oo~ '768. Newport 8ta<h. THEREAFTER, ON THt 92628 CNStOI0737 ntU u"dtr lht f ictit•oua Monterey. Coila Meaa, C~ 9:1659·17~. un1°I 11 00 f OU.OWING ITEM Thia buatneu 11 con· flcUlloua 8l1Sineu f.lamt(s) lisleli C ht 9U29 1A.=M=on==A=ug="=' =' 2=6=' =1=99=2=. :;Jat

1. ZONINO ACTION ZA· ducted by. COl'J)Onltton •u•ln•H N•m• abOllt on N A Th•• bu11neu ,. con hr t2·08 FOA GINA l<EUILIAN. The regl1tran1a c om- It t t Enrrque Caderouo ducted by:• c01porat1on AUTHORIZEO AGENT FOR mtnc9d 10 l ransect bull· Th f ~I em:n pe aona Thia atalerntnt wns liltd Tf\t , reg111rant(S} corn· AAD KlUILIAN FOR AN ntat undtr the ltc:lltrOUS d~ o~;in 1 a r will\ the County Ctt<k of rnt"'ed lo tr1nsact busi-ADMINISTRATIVE AOJUST bullntll NIM ()I names 's~f'1WAAE ~e • :2900 Orang• County on JUiy • • ntH under tile FICl•hOUI MENT TO ALLOW AN ti lled abOve on Aug 7, Ell .. • Co 1 1992 Bus1ntS1 Narnt(S) ll!ole<l 'OOT HIGH GROUN 1992 tarnert .. ~nue, 11 ttxr.<t on August 14, 1992 SIGN FOR AN EXISTIN UnlVenity Salea Ind S.· Mesa, Ctlit. 92828 Ft 37S1& 8 D Whitson, PTt dent GAS STATION (7 ~EE vice Chnstopher \.. 8 1anll. 2900 P\lbliil\td Ntwp0!1 Beach· Thlt at.ate~t was !~Id HIGH AL\.OWIC>), L MalcOlm McCasay. Prtsl· £11eamt<t Avenue, Co•ta Coata MH a Da~y Pilot Juty W•lh 111' County ~rk ol CATlO AT 2502 HAAB ~ Men, C•lrf. 12t2t 3 1, AUOU-1 7. 14, 21, 1992 Oraoge County on JIJ"t 20, I OUl.EVAAD IN A Ct Thi• 1t1temtnt was t"-d Aa11• :- Blric= ~lln• f'·&t7 1192 ZONE. ENVIAONM~NTA with the County Clerk ol c:; ·=· 111

• '631735 OET!RMINATION. EX Or~~ on August Tl'lla b ualnu a It con- PUBLIC NOTICE Put!tshed ~~Oil Goa.::h· f.~PTTH t! A BOVE A ?·1tt • F...a9JJ ducted by: hUlbend &NJ NOTtC&OP CottaMeuOa PtotJuly

w\le AVAllMUITY M 31 , AIJ9USI 7, t4, 21, 1992



Pu b ll1hed Newport MNUA&. !'&'°RT F::S11 8NUl:Col1I ...U Diltj FIND P1aauant to Section Piiot AUgvtt • • • 21 . 2•. .,04,d) °' •ne •m.rnat Rev< RENT IM. fH5 an apartment • nue Coc:lt , notice la

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* Avoid Costly Fumigations * .. We specialize in

TIM·BOR APPLICATl9NS A New Product Designed "( o Control And Protect Your Home From Future

Termite Infestation and Fungus/Dryrot Infection




84 Friday, August 1-41 1992 N.Wport Beach/Costa Meta Dally

PUIUC NOTICH PUBLIC MOTICll PUILIC MOTICll PUIUC llOTICll ......c IOTICll ....0 llOTICll w IOTICll MUC IOTICll MUC •ncn PUl&JC IOT1Cll ltOTICI Of 111Ul'Tl1' Ulf 8'Qlfecl by N P<oCl«IY lO bl 9292& ,.._ 1 tD I .,_., 11 - _., • 11M Dllf ... - If 111 ,,_. .. a.. W. tlr .. ..,_Of Ill- .a Cii ""' Qiil&l6I • ~ .,._ 1991 .t Whlcl\ t

IW."OEEO fll ~ fold tnd rt110118b1t 11*"-d TM un.,..... T,..,... M1101111 '°'" ..... ,..,. --... .... .. ' ... ._. .._. M111111 ............. ._ • cured b¥ the P'oC*'V lo:lA~ ,_ ~~ plac• bl<!• will bf T.f. llO. um <*ti._,,.,.. Ind ldVlll* ,..._ eny ._ liW ~ ~ ~. Clllonlll. E• • .,........._., .... 111,.... •...,.. • .-..~•Dllf•CTniM.• ot and , .. 10Mt.111 ••11 E OC>tMd..Wread.

YOU ARE IN OHAUU UNOEll A " ..... of .. 1111 Pllbb- ll\c:ol"'*-9 of ....... Ill• --.... .. ,.... .... - ..... " ...... - ".... ... ...... ..... Mf "*411.1 co.II, ..,.... IQ. M lteml .,. ontftd OEED Of TRUST~TtDAotU. Ion ol ... lfOb or Slit II«• 1114 °"" OOIMltn.......... ..... ...... ................ ... .. .. .. ...... ..... .... ,,... ~al lhli ':"..::: ~O::::-· '°'CA and--· ,, WtthO 1990. UIClfSS YOU TAK!~ 173011123 !DnllOn. "lllY.INtlll._., ••Md ofW· .......... .._ • ........ Ill _, .-o.t __.If...,..._ Tiii Ml••t....., teld Wl..i publaelOn e.t ""' ' rantY of W'f kine!. £ Tl~ TO PftOTtCT YOUR In llddllOll 10 call, flt flll toW mnounl of lie t1C1- ......_ bJ ... 11• ..... .... c:MQll ... • · ..,_ er ........ l'fll"llMg 0... tf Truel .............. •-: '!.::'9 11 Sl&41 3.;'11 ~ ~J,!1'222 Ne~ tl\al ~ llalld tor PROflERTY, :fT MAY . SOlD T!WlM .. ~1 • cal\W"I PIN blllwa of ......... llllM~ . ........ - .............. .,., ...... Jiii 11 ................. IO .. 1111• ,,,,,.... ·r ~II~ ~u~ 11od of 30 d•tt I ll AT A PU8UC W£ If YOU diect ... Oii ... Of ... MQnd tit "' Pf-- ID • Mf .. ,, ........ ·- ... 0.-d ..... a.. ., ...................... I - '**'*' - • ~ di wn °" " ......... Plot Oat• ·~ lor I NEED AN EXPl.NIATI<* Of IOl\al ,.,_, 1 did drtwn by 1 IOld IW!d ,......... _..... "'f Of .. toreoollle, M Truet - _.,.., .... 0... af- tf ~ _. ~kif.. 1 1 20 1992 c•ipl of bidt. Tl1E NATURE Of THE PAO- 1111torlecllf'•crtdltunlonot1 cot•. apefllW ... ..__ tit wti1 Of uMlt .... • DllM ... 17, ttl2 ........... ._.. 9" 1.._11k1b OC DM14i :a:'~=: 1= AUe-. tS,

14• ' Each bid must conro

CU DING AGAINSl YOU, YOU did «awn by 1 rllll Of ltd· 1111 llmt ol 1111 llllUI ~ 9'I* • Ill ~ tWI .._ ....., ... • .., ......... .._. .. 1111- Ind EllGIOll IO Ill TM IMlr· cr9'11t un1Un °' 1 chec PUBLIC NOTICI :dd ::C "'~ 1 SHOULO CONTACTA l.AW'\'tll n ~ IDln •odt- llOll of N Nob of Sall Ill Of .... IMllllO ........ Mf CIMPMY ........... ti .. -*• ..... CIMN•Uid Nob of dr1wt1l1f111110 Ut l•liilf TAICT t~':~'·t,...h~ lilob II lltr~ NI llon, osb:nT moddon OI .157.39 Ol*'llllO ""*· Mf .... 400 RMRGMDE = ..., tit• .., • Ill Dlllilll 9" (lidDft IO W 9D 1111 aav1og• .,,d kHlfl H JOCI ~ _ •• rej9ct :,,; and .,. bi~ ~'::~. a c':,orn1a : ::'r,0~ .:=: c~ n!' .. ·~ .~ :'..914i.i':":"':r:., •-:r: llfWMJM.£ CA,,,,. :=.-..:. =..,......:, ':. :o=.:o:; :=..,-=: :i:o:-= ·:~::· , NOTICE or:~ -'ve •ny 1r1t9u11111~ rat>On • trusM, or IUOlllnOI' 111c1 «1llor121d to do bu1lnm drawn on a '"*' « 11t- dudMQ 11t rbltl IO.._....« (111)1144110 ,..._Of.. lfld ot N MOit M ""' f!IOllllt llM Seullll\ 6102 of 1"-i Ftnar1 T~:m=-OF· ~':.":~':i~n any b trut• . or sublniltd rvs• 11111111 ti.ta rn llt Milt ol lln· IOtlll ~. e cl** ,,._ by a dlrlc:tcNly Ml 914 !Mii ltom IY" J t COMMMLt. fllftSI- """' 0.-d by tllll OMd of ellDIM llnct IUCll ftcQfMllon c..i C..Mi t11td •uthomud t •-- F ·--~ Gov•~nt 8 pu1$1J*11 to ... Ottd ol TM I dtf °'*" 11111 c:all • ICOIPlld . ... Of....,., credit Unlcln Of a ... OIW NII ... .... IJOIT l"'91 ~'TE OMlM2 du llu111tMW "' lhlt ttate '""'" • --·--· UICUlld by THOMAS A. ... TM1M rn., """'otd 1111 did,,.,. Dt I .... OI IN- *""" ......... .. Of .. C11'U49 0..:.1Ul.Y21. 1tl2 -..wrM.AUalMY .,,. IWOOI lendQI othel II · CASE NO. A1153'1 Sl9ftfftjll A.•. TERRY. N4 UNMARRIED MAH 111U111C» or N Trut:llt°' Dtld n :?:r*'' loll!~ ..... -.Miii Ind.,._ In'°, a.t. 14 U11112 llWMCIMnMa WUTllUITH• cutt 11 ac:r-4lf)led lhll T1ust To .. htlrl. Lav Recoro.cl Aprt 27, 10901nstl unt11tunc1tbecomtivalllble 10 11on ~ t11llrougllOr'ICIOltllltutleUf· w 1.1.F.a..•. DMMAlQ- eemav w111'\hclt(j lhu ... ......_ credMOtl. Dlreo•or ol 90-121"2 01 Ottlclll Recotd1 !ht PIYW pr tndOl'Sll 11 a ~ spedtlM Ill Seo- la ot flt llilld lllrlllMllM dt- PUii.JC IOTICI oflOORMRGlfADE ROAD Tan NMa.08Ulll •fW- eoot of the TruSI~ r conelngent ~· Md Oute!IMftl 11 1111 otllol ot N Countt RI- mtftlf ol 11ghl ton 5102 Of flt AnantW COdt tallecl , w to boaDfll lllClll 121'0 ICUUMllff Ulllll funds be<:OlT\41 • 11111 ~ -·0 ITWY Hunlln1ton •e corder ot OAAHGE Countf said _. W11 be maot, Dell Ind .,"°"*' 9D dO ~ wftlpltDdltd 0t dfnCloNtr IDT'ICI • l'MIRt llU llfWfNDALl, CA It 1101 MLL ROAD. SUITE atlle lo lhtt ~ Of hur.dof ::-~ i::.:--::: Union Hlth School CalitOfnla. 111c1 llUl'SUMll to N lllltllout ~I or WllTllll'f, "'11111 ••.In N Miii Of lln- MIN ... lllllNill Md....,. ._ -• 1'-.i (lrl)llf.U CYPArSS, CA 188 ., • mauor "U 1 • °' • • ttlot Nollcl or Oelaull llld EllC1k>n to exprm or lmcMild reg¥dlng °" ollllf 11111 cmll II aaoepltd. IMlder w-.... °' lOU ..!.·.,'·~-~-. IY. J.L COIWWALL.IWSI· ,.,,.°"' Mltllbtlc.(1J.4)121· 1ro~11=1 ·~' ':,,u"r:~d~ of.~~ been AcMMt: Auguat 7 w -.,tlHIW '9COrdecl fOll~ 1111 .. PQAMSloll "' 111CUm- 111t--"fnn11t 1UI wllll\Old h N ....,. ...,.. '*'°' and """" ---~· ""'"'~·"" Dl" 3DN uv IM by F11Uv. .. AndwlOtl o~· Augv11 2s aty 28 1992 lnttl 92-11 8211 Wanctt. ID Ullrtf ll1t lndtl>llO· lsSuanct or lie l"!WlM .. OM ID radtll r'4UllMI ..,., ;.... OE.ED Of. "'•urr DA~O .. OCTO. Ct,,.. •CKY JUN, TRIJSTE.£ OFF/Ct/I =~;.:.ro e:;~essi:s::~1n In N Suptriot ~ Of Blcf N~. 1419 • or said Ollidal Records . .. s.11 l'llSI MCU"d by sll6 Oetd. Id· UllW lllndt beCCfM Mllbll 9D .. ,...., - - w. R I • 1 UN... VOtJ l-t4n1nl 1992 Cl79514 • Call la. Countw of fl N Oil Allgust 2t. 1 99211 ~ 45 PM. vw::es lltltunOll willl lnllf•I 1111 Pl'fM or 111dcnee • 1 ' ' • TAKE ACTION TO flflOTECT 1· 14n1m 1992 or encumblances, 10 satisl °'";E •1 Pub sh IWPOft B al THE MAIN (NORTH) EN· 111 PfO"ldtd tlltttln, ano Ille un· maftlf ol ~llt. = ~--.: ,;:'.o :I. YOUR ~TY. IT tMY IE PUILIC NOtlCE . ~~ s~~e'!J0''iuJ':r~~tt 01~ . PETITION Costa M•H Oaily Ptlo TRANCE TO . l'HE • COUNTY Plld P<lncloal ol Ille nole M- Said * • be midi, bUt iniw stor• lxoiort Ot OC*• IOlD AT A PUil.iC SAU. If PUBLIC NOTICE INl111t1n<hl1 with 1nturest a ,.qu•• f\at Faw.ne gust 7•



COURTHOUSE 700 CIVIC CEN· airtd by SMd died wflll lrUWISt Wllllout COYtn#!I 01 WWTll1!Y, llroUott ... M11c1 01 N _. V0U NHO M EXPlMATION IOTICl fll ~MU pmvided t~lili o anti lh Anderson be tppolnled .. TER ORM WESl SANTA N4A. 111tt1on as prcwlded In u1c1 txptlSS or lmcMild reg.-dlng I* 500 lllt of Ill ..,,_ Of THl NATURE Of THE fltl(). ~ IMI M . 4111411 NOTICE 0# ullpltd pi1nc11>111 of 100 nur ptrsonal rep,....,..llM tol--,.-U~l--L~IC--N~O"'"T-IC-CA I I pu!lllC IUC1lon to N Noll r.es. CllMQIS llld .,. 11111. ~ or lflCllln- ol ... llnd ,..,........ .. C£Eo.G MMllT vou. YOU VOtJ ME 1111 DEFAULT UN- TIWSTEE'S SALE . lldWf-1 by Mid ~ Wit ~ ~ ...... o4 lltgllesl l>ldde< fO< CMh (Pavlll* penses ol trte trusllt and ol IN branolt, to satlSly N lndtl>llO· talled • ,....., by 11t Irv- SHOULD CO#TM;l A l.AWY'Ell DER A DEED Of TRUST MTED ~: :,E.o O" TRUST lflltifllSI thef(l()fl as prov f'9 ~. t---HO--T-IC_E_O_F_ at Ille lime ot sale In lawful trusts created by nld Deed 01 ntSS ttcurtd 1>Y Slid !Md. Id· Ille tompany In Cleld recOldlcl Nob II '*"" oMft 1111 Olfl&.90. UNLESS YOU TNCE &.Oen No. 1::~n6 1n said Note. roes charge THE ...._ ~ PU•UC AUCTfO money ot111t Unltld S.111ts). al1 Trust vanct1Nrtundtf, .tttlinltr11t ~30t••1n1tumentNo SERRANO MCOlf.fVANCEACTIOH TO PROTECT YOUR °"*' ~ ancl oia>0nS1Uof1ho 11usl requ•la "'"' If I rlglll 11111 and 1111r11t. con· Oalld J1J1t 2t . 1992 as PfOl/lded Nftln, Ind 1111 un- 16-224465 oC ~ Alcordt . . COMPMY. I Clllafnll Corpo- fltlOPUTY. n MAY Ill SOLO YOU :~~ 1~-~~~a~ T and ot lhu 11us1s c10<1tod WILL Md ,;f°~• 'oa'fi/• O'p P0ERSONAI. veyed to 111d now Mid by 11 un· SUUWIO llECOICWYMCI ~ prlncilpal of flt no• • PNICEl 2 Nao.....,_ tlloft • ._..., Ot ~ AT A POIUC SALE If YOU A DEED OF TAUS Slld Ouod of Tru>I be tdn!H lo pro · R PERTV der U14 dMd in Ille prO()t(ty COMfMT c:urld by said died• lnltr"lll ._menls lor ll\gflSS eor ... l'\IStle, or ~ """9 NEED M EXPlMATIOll Of TED 5116185 UNlESS WES PAC Rec;onvey Tu. Wil llnd ~ ~ RIMAININQ sltuattd In said COllnry 111d 49oo RIVERGRADE ROAD. tlltreon IS provlcltd In said enjoyment In lo and 0wr fMi Pllf1Ullll 9D lie Olld of Tl'lltt THE NATURE Of THE fltl(). OU TAKE ACTION T enc., l"f, • Ctlffotnli :X~al::~f'I• lilt kepi ON VACATED State and OtSaib.td as lollows / 2170 Noa . ..... ch•Ott and IX· common.,.;, .. a dllCJlbld tlCICUtld by WILLIAM ~L CEEDINGS AGAINST YOU. YOU PROTECT YOUR PAOP€R· corporal on as Trustee b fie court. PRllMllES OF Lot 1~ or Trlel Ho 2202. In the IRWINDAJ.l. CA gtl06 l*INS ot lhl lnls'91 and ol 1111 Ill 1111 lledlrallon ol eowen.i1S, FERGUSOfll ANO YWTTE MA• SHOULD C~TACT A LAWVER. TY. IT .. AY SE SOlD AT A ::!1 °?y:U~~~t;2~:g y THE PETITION FORMER TIEMAN Cny ol Ntwi>Ort llNcft Coonry 11181814-$3,D .-Usts c:rNlld by said DMd o1 CondlllontlllO Aftt1c:lloM1nd RIEffRGUSOfll. HUSIMDMO On OMM!i2 It 945 AJA . BllC SALE IF YO (1l4lr'll6c»J973 e l •ot ~-Is authority to NOTICE IS HER or Oraooe Stall of C.Vtomla. as BY J £ CORfllWALL PRES/- Trust Rtttlvatlon of """*'IS fOf Wlf'E llloafdld OCTOIER 'IT. COHTMNTAl AUXJLJAltY EEO J\N E)(PLJ\NA TIO w .. tlim T~lllol s.,k; Off ~' 1he 8$la\t GIVEN tllat on August per map recorOetl In Bocll 123. ' DEN1 Oalld·Jutt24, 1992 Nt"'*l Nortl {'OM:llrallon") 19" lttet l ... 5417&4 Of Oii- COMPANY, A CALIFORNIA THE NATURE OF cer DlltO<l 8/Ml2

1 undltr 1he l~ncMnl 1992 al 10.00 AM. al P

Pao" 22. 23. 24, 25, and 26 or C179157 IERMMO MCOIVfYMCf recotdecl Auoust 18 1986 • dll flloo(tlt In "' otb ot ... CORPORATION."' dulv. PROCEEDING AGAINS ASAP58962 Admtnlstra.,n of Esiat .. d• caru . 4881 B ~!s<:Wntoos M4'PS II !he or- 7·31 &-7 & 14 1992 CllWNIY IMlrument No •36eo« and Coull~ llloafcllr Of OMNGE Pl*lltrl mm.. unw "'' pur· YOU, YOU SHOl)LO CON ll/14 8n I 6121l Act. (This authothy will Street. Suite o . Now ra or 111e counry Recorder or 4900 RNERGRADE ROAD 111 1111 NOii» 01 Addruon of Coun.,, Callornll, 11141 ~t Wllll to OMd ol Trust. RI- TACT A LAWYER • • a.now th• ~al Beach, Callfomla will s said counry (a) all Oii o11 ngllts. PUBLIC NOTICE 12110 Twrllorf llld $uppllmtnlll IO 1111 fllob Of DICllllt Ind COfdlcl on O&nCWO • Oocu· Node• ja h•u~tiy QM .t• PUBLIC NOTICE repr...,.tall'te eo ._ pubhc auction 1he p11s mITTerlls mineral rl\}hlS MllJral /RWINOALE CA 91106 tllc:lalJllon ot C II Ellclon 9D Sell lfWlundlr r• "*'I No 90-327321 ol Olllcllf lhtt WES PAC Aeconve man~llCIOns witlOUI property left by John T gas rlg'1ts. ano olher hydrocar· •OTICEOF TRUITU'ISAU (Bri)Bt4*6370 Conditions ano R .. 11:::'1oi corded APRIL 17, t992 fnttl Records In N otb ot "' RI- anc:e. Inc. " Cltl1l0tnli.l wt NOTiciP03512i ___ ON ob COUft 80Clf0'tlll. t:~m do.ng bYSIMS bons by wnatsor11r name UMOER DUD Of TRU&T gy· J E CORNWAL L PRES/· PhllM 5 ol Ht_, Norltl 92-250212 -of Aid Oflldll RI- cordtf' of ORANGE COllnty, potahoo . ., t1us1oe. °' svc TO •OMOFIN Pl'ETTTlSTER ~· ng ~'1MI...,~ S ·,d 1rpo. .. I , nown "" miy bt Wlttltn OI T f .o ltllt DENT ...,_, eotdt • Sel on SEPTEMllER Clllfomll extOUlld by. NOA· ceS90t trustoo, °' subsltlut ~ ... .,...rtant a .. uunS a pro~ .. i cons •ts unaer D1t oarcet of land nereo0- YOU ARE ·,N· OEFAULT UN0£R A C178836 ~;'°'J 1~::!t ~ J~: 11. 1992 It 9·45 Ml, 11 M MAH M HILL. M UNMARRIED ~~T pursuant to II ESTATE OF: howawr ... ~IM ::rson: ~RA~~I~ ~~:1~°"' aoovt oescr.oea 1o01111er wrUl DEEO Of TRUST OATEO Jutof 7-31 8·7 & 14 1992 , 276059 ~d r•recordtd ~ MAIN (NORTli) ENTRANCE TO PlRSOte WILL SELL AT P\JBllC SalveOOI '~~ tlJCU(;uled George Bettcour•• re~ to 'iv. nob lo hair washing t1ation 1 Ille perpeiual right or dr1t111g. 10. 1990 UNLESS YOU TAKE . llmbef 2 1987 a lnSITUmtf'll TliE COUNTY COURTHOUSE, AUCTI~ TO TliE HIGHEST man u ~ s 5Clkl g mam 1 CAScNO. A.165363 r:: .. led 0 eons uni.. 101 hair washt0g 11i 110 mining u plorlng. and 099raf· ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PUBLIC NOTICE No. 87·.til9o&8. tA of Ollldal 700 CIVIC CENTER ORM BIOOER F'OR CASH , (~ II Pll>P'l'fV ~ Jo~ ~~8 To all hen, they have .::~nob or chair lor washing staho 1ng 111ere1oi il!d stonng tn ano PROPERTY. n MAY BE SOLD Records 01 °'"'9' couniy ~ST. SANTAMA.CAlt!IU* llmt ol Sall Ill llWfUI money ol metrMld man as tit*~ berltklaries. crecllors conMnted '° 1he pr09<>99d hair slatlons 2 opera remomo 1111 ~ r1om said AT A PUBLIC SALE If YOU IC)TIC( Of TRUITU'I Ul.E Clllfornla, and.,., lfTlel\OmtntS IUCIOI\, IO ... lllglltel bidder ~ "" Unllld S....) at THE MAIN llt)IHlta properly Rocordocf contingent etechlrs, eclJon.) The Independent ch•ll• (move up la/lo or ¥1yo1M1 111'10 Wldudlng NHO AH EXP\.ANATION Of UNOfllOlEO Of"'°" flt<tto 10< can (~• Ill llmt ol (NORTli) ENTRANCE TO THE 5131115 1n 9oo1i '... Peoo .• penons who may admnlS•ation aUlhoffly do'llln), 3 wtre dis tne 11ght to wnipslocll 01 11tfec· THE NATURE Of TME PR<>· T.f . leO. ltla PARCEL 3 An m:IUSM ...- ... In &Mrltuf tllOlllY OI N COUlllTV COURTHOUSE, 700 lnsl 1 °85-19771 1' of 0 11 04Nfwlle be In~ wil be granl9d unkt• an racks, 1 glass fewelry !lonalt)t ar111 ano mine l!om CEEOING AGAINST YOU, YOU YOU ARE IN OEFAULT.UNOER A "*It lor · tleltylld l>Ufl>OS" Unllld Sia•). al rig.ht."'· 1110 CMC CENlER ORM ~ST. c~ Records 1n the nttg 0 !r GwifA Of L~ ... "' bolh, lntefeste~ P9f'SQn ltles an play, 1 U·ahaped cet1 tands olhtr tnan 111"'8 htreln· SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER .DEED Of TRUST OAIED Janu· 1CMI' 1 por11on of 1111 adjoining lnltrest, ~ to Ind now SANTA ~ CA .. r1Dllt. 11111 tlMi County ~d(.<t 01 Ot" :A 'f?~TION °:::9 bH obj9clion lo fM p•llfon work aroa and d1ip1ay c aoow ClncrlOed Oii or g• Nobce Is htrlOy glYtn flal ll'f 27. t919. lJN[(SS '\'OU Lot or said Tract No 12171 • held"' llundlc said '9ecl In ... and lnllllf•I ~ ID 1114 ange County Cahlrirnta flied b R~ PNlllos n lll'td shows oood c:aUM FURNITURE AND ACC M ltS binnelS at10 snails In to SERRANO RECONVEYAHCE TAKI ACll~ TO Pf\OTECT delc:rlltd ~d lmllld ..., '11t PfoC*'IY ""*In UICI County now held ti, II under said OM and pursuanl 10 lht.t Noi re.. h ~ . Col.Ir\ why the colH'f ahould not SOAIES: inroogn or across 1111 suosur- COMPANY a Caltoinlll Corpo. \'OUR Pf\OPERTY, IT MAY BE Dlc*lr lion vz Ind SIMI ltld dllCtlltd • ~ of Trust In !ht prooeny ""* of Dvlallr al\d clucl1t.1n t upencw gran1 the aul\onty. 5 Cl4en1 cha rs on roll 10 or 111• rano htreinlbove 01- rabon as trustee. or su<XllSSor SOl O AT A PUBLIC SAL£. IF 1442.~.1:'d. lftt Nob. APN io.. LOT 21 &Loa< 25 Of In Slld County, Clllfomla. cit· Sell thorounl101 Rocor<J &:i~~ County 0 A HEARING on fl• 5 operator chairs on ' scnl>to and W bOttom sud\ 17us• Of subtUMad trus .. YOU NEEO AN EXPLAHATI~ The llfllt addr11t Ind olhtf NEWPORT BEACH. IN THE CITY tcrbcl a : t.OT 5 OF TRACT 21'19192, on Sook ••• Paoc ·. THE ' PETITION Ptlltiott wrl be held on trs, .5 cl1fm on arm ligt wt111>5tDCUtl Of dllectJonaly 1>11~uan1 to Ult Deed of Trust Of THE NATURE Of THE PR(). Of NEWPOAT llEACH, COUNTY 1763, CITY Of NEWPORT Inst I 92 09825!l, ul sa .... that Rob S~tembef 10, 1992 at 5 mml N II drying tans druted Mis tllnntls and sflat'IS eKtc:u~ by WILLl.w RUBEN· CEEOING AGAINST YOU, YOU comm: Cletlgnallon. It tnf, ot Of ORANGE. SlATf Of CALI· BUCH. COUNTY Of ORANGE, Ollicaat Records will SaU un ~ be appointed 1='5 P.M. In O.pl ,3A pedicure chair. 6 cha•tS unoer .-id benealh Of beyond ACl(ER AH UNMARRIED M.AH StlOULD CONTACT A LAWYER N f P'OC*'{'f clt9cl'l>td FORNIA. AS PIA MAP RE· SlATE Of CAllfORNIA, AS PlR Soc>fember " · •992 111 I 00 rsonal re resec'lla...,_ '°"ltd at 700 CMc glan coffH table, 4 ' lilt nllrtor hmlts 11181101, and Recordto July 1g, 1990 lnsll Nob IS htreby glwtl ltllt =E·,,gu~=o '° .. ~~~ COROEO IN 8()()t( 3. IWiE 26. MAP ~ECOROEO,.. 800tC 52. ~ M ·: t~r.e Nt~ tror& lln-'~nister s:,,. estal• ~1~~*":-: .. p~ ~:~~ :::..2

wo• It to redrlll retunnll t QUll> main· 90·369381 of 011fdat Records SERRANO llECOff\l'tYANCE BEACH CAg266() ' Of MISCEl:lAH£0US MAPS. 1111 PN:i.E 11. Of MISCH.lNIEOUS 1':CS: 0

700 C ntyC ourl !ht deetdenl. 92702 ' MERCHANDISE· ta·n r8')all deepen and ooerall tn 111t ottiOt ol tilt COllnry Rt- COMPANY, a CllHomll COlllO- Thi. undtrtlglltd Trusllt TliE OfflCE Of THE COUNTY MAPS. IN l"E OfFICE Of TliE 0ti110 Wust ~~ic Ar 11 "t~' THE PETITION tF YOU OBJECT TO 2 Handbags. 3 evt n arry sucn .ets or mtnes -4th· cor0« 01 ORANGE Counly. ra!IOCI • INS ... OI suocass« dllclllms labllty lor RECOROER Of SAIO COUNTY COUNTY RECORDER Of SAID ~8 \lJ •Is !ht decedtn1' · · t>a • 1 111 out llOWIMI Ille tight to drill. Ca~.!¥nla. and .P.\!llUin lr\ISlll Of ll! ::.3oft\i1n.1 Id· ""' 047·* · . . hl(jhOSI b1ddo1 IOI CH td • • you shoe.I appew at fl• 1 2 botllH of nail pohtti

-.mne.-s~p!O(e ll!d operate otx:e OTDiliUICancs Ellctioll to pursuant 10 11\e 0..d or Trvsl drtn and Ol!ltr commOll cltSIO· The n•t lddfttt Md otllt The toll! amount of lftt unplid (payable at tl'\8 time ot sa ~ -:r' end to P'=· hH~ and sta'9 YOUf cans ol Ni.I lf\afMI Of\r any s-uc:n welts °' mtnrs wltn· s.• tne<t unlSlr recoro.d Aorll execulld ti, SANDRO nallon 11 an shown llettln common clttlgl\llon. II q , ol ~ or lftt obllolllon ... "' 1awrur moow ut thO lJflfl eny ob M Of ftl9 written SO Pll•• ol Ea11lng1, out llOwtVer. 1119 ugllt 10 or• . 10 1992 rntt I 92·234203 or SCOVENNA NIO GABRIELU nit toJ'wnour'll 01 ..; un· flt rlll P'°'*1Y dlScrllld aired by Ulcl OM of Trust Ind IKl States) all 11gn1. 11110, :X~.~~= flit k: ob ~s with tt.. court gold chains, 9 neclcl mtne SIOll UOIOll llld opera• said ONcut Records . .. s.11 on SCOVEHNA. HUSSAHO ANO ~ balltloe ol N obtlglllorl abCM II pufD()t11d to bt. I 17 ~ es1lrnllld costs. • · IOd ll'll~OSI (.t)f\Vcycll t by l'le court. be ,. !ht hNring. Yoe.Ir ond mllChlng earrlng 1(!1 t11r0U9PI me sur1IOll Of tne up- August 28. 1992 at 9 45 PM 11 Wlft Recorded Fetini.wy 9, MCUrtd by the PfOC*'IY to be 25TH STREET, NEWPORT pen.- lt\d ld'flllCaS at llt llme and now hek1 b¥ 11 uf'llJot THE PETIT "Pf)e#ance ,.,,.y bt In Said auction wl• be tn4 per 500 , .. 1 ol N subSurtlOll THE MAIN (NORTH) ENTRANCE 1989 Inst.I 89-070643 ot M sold llld rusOl\lbll llmattd BEACH. CA 92963 ot N 11'11111 pub1cM1on of 1111 SM! Dvod or Trusr tn 1 ~- aulhonty f)e!!O" Of by your •tt9f'\9Y. pursuant lo lM ptOVIS-O ot Ille 11110 herein.Cow de- TO THE COUN1Y COURT· clal Record• In tM olb Of"' costs upensa ltld :ivll'ICll The undtfslgntd Trus .. Nob ot Siii ls l60,« 167. ptOpotly slluatlld 1n HI ~-' !ht .... , IF YOU' ARE A Of Sect.on 1988 ol lhe c scribed HOUSE 700 CIVIC CENTER Counly Rtco<clef" ol ORAHGE · time 0110111rM 11"1 ldfV lor q Pirmtnt 1111111 bl by call, 1 County 11"<.I S1a1e dt11l dv undltr 1tM1 l~nden CREDITOR Of a CO<le. (!>) 1111 rtght to eml>laee on un· ORM WEST. SANTA ANA. CA Counly. CMl!omll. llld Plllllllllf :!"I .,..o',."' .:ni.: ~ lncomctrttSS of Ill sh*t ad· c:alllW't checll dfewn on a stMI sc.11bed as tollows Th AOnlnlstralion ot Esta conUngenl ctedtOt of fie O~~'.S'A August 4, 111!12. der and across sudl lot trans· at pu!>llc: auc11on. ro Ille lllghtlt to IN Nob ol Oel&llt and 01 o 08 o o dress and ollllr common des.- or nalonll 1111111. • checll drawn South 132 00 l t:1;11 ul th Act. (This authonty ci.c..s.d, you muat ,... PV'U' DI: CAFE:'S, •s mlsslOll llllts anl! 011111 tatllttlfS bidder lor cash (peyable at tnt Elecllon to s.11 lhlrtUndlc re- "4 ln·8:4 11 1111 lgn1llon. II q , lftown herein by a 11111 or ltdtrll c:reolt un- Easl hall OI Lot 35 ol T1ec .now It)• p..-.on 'I04J! da!t'r' w1fl the ooutt Birch Strtet. Newp toi a Community Anllnna :Tete· ome ot sale tn llwtul money or corded Ao<U 1 5,~:J • ."t:" 92· Trustte ~ ~:t acaisc:ashltr's : Thi tolll 1mooht ot OM un- Ion, or a dllCk drnn by a s1111 ::S:· :; =;,:•~•

11 ~ repttMntatry• to • :;~"-;' • ,.C::~°t.:! 8~:~.~A J~n Bt•

vision Sysllm and tN right to Ille United SUlll) al r1ghl aoe. ~4!!' ot ': 4~~~ dllCk dra'll'll on a sllll or n.- paid bU'lce ol flt obllgallon or t.dtr.i SMlgt end lol1l • · rOCOl"dect 10 Book 9 Pago ::r, Ina ac:o~ will al ll{IPolnttd by the court Cost.a Mesa Dolly Prl 1nllf upon said IOI to wvto1, and lnaresl oonwyeO to and at 9 4~ on AM P~~E · MAIN llonaf 11111•. a checll drewn Dy, MC11recl by 1111 P'OC*11 IO be sodallon, ~· ~oelallOn, ot Miscallanttous' Mapa. Belor~ ~';' ~~"': · •ltlln lour mon!N l'om Aug. 7, t 4, 1992 rnarntaofl reOM reconslT\ICt no.it held Dy 11 under said deed ~NORTli ENTRANCE TO THE scaa Ot llOefat c:rectrt union°', •llld Ind rUIONIMI """'* or Sl'lll\QI ~ In Records o1 Oianoe Covnty "'1:>onant action IN date of llrst leeuanc9 of FSo and replace sa.o l1t11s and r~ 111 ~ Ptooetly s1tui1t0 In said rH) dllCk drawn by 1 51311 or led· c:ottr • ...,_. Ind ldVenc:at 11C11on 5102 of 1111 f)lltldal cai.10,,118 APN •22.4 54 · ho !ht lettMI as pnMd8d lnt--------oes provided however m.at lh• Counry and State .id Oescflbed OUNTV COURTHOUSE, 700 tral IMlgs 1110 10WI assoela· It 1111 llnl of 1111 11111111 pubb- Coc1t and 111llot1ad to do bu.._ 28 ,. W.Wf.tadve will aecllon 9100 of I\• PUBLIC NOTICE exercise ot sucll rlghl5 ooes not as follows lOT 7 IN Bl OCIC CIVIC OfNTER ORM WEST. 1IOn savklgt ISSOdallon OI lion of 1111 Nob ol Siii Is ""'WI 1111 sllll The Stroot atJdrtlU ,_,, Pf:''° Ive notice Calltomla Pcobal• Coda.1--------unreasonably 1n1e1tere Wll!l 537 IN THE CI TY Of NEWPORT SANTA N4A. CA at public IUC> ~ Dank sptatitd In Sec- 148,532 3t Tiie strwt addren llld Otlllf ottlef common ooS19nation =Nted pt.,ns uni. The time for f1lna clalml Dl!:CLARATION OF G<antM s reasona.ote use ano BEACH COUNTY Of ORANGE, llorl to OM lllglleSI bldd« tor llorl 5102 ol lht fillan<:ial COO. In addition to c:ah. 1111 common 6111gndon, " q , ot rt any ot lhtl tNI Pllll°"'' 1fWy haw waived nob wil not explr• btrore tour INDEPENDENCI enroyment o! sao<I rot STATE Of CALIFORNIA, AS cash (pavable 11 IN *"41 ot Sall and aulhottltcl 10 do buslnm Trus ..... ICOIC)1 a <*J\11t .. lie rul prflPlf'IY dt9c:r1ltd dulClltled ebove 1s Pll'JWlll consenttd to !ht PfopC> mon~ lrOm ftt haarinf t, OAVIO ZePEOA JR

T~estreet 1<1dren and om.r SHOWN ~ A MAP RECORDED II llwllit money ol N Unllitel In this SUll In Ille Mnl ol lltl· cheQ drlMI on a alallt or n> lf.lcM II purporltd to be 1524 ed to be 2 101 Plact..,11ia action.) The lnditpenden di'8 noticed abow. THE NAME. Of TiiE CA common deslgnallOll. 11 any ol IN BOOK 3 PAGES 41 NIO 42 SlallS). all flOht. 111111, end lnltr· dtr olller tllan cash Is aocepltd loNI '*1ll, 1 did drawnby 1 IRVINE AVENUE, NEWPORT AllOnue. Costa Mesa CA tldmln»~atlon authori YOU MAV EXAMINE AT 0 R 0 THE R WIS Irie "'' OIOptr!y described Of MISCEl l.MEOUS MAPS. IN "'· ~ to mid now Mid 1111 Trus• •11ot11 ~ .... OI W.11 ctt011 union or. BEACH CA 92660.« 1 t 92827 wll be granted uni.a. lhe ... Mpl by"" cou,,. " KNOWN AS l)i£ GR aoove IS ixirp0<•C1 to be t 127 THE OFFICE Of THE COUNTY lly It under Uld dlld In !ht . ~ did drlWl'I.,.. as• or ltd· Tiii uncltl'Slgntd TruSJM Thu urldor"UnW Trus1u;; ir\'8f'eslli0 person hies a you ere a p.-.on GOVf AN OR O F TH WHITE SAILS WAY CORON RECORDER Of SAIO COUNTY Pfooe<lY sllualld ~ Aid County llsUlflCI ol llt ninN-. DMCI n ~~ 10WI llSodl- Hdlrmt 11fY 1iMM1ty for "IY dt9C.la1m s any habthly 101 obj9c:*>n to !ht ~lido tnlefa51ed In lhe ...... WOALO: AND PURSUA DEL MAR CA 92625 ASSESSMENT HO 459-193·19 11\d Sta• and desc::rllld. lol- un• IUnos 1*:olTll ~ tD Ion llfOClltlon or lncorrldMIS oC "" ~-I IO· aoy •ncou eclnou of the- and shows good ca you may 1"41 With fie TO 1S UNITED STAT

Tne unaers1gned Trustee The s1r1tt aodress and olller lows Tiit land rtltrred to In trlll lie PIYM or llldOl'IM • • SIVliios '*' lpec:llltd In Ste- dress and olhtf common Oes· arreu1 addreu anti other why IN eoutt lhould • lormel • ReG.i..e STATUTE AT LARGE. C OIS<:tatms aov Ma0U1ry 101 any common dntgnallon u 1lfY of Gu.1111M II slbJa•d rn Ille ~ ol r1gllt. llorl 5102 1 "'FINndll COdt lgn'9on """Y shown llertln wmmoo dll111gne11on . 1t any. grant lhe authority. S09Clal Notic» ot e.. llln 249·250, PPS 223·22 lllCOttectness 01 lllt slleet Id 111t rul Pf,.._.,.. '0tscrrCiecl County or Orar.ge Sta• of said 1111 wll be made, but o Said S119 wll bi made .... . 1 Wftll ShOwn 11e1111n T h u 101111 A HEARING on 11 of an Inventory an SECTION t.R.S. 199

...,._. '1 ,...... · - d Is .. .:..-......... -out COWll\ll'lt or WTll!ly Ind autlorlald ID do bUslrltU . "" • &mounl ul lhe unpattl bal ~Won will b9 held 0 apptalsal ol Mtat• .... TITLE 8 USC SEC 148 oress aod 011ie1 common des· aoove IS purpo<lld lo be 507 .... om .. 111 .......,.._, • 01 lmplltd r ~ "'1'111 •• In "'"*'' ol lln- out CCMNnl °' •rtn~'. a · mber 10 992 Of o f 811 "ion or BY MY DECLARATION IQna tlOn If any. Shown nerem AHO 507 l fl LARl(SPUR AVE.· IOllo• PARCEL 1 Lot 15 ol ::-~ or ~ die°"" fllll 1:111111 ICOIC)M ~ or lmJlllld tt;ardlng t · "p M In . ~ • account J ,,':'tided In INDEP ENDENCE so

The total ~mount of Ille un· NUE (CORONA DEL MAR Tract No 12271 . a 111own 0111 braliots to sds"' Ille lncltblitel· 1111 TMl!tt ""' •11ot11 tit .... ~. Or ll\Qlm• Thinking OI h•vlng • locai.d . .. 700 c MC'<>n t2SO of th• EMNl.Y PUBUSH ANO D ~ l>alance ol Ille obltoabon AREA) NEWPORT &EACH, CA m~ recordtd In 8ooll 563, . ., • ~~=~,· tale? GIVe u• Center OrMI West. P.O c.i1lomia Probat• Coe» A CLARE MY RIGHT TO






" B














FROM l'OC TO POI lf'l.ANflffD OlVElOf'tllt(NT IMKJaTIUAll

fltOM f'Oft·UC TO !'Oft.HO lf'lANNlO OEVRMME.NT RfalO(NTIAL • MA X. OF 20 OW£UJNO UNITI ~ft ACftfl



FROM Cl TO ft1 l llNOU f AMtl.Y ftCalOUntAl • MAX. 8 OU/ACRE>



Daul.AY MAI'



NM.IC COMMl:NT$ Ii DTHBI OIUl Olf 14PllTBW '°'1'W"JIAY •,,...,,.. Wr• 1H6 W ,.,._. RJll Nlm8 llFO/tl1'ATIO#, TELOHOI# 1Uwl1«S, Olf VlllTTHl~OIVISIO/ll, MCO#O"OOll°'etrYICIUL 11MlllM"1t CGnA l9M,; CALJFO/tNIA. TH* l'C.ANNING OIVlaKJ# IS Ol'Elt &:«I A.M. TO I:• l'.M., MOMMY ntllfOUeN ~ t'.



~ •



Eam and &lat• Y.~ KINDEL ' ANDERSON THE DISTRICT Of COLU OI ftHI wnt'8 s Parle PlauJ..!" 1000 6 tA. A OEMOCAACY, AN Wfth the co lrvfM , CA l.:r14 REfUAN TO THE PUBU

be 1he hearing You Da.ty ~ ANY ANc1 AU. PAST AN 9ippeatane;t mey bt BeaCh.ICoata PRESENT POLITICAL TIE peraon or by y~r 1ttomey M9MI Pilot IMPLIED 8Y OPERATIO

IF YO\J ARE . Aug 13, 14, ~O. 19912 OF LAW OR OTHERWIS CREDITOR Of IN TRUST WITH THE OE contingent cr.ditor ot fl PUBLIC NOTICE MOCAACY IS HERES ci.c.aSa<S, YOAJ mu&I tilt DISSOLVED. yow claim -~ the cour1 NOTICE I. DAVID ZEPE.OA. Jn and mall a copy to fie INVITING 8101 HAVE FULL POWER T ~al represantativ NOTICE Is htteby g1Yen CONT RACT. ESTABLISI llf>POrt\td by th• cour1 that lht 8oa1d ol Tru51HS COMMERCE AS GUAAAN Wit\ln tour months .. of 11'1• Hunton; ton s .. cn TEED BY THE FULL T£ h dalie oflnt issuanea Union H•oh Scnool 01a1tict (10) AMENDMENTS T letlM M _provided in hDI approved the safe ol tHE Bill OF RIGHTS T Mellon QIOO of fl• Ind v.111 rece"'9 llalltd bldl THE CONSTITUTION FO Callfomia Probate Coda. tor surplus UHd \lvOOd· THe UNITED STATES 0 Tu. time for llllna dalrN v.01l-1ng ancl pnnt1ng equip. AMERICA. A REPU8l.IC ii no4 eXPf'• 1>9fore lour manl as lilted In 81d No SO OONE THIS 20 DA

monl\a ffom ~ Mating 748 v.htCti can be obtained OF JULY. 1m. de'8 notlced abov•. In " " Procurem.nt Olf1CI DAVIO ZEPEDA, JR.

YOU MAY EXAMINE or Hid District Bids sh;iJJ 5$20 e. 2nd SltHI 1·269 tr'f .. latpt by ._ ~ bt dellYcred In ae.led en. LOng Beach CA you .,.. I "~:.'ds~1:~y !"~~~LUS AtFIAMEO ANO SUB· Y:::'111a~ttt*::t WOODWOAl<ING & PRINT· SCRIBED BEFORE ME • tomi&I Reau•I ""' ING EQUIPMENT" nus 20 DAY OF JULY. so.ctal Notice ol ~ tllln tddrtssed to : Allyn E 1992 of an invenloty Rowley, D11tctor ot Pro- ANGELINA DOLORES ZE· aipprliaal of •tatt ...... cu re menl, Huntington PEDA. notary public Of of anu ,,.9'klin or Beach Unron High SchOOI p b 11 h N ..

' ~ In OlstrfCI 10251 YOf .. IOWn u • •d ewp .. 11 ~I ';92'0 ot I\• Avt .. Huntington Beach, BHcl'l.Costa Mon Oalty Calltomle Probat9 Codi CA 112&46 Ptt()t ~'I 31, August T. 141, f!.':'-' 1or Soacllll ancl deh11e1 eCI ai Of belOfl 19D2

11 availabte tn:m 2:00 P.M • AUGUST 25. F5~6


NOTICB OF t:LECTIO~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN U\at • 0.neral MunlclpaJ e.ctlon W\11 be held In tht City of

Newpon 8"ch on~. No'41'1\btf 3, 1992. for thrff (3) Mamb«a of the City Council (ful..,.,,., of'°"' ye ... ) .

tf no OM or only one ptflOn .. nomlnat.ad tor an ei.ctfve otrlct, appointment to the ~ omoe ~ be mede u Pf"Qribed by Section 22843.5 or 22844, Eltctlont Cod9 of the Stat• of CellbNa.

The folowtug rneuurte wit 8lto be eubmlttad to the qual"*S Metort Of .,,. etty:


Shll the NelWpot1 Beach City Ch.,,., be amended 90 the leaM of Clly owned property i. l'""9d to the term permitted by S1ate Ltw7 YNJN()


Shell lhe Newport Beach Qty Chatttr be •mended to grant the Cowtcll llUthottty to HI the proptJrty .. 4210 RMr A.WlnUt? YM/No

,....,,. Shell the """*' leech ~ CherW be ~ eo 1h9l 1M number of membei'e of .,,. City Mii Comm6eelon le 1'etmtn9d by OnMnanc. Of ~?


The polll Wfll be open betw.., the hours Of 7;00 a.m .. end 1:00 p.m.

o.d:.,.., .. ,.


111\d blotty

•••• 'Wat. bid .,.. ltle , ..

mto the

Ots. ht to or 10 • or d Or

etd ow.

r o-

Ch DI ..


Ch· AW


BY 21 :ua !Ch

rt I at nai an as

1 ink • 1 • 2 1ng nd ay JS• ra1 se S·

rs. Ii·

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a st



. • ' ~ ~

New rt Beach/Costa Mesa Dally Pilot Friday, August 14, 1992 8 5


--~=~::-:~--! tq It. athletic ch.lb. ICnbed dMCI ol Truaf WILL lffliOn. Of encumt>t11ncH, ZONE ENVIRONMENT Al NATURE Of THE PAO. No bid shall be cons•d- VlCUJ DIPAltTMINT OLUND It JOHMION, MOTIC• O, Ordinance .No . 82-39 SEU. AT PUBLIC AUCTION to pay lht 11ma.1wng pnnc1· DETERMINATION: EXEMPT CEEOINQ AGAINST YOU. NOTICE 111<1unleu1111 made on~ 0, IOCIAI. lt:RV1CES. IY1 HAARllON W .

ftUa&.tC HSAltlNQ (AmendrMnt No. 768): R .. TO THE 'HIGHEST BIODEA pal tum of the note(t) ae- 3 Pl.ANNINO ACTION PA· YOU SHOULD CONTACT A tNVITINO BIDI blanlt lorm f11rnl1hld by the • COMMUNITY CAltC LI• SOMMER Attorney tor Nollet It h«tby given queat lo amend Porllons of FOR CASH (In the l0tm1 cured by aa•d deed of 92-&3 F~ CHARL!NE NA· LAWYER NOTICE IS hettbt gl¥en Cty Of Costa Mt .. and 1 CENSINO DIVISION; Pl•lnllffa '

lh•I Iha City Council ol the 011111ctang Ma~ No. 44 wtljch at• la..vful lender In Trull, w th inltttSI .. In -POLITANO DOS AUTHO· On f°RIOAY, AUfJU•I 28. thlt Haled PfOpoH I lor n\IY.lt .,, ICCOfd&nCt ""11n C•IY of Newport 8"Ch 11andSSsoas10 rectaaslly the Unrtld StatH) llld/01 sad note ptovld~. lld· RIZEO AGENT FOR Wll· 1992, 11 945 AM .• IMPE· luiMhmg aJI labor, rnatan· !tit PfO S>On• 01 th• Pro- DEVl&.OPallENT 01 .. Publ l thed Newport llOld e public healing on P«>l*1y trom the U (Un- Iha ca1hl«'1 certified Of vancH, 11 any, undtt the LIAM SAMWAYS FOR A RIAL TO. SERVICE CO., als, equ•Pl'nlfll. tranipona· past! reQulrtmenll ABI L ITICI CCNTER; BH!h..Cot11 MtH Dally the application of The Ir· tllltilied) District lo I~ p. othef checkt apec:tfied In terms of 1aid Deed of PLANNED SIGNING PRO- INC., H duly appointed lion and aueh olhtr litlll· Each bidoer mull have 1 JANET $ELINJ; URRY Pilot July 24, 31 , Augusl 7, vine Cc>Mpany tor • llrHts c (Pl1nned Community) CIVIi Cod• SKllon 2924h Trust, IHS, the1go1 1nd GRAM TO ALLOW FIVE TrutlM under and P\JISU• Ill• H may be required fOf Cfau • A" General tngf. STREllrlMA.t°; MICH· t4, 1992 ol approval• related lo the Olslricl . The proposal also (pay1~1 In full at lht time 11Cpon111 of tilt Trustee TENANT NAMES ON A 15 11'11 lo Deed Of Trust r .. the !AST 19TH STREET ne111ng license and aAso t.e ELL.IE FER QUI ON I F508 Clrcul1tlon lmpro111men1 lnclud11 I requ11110 adopt ol Hie) all right, lllle and and ol lht truslt cr11ted SOUA.RE FOOT GROUND corded Octobef 30, 1991, SIDEWALK CONSfRUC· prequa fld as requir1d by MICHAEL MUNFORD li~iiiiiiiiiiiiij 1nd Open Sp1eo Ii.gr ... Planned CommuMy Dis· lnllfHt conveyed to and by aa•d Deed ol Trust SIGN LOCATED AT 1931 as Inst No. 91·591461, In TION, w t.j be renived by llw M O DANTES BOAltD ment • Development Agr ... lnct R19u1auon1 and O.. now held by It under Mid Said sate will be held on· ORANGE AVENUE IN A R3 boo1c -, page -. of Of· the City ol Costa Mtsa al The C11y Council of 111t • •I • menl No. 8 Site tpec1flc: velcpmen1 Plan so 11 to Deed of Trust In the PfOP- September 4, t992, 11 1:30 ZONE ENVIRONMENTAL flc:lll AtcOfdS In tht 0H1c1 the Office ol the City Clerk, C•ll' 01 CoS1a Mesa re- AND CARE, •nd DOE 1 approvals are 1110 In. PfOYIClt IOf open space erty htrelnaner described; p.m In the lobby lo lhe DETERMINATION EXEMPT of the County Rec~rder ot n F11r Drive, Cos11 Mesa. 18f•OS lht nghl to re

1ecl H CR I! IN AFT£ R RE.

eluded, H lollOwt~ end public fac11ily u11 ol TRUSTOR: KENNETH L bulldlng located 11 60t 4. PLANNING ACTION PA· ORANGE County, ~late ol Cahlorn11, unul tht hour ol any or all t;ids FERRJ;D TO AS DOE 1 Genlfal Plan Amendmenl lhe subject property. KNAPP South Lewis Stroot, Or· 92.64 FOR MONIGHAN CALIFORNIA Executed by 10.00 1 m, Mond1y, Au· The Convactor ttlall com- DEPARTMENT OF DE·

92·2(C): RIQuetlloemend Amendmon1 No '769.i Re- BENEFICIARY: SECURtn' ange,Cahlorn.a92668 ANO ASSOCIATES AU· TIMOTHY L KENNEDY & gust 24, t992. al wh.ch ply w.tti lho provlson<J of VELOPM£NT SEA· MAll09 LAWN-lhl L.,-,d Use Et.tMnl ol quest to •mend The tslock PACIFIC STATE BANK ,.. Af the htn• ol lh• IM1al THORIZED AGENT. FOR SUSANK. KENNEDY l•me they Wiii be OP9'11d Stet on 1770 to 1780, '"'" VICES; DOE 8 HEREI N· Newpot1 Beach Oenertl 800 Planned Community COfdld November 4, 1987 pubhcaflon of lh•s notice, TEO SERVAIS FOR A SIGN WIU. SEU AT PUBLIC publicly and read aloud 1n clu<J1111 ot tne Cal1I01n.a AFTER REFERRED TO MOUNT OlNI Plan to allow IOt an op. Dlttrlct Regul1Uon1 and 11 Intl.· No. 87-616173 In lht total amount of lhe un· VARIANCE TO ALLOW A AUCTION TO HIGHEST tht Council Chambers. ubor Code· ttit pr111a flng AS DOE e LORRELL ~ ~ tlOMI petmlned latld use of Development Plan to u to Book P1g1 o l Ol llciat p11d balance ol lh• obliga· CHANGE OF OOPY ON AN BIDDER FOR CASH(poy· Sealed proposals shall rate and $Cale of wage. es- - -ellordable aenlor citizen 1llow the consuucllon of Records In the olfloe of the uon secured by the above E Xl s T 1 N 0 N 0 N· able al tjme or tale In law· bear the 11118 ol the work 1ab11ihod by tht City ol GROUP HOME; DOE 38 "Sov111g All Fallhs • nouajng on the Ba~ew 245 dwelling un111 of senior Recorder of Orange dt1cr1bed deed ol truS1 CONFORMING GROUND ful mooey of the Untied and name of tha bidder but Cott• Mesa, wtJictl -M-EACl-NA~TIA A-£. -· f675""Gliler - -~ L11nd1ng t ile In a.stoe11tion citizen housing. Coun1y; 11ld deed of WS and etumated coata, 811 'SIGN IBAIEXCEEOS AL· StltH) ut ttlt main (n0r1h) no olher d1st1ngu11n1ng lilt With lhe City Clerk ol FEARED TO AS DOE Costa Mesa

-~lh th• llao&t.f of °30;000 Ordinance No 92-40 d11crlbH the lollowtng penses end advances Is LOWABLE HEIGHT (7 ent1ance to the County marlts Any bid rec1111e<1 the Cl1>' ot C~ Mesa 39 ADELINE DANTES; • .- . . .... sQ n of retail commercial (Amendment No no): Re- property: $447,424 08. FEET ALLOWED 25 FEET CourthOvse, 700 Cl11ic Can- alter lh• scheduled closing and thatl lor1e11 pen 11 es DOES 2 through 5 : _. __ lflltllement to Fashion Is- quasi to amend t portion PARCEL A: AN UNOI· 11 Is posslblt that 11 the PROPOSED) AND AREA llr Duve Wes&, Sanla Arla, lirM tor the roc11t:JI ol bids prescnbed l here1n tor non- DO'S

1 through

35• i.••••••••

tand In Newport Cent0t. ol Diatricting Map No. 48 VIDEO 15 39% INTEREST lime ol sale lhe opon1n9 ( t 5 SQUAR'E FEET AL· Cahlomit shall be returned lo bidder COITlphance of said Code d DOES 37

h h ftAClflC VIEW Tht propatal also Includes 10 aa lo 1eclasslty proporty IN ANO TO PARCEL 1, AS bid mey be less than the LOWED: 75 SQUARE FEET all right, lillt and inlorest unopened 11 shall be the EILEEN p , PHINNEY an I I I through MIMOllUAL ftAM lhe accaplance ol an envt· form lhe O·S (Opon Spice) SHOWN ON A MAP Flt.ED tolal lndebtednest due. PR'OPOSEOJ REQUIRE'· ~d lo and now held sole respon11b1hly of lht City Clerk City of 50, nc us ve. t roug Cemelwy • Mortuwv ronmenlal document. and Uncl1$Sllied Dfalrlcts IN BOOK 156, PAGE 50 OF D•te: 1/10/92 MENTS, LOCATED AT 1?26 by II under said Deed ol b1ddtr to see that his bid Is Cost• M esa ' 50, lnclusl11e, Defen. Cflte>el • Ct- tory

Local Coaaltl Program lo lhe P..C 01s1r1c1. Also r• PARCEL MAPS. IN THE TD SERVICE COM· SUPERIOR AVENUE IN A Trust In lhe prOl)erty l•lu- rec11111d 1n proper time P t.I h d N t dants. 3

.. ,.,. P~it"' v- ""iw Amendment No. 28; R• quested Is the edopllon ol OFFICE OF THE COUNTY PANY Id T t C t ZONE EN VIRON· l tld in said Coonty and A 111 of Bid Documents u IS e ewpor TO DEFENDANTS ANO TO ._, ..... "' ....,

UHi 10 amend lhe Local PlaMed Community Dis· RECORDER OF ORANGE 1 H aa rus ee, MENTAL DETERMINATION• State dtsc11bed as: m1y be obtained al tne Of· Beach·Costa Mha Oauy THC:IR ATTORNEYS OF Newport e..ctl ~oastal Program Land Use lriCI Regulallona Ind De- COUNTY. CALIFORNIA . By: Cryst•I Esplnoz., EXEMPT . • A Leasohold Estato In and lice of tne Cny Engineer, Pilot August 7, 14 , 1992 RECORD. ....,,.. Plan 10 allow fOf an op- vefcpment Plan for the Cor· EXCEPTING THEREFROM Aaal 1tant S~ret.,y, 5 PLANNING ACTION PA· to~ 77 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa F~32 P1a.n11Hs PENELOPE M. ••••••••it llonal permlned land use ot porate Plaza West Planned THE FOLLOWING: • 801 South Lewla St., 92••65 FOR MALCOLM Loi 8, Block 5 ol Tract No. Caltlorma. upon nonrelund· BROOKS ind., dua!Jy as PIUOI lllT•IS allord1bl1 senior citizen Community. Thia request (A) UNITS 1 T.HROUGH4 Orange , CA g28S8 ROSS AUTHORIZED 772, in lhe city of Nt>'fport able p1yment ol $7.00 An PUBLIC NOTICE 1~1 ner ol LYM'4 ANN l1tll aa••-ay houSlt'lg on IM Bayview would allow lor lhe con- INCLUSIVE. AS SHOWN (714) 385-4700 AGENT. FOR 600 ANTON Beacll. es shown on a m1p addiltonal Charge ol $300 CONWAY ESTATE OF I: -"' Land•ng 1111 In assocl111on slruc11on ol an ldd1t1onal UPON THE CONDO. IF AVAILABLE THE EX· BOULEVARD ASSOCIATES recorded In Book 23, Wlll be made 11 hlndtod by CNS 1050825 LYMJ ANN CONWAY s.ib• Mortuary * Chapel with lhe transfer of 30,000 94,000 sq fl of office de- MINIUM PLAN RECORDED PECTEO OPENING BIO FOR A CONDITIONAL USE Pages 5 & 6 ol M1scef· mall. Bid Oocumenll and SUPERIOR COURT OF mtl Second Amended tol· Cremation sQ. 11 of retail commercial vetop1Tl41nl (1 t5,000 1q f\. OCTOBER 15. 1982, AS IN· PERMIT FOR OUTDOOR laneous Maps, records of Olher contract documents THE STATE OF lows· entitlement lo Fashion Is· Iola!). STRUMENT NO. 82-363416 MAY BE OBTAINED BY SEATING WITHIN THE Orange County, Caltfornla. may also be elUlmined at AS T 0 PLA INTIFF 110 Broadway land In Newport Center. NOTICE IS HEREBY FUR· OF OFFICIAL RECORDS CALLING THE FOLLOW· FRONT SETBACK AREA The street addttss and the oHice ol the C1ly Clerk FO~~L~~OcR6'~~TY PENELOPE M BROOKS Costa Mesa Ordinance No. 92-35 (De- THEA GIVEN that a Pro- 0 F SA I 0 0 A ANGE ING TELEPHONE HUM· FOR IL FORNAIO RESTAIJ. other common d111gnat1on, ol lhe City ol Cosla Mesa OF ORANOE 1 General damages In the M2·t111

vetopmenl AgrHment No gram Enwonment1l lmpac1 COUNTY. BEAS ON THE DAY BE· RANT LOCATED AT 650 II any, of the real property Bid Documenls will not be sum of Sl .600.00000, , ••••••••• 6) Request lo adcpt a 0.. RopQrl No. 148 has been (B) THE EXCLUSIVE FORE THE SALE· (714) ANTON BOULEVARD, doscnbed ~bove Is put· malled unless the ad· PEN EL 0 PE M . 2. Special damages, ac· 11elopment AgrHmenl tor prep111d In connec11on RIGHT TO POSSESSION 385-4837 or (213) 627·4865 SUITE "J ··, IN A TC ZONE. ported lo be. d111onal $3.00 charge ts In· BROOKS, lndlvldually cording 10 proof: lh• Clt'CUlaHon Improve- With lh• apphcauon noted OF ALL THOSE AREAS TAC 48305 ENVIRONMENTAL DETER· 239 Walnut Street. New· eluded With paymtnl as th• heir Of LYNN 3. Funeral and bunal H • rr========:;i menl 1nd Open Space above. II Is the prasonl in- DESIGNATED AS STAIR· p II d N 1 MINATION· EXEMPT port Beach, California Eich bid shall be made ANH CONWAY and on ponst 1n an amount to be Agrnmenl fOf eleven sties toolion ot lhe City 10 ac· w ELL A A EA S AND ub she twpor 6 PL.ANNING ACTION PA· The undersigned Trustee on the Proposal lorm. behalf ol the ' ESTATE pr011en at 11.a• 1n lhO city ol NIWPofl cepl Ille Program Envl· COURTYARD PLANTING Beach·Costa .. ,IS. Dally 92·66 FOR NEWPORT disclaims any llab111ty '°' '""" P·1 through p.9 OF LYNN ANN CON· 4 Lou ol suppan In an Beach ronmental Impact RepQrl AREAS ON THE ABOVE Pilot ~gust 14, 21. 28, GOURMET SERVICE COR· any incorrectness of Ille prOVlded In the conl/act amount to be proven at Traffic Study No 82· Re- and 1upport1ng documents MENTIONED CONDO. 1992 PORATION, AUTHORIZED slretl address and othet documents, and shall be WAY; ESTATE OF LYNN 1ria1

No matter what you're doing, your hometown

quest 10 approve • lraHlc The C11y encourages mom· MINIUM PLAN. F561 AGENT FOR CASHION IN· common designation, ii accompanied by a certified ANN CONWAY, P laln· AS TO ALL PLAINTIFFSi study consistent with the bars of the generru public PARCEL B: UNIT 5, AS VESTMENT FOR A CON· any, shown herein, or cashiers check or a bid tiffs, t Coll ol su11 Incurred prov1s1ons of Chapler 15.40 10 revtew and comment on SHOWN ON THE CONDO- PUBLIC NOTICE DITIONAL USE Pc:RMIT TO Said sale will be made, bond tor not less than 10'- v. herein· and newspaper of lh• Newport Beach Mu. lh• documenlahon Coples MINIUM PLAN REFERRED ALLOW DANCING IN AN but 'Ntlhout covenant Of ol lht amount ol lhe·r b<d LORRELL BOARD AND 2 Suen Olt1er l!\d tJnher nocipal Code tor eleven ot lht Enwonmental Im· TO IN PARCEL A ABOVE PUBLIC HEARINGS WILL EXISTING RESTAURANT/ warranty, express Of Im- made payable lo lht C1ly CARE· aka LORRELl rtl·el tnat tile Court m .. y T"9 s IH addressed in Iha Cit· pact RepQrl aNS support.ng PARCEL C: THE EXCLU· BE HELO BY THE COSTA PUB (OURTY NELLY·si plied, rega1d1ng hlle, poS· ol Cosll Mesa No pro· 'p . R deem proper lhihf Pllt cutll•on lmp1ovemen1 and documents are a1111t1ble SIVE RIGHT TO POSSES- MESA PLANNING COM· LOCATED AT 29t 5 SOUTH session. Of encumbrances. posal shall be cons1de10d OROU HOME, LO y DATED. 3 30 1992 - J • Open Space Agreement. lor pubhc 14MIW and 10- SION ANO USE OF THOSE MISSION AT THE CITY RED HILL AVE.NUE. G·IOI lo pay lhe rematmng pnncl· unless accompon1od by RAINE ELLINOER, RA Make the 119hl move. fits in . Amendment No. 763: R• spoction al the Plannlng PORTIONS OF PARCEL 1 HALL 77 FAIR DRIVE. IN A POI ZONE ENVIRON· pal sum of the note(s) se. such cashiers check WELSH; STATE OF Pilot Real Estate

quosl lo amend the Harbor Department, City of New· DESCRIBED IN PARCEL A COSTA MESA, CALfFOR· MENTAL DETERMINATION· cured by SaJd Deed ol CALIFORNIA; DEPART·--------- l.!:=======:::::!.f View Hills Planned Com· Por1 Bt1ch, 3300 Newpo<t ABOVE, DESIGNATED AS NIA, AT 6 30 PM OR AS EXEMPT Trust. with lnlettsl thereon, m~ty~~~R~~-~~~ar~~wponBe~ ~~~OS~B ASA~SOON AS POSSIBLE 7 p~~~~TIOO~upr~dedinwdnoteOO • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• and Development Plan 10 C1lllornl1 92659·t 768 PURTENANT TO PARCELS THEREAFTER ON MON· 9 O ·S 5 A f OR LARS ld11ances 11 any. undtr lhe

., 10 illow for lht con- (714) 644·3225 A ANO B ABOVE DAY, AUGUST 24. 1992. ANDERSEN AUTHORIZED terms of said Deed ol STARTING A NEW BUSINESSAA struction of 48 add1ltona1 Notice Is hereby further APN. 938·94.055 REGARDING THE FOL· AGENT FOR TRIANGLE Trust, lees, chargH and - , -, dwelling uM~. 91ven lhat said public hear· YOU ARE IN DEFAULT LOWING APPLICATIONS. SQUARE JOINT VENTURE. e•pens~s ol the Trustee I I Ordinance No. 92-36 Ing Wlfl be held on lhe 2411'1 UNDER DEED OF TRUST IF ANY OF THE J'OL· FOR AN AMENDMENT TO and ol lhe trusts tttaled

(Amendment No 764): R• day of August. 1992, at the DATED 1 t 02187. UNLESS LOWING ACTIONS ARE THE TRIANGLE SQUARE by HJd Deed ot Trust uest 10 tdopl PllMed hOur ol 7.00 pm In Ille YOU TAKE ACTION TO CHALLENGED IN COURT. PLANNED SIGNING PRO. The total amount ol lhe

~omm401ty Distttet Regula· Council Chambers of the PROTECT YOUR PROP· THE CHALLENGE MAY BE GRAM FOR PROPOSED unpaid balance of lho obll­tions and Development Newport Beath Clly Hall, ERTY. IT MAY BE SOLO AT LIMITED TO ONLY THOSE , NIKETOWN" SIGNAGE g111on secured by the Plan fOf Upper Cutaways. 3300 NtwpQrl Boulevard, A PlJBLIC SALE, IF YOU ISSUES S 0 ME 0 NE THAT EXCEEDS LETTER property to be sold and Thll request would provide Newport Beach. Calllornia, NEED AN EXPLANATION RAISES AT THE PUBLIC HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS reasonable tst1ma1ed IOI th• construclton of 151 II which 1111'141 and place OF THE NATURE OF THE HEARING DESCRIBED IN (28 INCHES ALLOWED;) 84 costs, expenses and ad· d en ng units any and 111 persons inter· PROCEEDING AGAINST THIS NOTICE OR IN WRIT· INCHES PROPOSED) t.Q.. vances 11 lht l ime ol lhe Ord

1inanco • No 92-3 7 Hiid ma appear and be YOU. YOU SHOULD CON· TEN CORRESPONDENCE CATED AT-i~5 -e- NEW· .n11111 publtea1ionot tnw NCF

o · e. • N· PORT BOULEVARD IN A lice ol Sale ts S4J, 238 90 uest to ado j Planned 1enge thll proiecl In cOYn, 1109 QUAIL ST, NEW· NING COMMISSION AT, PDC ZONE ENVIRON· The benel1t1ary 1.1nder ~ommuntty oisrrlCI Regula· you may be hmlled 10 rtls· PORT BEACH. CA 92660 OR PRIOR TO THE PUB· MENTAL DETERMINATION Said Deed ol T1us1 here10-11on1 ind Development Ing only those Issues you "' (II a t1ree1 aad1oss or UC HEARING. EXEMPT tort executed and del1v· Plan fOf Newporter NOf1h/ or someone tis• rats~ at common des1gnat1on ol 1 AN ORDINANCE OF FOR FURTHER INFORMA- ered 10 the undersigned a Nt"" er Ktiofl Thia ,. the publlc ht1r1ng de- property Is shown 1bove. THE CITY COUNCIL OF TION ON THE ABOVE AP· wnlttn Dectatation ol De-ue:.°" would pre>v>de fOf the acnbed 1n th1s notice 01 tn no w1tranty 1s g111en as lo THE CITY OF COSTA PllCATIONS. TELEPHONE lau.1 and Demand lor Sale,

~onslructton of 2f2 ~I· w111ten correspandence de· Its completeness or COi• ME s A . c AL IF 0 AN I A 754·5245 OR CALL AT THE and • 'Wntten Nohe• ol D• I!\ units on . New orter ltvared 10 lhl City at. OI 1ectness)"'. The blnel1c11ry AMENDING TITLES 13 OFFICE OF TH€ PLAN- taull and Election 10 Sell ·~!in and 0 en •• ~ on pllOf lo the public heating under said Deed ol Trust. ANO 15 OF THE COSTA NING DIVISION ROOM Tho Undersigned CBl,lSOd N t<rfc,11 P For 1n1ormo11on call (114) by reason of a breach Of MESA MUNICIPAL CODE 200 11 FAlR • DRIVE sa•d Nollce ol Default and :;=:.nt No 766 Rt· 644·3200 d•l•ull In lh• Obligations REGARDING Et.CROACH· COSTA MESA CALIFOR: Election lo Sell lo be , ..

t to mend "1h1 N rth WANDA RAGGIO SICIJrtd thereby hottto- MENT PERMITS, ENVIRO!ll· NIA COfdtd In the county Y..here ~11·; Pl~ c m

011 CITY CLERK CITY OF fllfl ••ecv'led and dehv· l't"ENTAL DETERMINATION Publtshed Newport the real propeny Is IOC3ltd °' 0

mun 'I • ered 10 the undorsignld a EXE.,,PT ..c ~ 0 1 Datt• August 4, 1992 01t111ct Regut111on1 and NEWPORT BEACH written Oeclaiation ol De- 2 PLANNING ACllON PA· Beach osta .esa ai y IMPERIAL T .D. SER· 0:Yt10fc~t Plan ·~~I 10 Publlshad Newport fault end Oem3nd for Sato, 92·56 REDEVELOPMENT P1lol AUfJUSI 14, 1992, 1557 VICIE CO., INC., 1780g !to3'oo o;.ddi~:~~elh~ Beach.Coale Mesa Dally and wt1nen notice of do- ACTION RA·92·10 FOR VENTURA BLVD. , , 114 V'\•tt P1I01August14, t 992. tault and 01 11ec1i0n to ~11~~~ :c?ER~?~o:u:~~ PUBLIC NOTICE ENCINO , CA 913181 01dlnanc1 No 92-38 IS60 ~:~·:a~h~~~-,~~IS~ FA~.· LY TRUST FOR CON· 1(818)>501 · 1341 Ame1'Clment ~ 767) R• PUBLIC NOTICE H•d obhg111ons, and there- OITIO~.AL USE PERMITS T.S~P:~.1::.~~22 81 MARGARET M .

Q\oHI to am a ~on a lier th e undersigned FOR A RESTAURANT WITH HOPKINS ol Dillrictl~ Map o

37 N OTICE OF ceused said noltce of do- SEATING FOR MORE NOTICE OF Published Newport

so H 10 rec:Uas(Unc11tylpro~ll rty TRUSTEE'S SAlE t1utl and q i election lo be THAN t2 IN AN EXISTING TRUSTEE'S SALE Beach·Costa Mna Q rrom lh• ap1 ed uc ecOra-t<f"l'oi' T9' as COM U!ftetAt. 8Utl91NG NCrnCE O.r•ict lo P..C Oitlrict so oan no. :n11r No a92·2S9623 In WITH FULL ALCOHOLIC YOU ARE IN DEFAULT Pilot Augusl 7, 14, 21 , 1992 18?utSled Is lht adopl•on 271.eoG2St9/ Book Page of Olfic1a1 BEVERAGE SERVICE. UNDER A DEED O F FSJO ol PtanMd Communoty Ols· KNAPP T .S. No, Records in the oHice of the WITHIN 200 FEET OF RES· TRUST. DATED October Thinking of .having a trkt R~i.llOIU I nd 0.. L 138087 UNIT d t Q ty· ID£NTIALLY ZONED PROP· 22. 199t, UNLESS YOU gorago Hlo?"Glve us

The LAga.I Department at the Ptlot ts p leued to announce a new service now avallable to new bu11nesses.

We will now SEARCH the name for you at no extra charge, and save you the time and the trip to the Court House In Santa Ana Then, of course, after the search la completed we wlll me your fictitious business name statement w ith the County Clerk, publish once a WMk tor roor Wffka u 1'9qulred by law and then file your proof of publlcatlon with County Clerk.

.. -

. ...... .., ~_: ..

Please &top by to file your hctrtrous business statement at the Pilot Legal Depanment1 330 West Bay, Costa Mesa. Cahlomla II yoo can not stop by please call us at (71 41 642..-4321. Elctension 31 S or 316 "1\d we will make arrangements fOf you to handle th is procedure by mail

II you shOuld have any further questions. please call us and v.a w ill be more than glad to assist you

Good luck In your new buslnessll

.. ref.·

velopmenl Plan for 8 ayv1- coo• L AP# '~% 'sil~ ~~:.~de ERTY AND FOR A OEVIA· TAKE ACTION TO PRO- • call! L•nding Thi• tlQUell 93a.94-0 55 but Wllhout co111nan1 ~ TION FROM SHARED TECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT PILOT CLASSIFIED __,TOllKAOMOllOCTUiVAll OlllOlPOll(lt!

"~~~~~~c TD~RVaCOl't"P~Yw~~ P~Uor~PAR~ING STUDY. ~MU~OOWM A ~~ e~~~e ·~---·······-~~~~~~~~~~~~~---······-~ SlrUCl1on of lilhet I 10.000 u duly appooinled TruSIM ' CATED AT 145 EAST 19TH LIC SALE IF YOU NEED ---------

.... .., .... . ... ,. ... •I••r ........... Call C~fied for details!


[Z1 642-5678 N. Or1111 Cl. M0-1 Z20 S. Or1111 Cl ......

330 West Bay Street Costa Mesa, CA, 92627






All real es tate listings that run in Saturday's publication

appear ln the separate Real Esta te tabloid aectton.

lltlNllN<rl<IN Nt-.Wl'lll< I"







1110:/\Cll tOIO IH I\( II I Oh!t Houses/Condos

For Rent

a 1w19... .... A·2 lot, Reduced "490K to l<tHK. 449 s .. w•rd, by •ppt ?8().() 124


tit \I II 1111,•1

............ Ownr Diil. ICKI Iba. CM'S ip;ci-.0-U.l.r- ieek Bay leet ~.,k, crArt, er.ck.

(; t-. N t- llA I. ~ t o .!

c .... .... 3bd Twnhm pool/1p1S1300

Npt 8eech Clbd h ome baytrnt S2650




lri!=r:GE I 8101-8190

111~ I 7011·9090

GENERAL POLICY k ...... ___ .....,. .................... n. , ...... _ ... ,.. .. _ .......... --· .... ._ .__ .. ia· L...._,....._..,.,...u..&_..,r. .. ,._...._ .. t I b 'n..,.., .... n.• 0

$ ' ...... -~-.., __ .... .._ ....... ..... ....-- ...... ... ..._" ...... ....., ......... __ ~-- .. .a ..................

How To Place A Classified Ad By Phone ..... ..... ....... .... 642-6878

8:00am - :S:30pm Monday thru Friday

By Visiting ....... 330 West Bay Street (OOl'Der of Newport Blft.. • Sq sq

8 :30am - 6 :30pm Monday thru Friday

Or By Mail ... ........... 330 West Bay St. Costa Mesa, CA~ 92827

Deadlines ..... .. ....... ~:30pm daJJy for

next day'a publication. CS:30pm Th\USCla,y for the Re&l E•~~ Tab.

3 :30pm Wed.De.day for the Independent

("(HtllNI\ COSTA Mt-:SA 'l I H H\fNTIN(o rt IN Nl-.Wl'OH°I ' ~fo:Wl'OH I I

1>1-:1. MAH 4! I :..>:.!

* I.gt 3BR 2~BA. 1 blk to l>Ch. Fam & din rm, f 'p .. 2 P•llOI, Avl 9 11 S~l9S, 720-15$5

3br/ 1 be & • ·V.be H .. :ACH :.! I -40 Ht-:Al"H :l ltl!f Ht-.1\l H :•I h!f

new docor. 2 car gar 3a" ••A. park· lll•I •Le 4b r /3be Condo. 3BR 28A houM • ., ... w /yd . WJO llkup. Pltk totting, gated comm new cerpel, paont Obi net9hborttood. No .. ltlng. SIOOO..mo • &~yra • , $99$ 96~ gat, incl WJO, E tl1.1N amkr pt\I 11150. Sml dep M0-496I Fre"<=h 2 .. 5 811 "82 "53ol I "" ly • 4 1.et.._. Ou•r1era Avail t t 5 "' ' . ,. ..., • • 101, lt•OO, ~-'250 am" r on .... .,.

no calla aft., epm

You Need To Cool Off ••• So St•r At The Beach

Sa mA.• • """w..!l Cute & Coaw i.Dfl 18 _ ..,_..,,"'" duplex OfJ JaamlM

•acahelor .q $5751 o Otar•ge, trplc. SOSO/

I!' .... , •••ceous • LMae •.,..._.ua.. 3BR. 2BA,. :i ~ ow. CL- .r'A UnlQul 1 & 2DA Untts pn11 yard, remodefed.

28R Oupl911 In Quiet tor 11111. Prlvale bch, 231 t AOdlande Orl110 Ea I.aide Coit• Meaa OrangttrH 18R, w d , on t>ay, 873-9030 StUO mo. 145--4.U 1 ladrm .Q st50/MO mo A.gt 17Mt12

2 •drm Q 11250 Mo ntlghborhoocr. Encl rtlrtg, ale. no ~ta TIO Ude, .... Of, Winter "entele • 700-11900/Me Call 173-RI NT

........ ... ..... Ce

backyard, Ideal IOt S72!> mo • a t•nn. --------~~"".'" laJ I Ocelft Views! working· roommatH pool, 1~7'61 • On canal 28" 28A P4"'1thOUM level 28R.

1800 mo Cah h omo w do<ll. 2 cat 1:>rand new, ne11e1 •38A a~ea twnhM on Me-4Ma ' g.,, lt600 mo yrly h_,.d Int f'rptc:, lna•d•

bluff nr l>Chl Obi g.r, Cond•ml .. te kh. 3 lff Avt 9 1, U$. .. 1• tndry, $1 800.lrno o\;t

("OS r.I\ Mt-.SA <! 124

vtew. ctty llghta & eun- loW dowt'I owner wlll N pt aeeoh 2bd2•00

Cond01baytrnt )I,\ I I ; I I \

tncd yd, 11225 mo • IQ br, 2ba, gar, p•tlo. ... QUl•T -• _._ _ eM-MOe HOO dop .......... rrplc. A" apJ)henc.. ... ._.. ....._ .....

.. t .. -h 2- 1ne1 11100 M2· 1C>CM •-- -h Re ... •lsl 21tt oPht. vcr. ••orll80 840 3M 2"aA., r P. gai, • - vv •Npt Ht• 38R twnnae,1----0------ .._..,, H MI MS0 ldM fOf COUPie qu4et IOc , Walk to l>Ch

twnhm 1'7'60 trple. snot gr, patio, W TllDI :"'~ No pet• 83'~ •Udo "lnage. 1'300.

::~1y ~~~a~ cany • .,n:o:,... country kltc'*'t & *• '"I \\,11 .•1111, I 1 I', I \ \ 1 I "o\ t II.' I

Gummef WIMTD UMTAL 2 ~ ntu, 342 Or::•· New 38r Ha. 4"C:• 1 ..._ .. 4 .....,_ ,. P .. ilih.e, o-ted M4-t821 Atntell Av.ilablt ~ ::ua;t~AI:~~ HM/mo MT·T Qat. No j)!172~ ~ COl'M'. ._. IO ~ l1ilillimr~~ .. - .. ~.~.-r::oiiA~~twti-..

ut ... Aeelr .. ,... 2 MBA, 2 Ba. lrplc, o".... ............ VI.. ......... Pod, ...... "'*'9fl'd ....... ~. 8"' 111 . .,. ... e?a •aao cath ce111, comm ......... ~11"- • l?Mltl p.,iil"O· IHOhfto . No = UtlO -.

I rt '"'• ~ ,..., UM. nl•Ha IH - aw .... 7'M ~ Of ha\flne • poo • ,.,, car po • hme, 117'0el. ""'9ld ~ .... , GM .,. 111101mo. ~ .. - ~ilAllf"i.a iimiA"';c:::::::;;;1cs;;s;;;11l•p;;l'8"Bn&iillii •calf ~ Frpl, """• Alo ..-~--~~~~"' - ._ ~T CLA8al .. D iii( m lront yero ...._. Olf, ~ 8Vy It Sel ._A.a "- MiWY ,_ ..... ~

1111,,_ • ..o ..., m !'"": •u:rom.. C*n••ll. PoMa•' -*'I ... ,,. •4• •• ,. Oii WM •1«1t10 wn .... _!l,!!190Gl~~""°-~.!...,~!1!11!!1~W!!!!!!~~~!!!...

Lew hi U au.HfVtng. 19 dlnint rml 14/C, •v 11ectc may ceem Gated cOU11yn entry. =· ~ :..r..=· =-..:.=··= .......... -··· PILOfcLAia .. a .......... ....... . ..... .... ...... on ...... ,.. ........ ......._ ... ......, It' e th• ea I Y .. 0- T•I . .. Oour1e. aa" laA, ace.... lnformetlM-1 __ _.:!~!:!=.!!!.-~ "'" ._.. ... -

It ..._I• ···-· .-. paolted mer el,..-- Mon2 tatlta ... and ., .... , .. , . r----;COl;:;..,.=...,.="·--\lllll9da11rt+'~~l, • "'°" .. Q111Aecl _.. .. ..._"1.:1":...,._ ......... II -. ..., . .•. -- ...... . ... ,. of OOIW••a. - ~ ------..... --

HI ·~11H f

1·1 • 11·1 ., i \ •'•II

Be Frida

NEWl'OllT B1'; ACH :.? II.Hf

& 'BLUFF ARcA. 4br 21,..lba gar, S1495 w/ 12mo leaaa 13th mo FREE 759-9593

Lg 3br/2b• new paint, carpet, batc:ony, gar, St 500 mo d·457·3752, evea·wknda 692·0838

H 1\1.HO I\

Pt;N INSlll.A ·t.1>«

•Lu 2Br 2B• •1oso New c:p\, llr1 & blinds, gar, no pets. Ls• 857·1776 Of 760-1113

•ON THE BAY• Bachelor, $ 575/mo. yoarly . Incl u•• of bch/dock. 675-7590

Lg plfl very deluit• 2Br 2Br 2B• on lh• b•lf• 2Ba w 2 mstr suites. BeaU11fully furn. great

(OS I\ Mt SI\ 0 1 •• • l (111•.!\l'oll•

••ONE eoRM c~ ALA llOANAAPTI e N9WPOf\ -..ctt ~ b'k COTTAGI!, E'elde 1 bdrm n•ar MSW· ~h. prof f', (:t&-45), M8 .t.r 38" hm, f\/ RESPONSIBLE QUIET "'"•hd prlv. f\/1m1<r, $200 OFF!I PO"T Plaft ''" '" n/1mkt, klt l)rtvl, gar, amkr, 2·•1y. pool, Jae, FEMALE, wantt to $895 utl pO ~9·5058 1 & %BA. d/W, beaut r9Q .• avail 9·M121· w/d, $400. M•&•T• ,.., bch & frwya. '575 ren1 a NICE complete

• $200 O,,f * pool area Rec rm. n pets seso 875~42 aaok ••w furn maaaer Incl ullla/turn M2·~75 atudlo or small one lndry rm, c:loae to 1

Lg 28R 2BA, d/W, ga· shops and buaH. 18R tuml1hed upslal,. rm w/pV1 bath, W/d , Na ProMOteey Pelnt bedroom apl ,.. • rage. lndry rm, close , 595.ff7S/MO •P• with view of prlvs. Empl, no aml(J Penthouae w /gor• NICE & SAFE area. Nice amal .. r office ~f to sc plaza 5795,lmo. 530 w. WIL.SON b•y. No pals. Call pell '450 841·5020 _g,~~ramlC t>ey NP Beach pref., Cal) l)VI en1rytwa1h rm. •P.

SOS •unflow•r 722·9012 or 642·2288 65()-4935 CM Bluff• Lg bach, pVI • ocean view. Prof affotd ' 0 pay ssoomo, i>rox 2GOaq "· $:>;o CENTAUR MGMT patio, kllch, lull ba, Dealred. 1650/mo prlnc: only, please call 1va111mmed. 831·28:.8

842·2288 or 831·2725 Attracthte 18r wilh t Yea,. Newl 3BR Hml-pvl ent. Avl 8114 avall 911 '123· 1•S3 Dana at 842-432 1

•S750 Move tnl pvt polio. Great area, 2BA, fam~ complex, 40 .. pref S5506'42·1196 Na Young prof, non/

~It \Ill ' . I

l1AllA<• ES HHt

,,7S af, LMM. IMn lndu•trlal, 1176 Noyea, Loactl o PQWerl 840•1044

Co•t• M••• Apro11 9000 IQ h. 11800 mo. Placonlla a. t 7th


gar, decks, $995 tse view. $1800/mo yrty. No pets 840·9408 Oocl< avolt. 675-7590

Luxury Condo!

E'alda 2Br lBa lllt walk to everything. S1 0 0 /mo EASY GOING Ptof nvt, amkr, shr 3br/3ba, c:ond. 269.C lath Pl. 6"6-908l



310 1 sm mstr w/ba, wlk pool/Jae. 1ennl1, W D. * Off. Sp . 1200 aq llWiiW-.!INlill

S895 No Pet 844·0452 C••• Del M•r 2BR 2BR 1 Y&BA & 3BR 2BA to beach, pl/Jaq/tenn, Near Beac:hl 631·5521 E ' slde tooatton Ga· 11• storage. cora, turn.

Ht: NT :.!740


l'HUPEHTY ll778

Brand new lg studio uhll loc I 4 m1 l o bch,


*1 Mo Free Utllll lg 2BA $750 lBA 1BA w/trple. All have gar, $450 ASAP 642-3083 ROOMATE WANTED rage for Rent, low Ole:. 1518 Npl Blvd. lr.i ... ....,IMiilMllll Cl.an 2br 1ba' g.r. nu $ 625. Completelu r~ w/d 1'ool< ups N••r Prof. fm In 20·•· nJ uaeane only Sale CM $550 554 ·1116 CONDOM

never occ:up1od. sep Cherm fbr/ 1ba Duplex bdrm area A. C pool incl stove, relrlg, new

Cpl . D/W. Stor.ge. turbulshed . a'uie·t Ho•g Ho•p 842-4387 NB 3 rms tor rent· amkr, to share -d· " ' "' e Id I I N

Students Pref. 2 for '"' •· _s_1oo_ i _m_o_e_4_5_·9_906 ___ , P11me reta11 loc:. 390- VENDING ROUTE S750 No Pet 640-2495 •

0stp• . N•

8oc .. D~ lpeLY1s. Ideal for Adul1•, CUii 1275-friends share?, 1 2bth, lrg 1wnhm In I.a· Buy 11, s ... n. find It •600 sl. COM La· Big Prolrls. Call Am , 1•

& 1ann1S S850 Agt paint &. carpet, avall 854-5809 9/1, $975 , 640·7089

*l Mo Free Utllsl Lg "" - .. Haven, NB. 2BR, new S 5 8099 guna Hilts. PM bth, Cla .. ltled. guns, CM. $1 .25·$~ sl 2BR 2Ba upper. d/w, 147 E. 18th St. paint, carpot1. bac:k for 350, 1 9· encl gar. $300. + ulll. Roiilonomtcs 675·6700 can 1?0~!1::,';,'.~~:r•

NEW 2Br 2B• on golf _N_ea_r -P-ar-l<,-w-8

-1h-/_d_ry_e-r, lg c:tose11 •• verts, gar E ' alde 2br/ 1 . ab• yard patio. S1. front· Nr SC Plza lo beaut lg day 642-4321 eve. • •---------5830 No Pel 640-2495 Gar, Laundry Fae, age, usy parking. hm/lurn. Shr BA, w/d, _8_5_9·_6_9_53_____ Cl•aalfted- _!~~~k9t:-'$a~'1 h~~:g u! •ADULT LIVING• back patio, 2680 $850. 548-3758 pool, spa, $400/mo + =~8111 fBR. frpl, pallo, gar. Santa Ana Ave, Move· Monthly rent•I uri111 dep. N/ smkr &!58-l


course 1 year loase storage. lull kitch, lrg No pois S 1500 mo.

760•8850 d 644 -4922 9 hv1ng room, den, Ir patio $850 -+ $500

Newport Beach soc 123.1513 Liiy No pats. $ 685 . Bay In Speclal· Call Cathy 6/ 19/93. ~ blk to bch/ 942·5878 842·5&78 Tlmbor Apts. 642·7142 650-3237 leave msg pier. Recently rodor'd


Eastblutf 38DR 3BA home Front row location w a pnnoram1c v1ow ot the back bay. $2800 Per Mo Call Susan

723·19 12

Rental• Avallable! 1 ·~BR $800·$~000 Mo No feo charged Agl, 842·7121


upper end unit Gated tennis, swim gym. S8!.>0 mo lse 5J6·6617

Apartments For Rent


BE THE SMART ONE! Pre·ren1 your 1 BR or 2BA this week· Ill Sunday and get V2 OFF 1 s t MO RENT! M OVO·lfl 6 20 Ill 9/3. Spacious. breezy & b11ght. but No Pets.

$625·$725/mo Call 831 ·8427


2 BEDROOM Pool. spa. cable hkup WESTLAKE VILLAGE 645·8122 Anvtlmel

$200 Off Clean & Lg

• E'aJde CM 2br/1.5ba e .srdo, bac:k bay. 2466 ~b~kC:::"i:~~~ t~j~; detached Collage, Santa Ana Ave. 2BR Gar (8 l8) 45 1..i473 Micro. gar w/opener. 2BA, bit Ins, gar,

631-4'442 lndry, $795fmo. NE:WPORT HEIGHTS

SHARE 2724

•Aoomm••• Wanted Fem•I• 2 haes from bc:h on penn. $385 873·3093/723·5971 msg

* EASTS.DE* 771·7804 or 730·1477 Cleon 2BR 2BA, l/p,

wfd hkup, gar $1100 1 -,.-,,.~~...,,,.,=--",,..,,...~-1·28R S650.S785 oas1 Larae 2br Garage eiac: pd 759·0874 ~ BLOCK TO BEACH, wtr pd, gor. No pets fnc:d' patio, WIO hkup, fem pert. n/&Olkr/peta, 2323 Eld 548 7854 Nwpt Heights sm lbr, shr ba. c:rprt, Sept 1,

en • Sn5, no pets, 646-8752 gar, laundry, Ideal for $SOON~ Uhl. 722·1299 •LAROE 1 BR, patio, Lg W ' ald• 1 br w/ 1 person, no pets, 1br/ba In Home Grt area

encl gar, no pats, frig, walk·ln closet, ctose $675/mo 650·8145 elec range $550 2 per prefer Female, nr bc:h,

• to beach & 55 twy, STEPS TO SAND yard, prkg, $430/ mo sona only 8 4 2 ·5984 $550/ mo, 772·4605 clean 2br, lrg tvng rm, + ~ utrl 962·3607

•MUST SEE* NEWLY DECORATED i~~·75'.:!::h ~gj.1~~15 B•I Penln lg charming

Beau1ilul 2BR 1 lhBA 2BR, lncd yd. Wtr pd. 2Br dplx stops 10 bay/ townhome. D/\N, lndry 636-4120 9·5PM Vera•ltl•• 2Br 2Ba, bc:h, w /d. gar. F n/s. rm, patio, $825/ mo. 2194 Plac:enlla S755 wolk to beach. Newly S500. Avl 9/15, 673-4621

238 Avoc•do d f 1 1 CENTAUR MGMT SPACIOUS 2Br 28a, ec, sec, rp c, poo • GOM share 3Br house

51100/mo. Mr. Ring, • 642·2288 or 631·2725 Eeatalde. $850/mo. 64s.27021d 722•1335,8 w.2 fem. 3 blks from

O/\N, garago, bockyrd. • ' beach. Great location. Yl Off 1st mo. E 'slde No pots. 532·4806 $431/mo. 723·5392

t BR wfnu mlnl/c:rpls •---------• s $545. HUD Welcome. WESTFIELD APTS U E Groat deal! 3BR lux Avl now. 642·9450, 5200 OFF MOVE·INll PII~~S E'slde twnhse, w/d, 975-1677. Beaullfully maintained CLASSIFIED pool, Jae, S4 50/mo,

community. 3 Miios to --------- 1 __ u_1_11s--pd_ 6_5_0._1_7_3_1 __ BALBOA ISLAND 2806

Nr bus mkls movies 2257 Maple 2BR S650 2br Duplex frpl, gar. At'o 1 BA nu cpt $540 yard, Avail approx 9/l,

AwarCl·w•nning 2Br near ""alor Iron!, gorgeous onl w oa!lo St..'9S mo

7;:3 1'188 11• 1 • 6prn

:!Bn nu c:pt & vu $720 $885/ mo, NO PETS! Students HUD Invited. (6 19) 934-3710 6·12·2288 or 631·2725 _..._...._ _____ _

$300 OFF MOVE IN ¥~~

RENT C h a rm I n g 1 BR . PILOT'S courtyard Apts. Gated, CLASSIFIED pool Close to overy· 1--------­lh1ng1 642·5858

It's A Boy! It's A Girl!

, Has 11


11ew hum 1n1101111cc ir


been delivered in the Daily

to your Pilot &

~end 111 a photo* & rel/ us a li1tle abow your 11c11 /{111111' memhcr.' ... like name, time, weight, t'fC WL \\ 11/ p1thftsh on the I st & 3rd Thursday nf each month

Send your an nouncement to:

The Daily Pilot & Independent 330 W. Bay St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627 .\ttn: Binh Announcements

Photo l.\. Announcement Announcement O nly

$18 $10

r,~1;- - - - -I

---., ,, I

I ADDR[-\"i ____ _ I ·-- :.- I I

... -I I I

PHO\£ (_ ) ----If:\:. I -~:..;,,1


a l'h11tt' & Announcment ($18 enclosed) \nnt>u1iccmcnt Only ($10 enclosed) Pcnmt'nt nwH be made tn advance

• I hutc ~•II he: returned upon request) ----------I I


beach. Pool, spa, prl· vale patios. garages. r-==---=---=,....--..,,.,..--=~--==---=--~• 2Bdrm 2BA $795 398WWllaon131·5583


• N r Be•chl Lg 2BR 2BA. quiet, balcony, gar, $875 No Pets 854·2926/857·1176


••EASTBLUFF• * lg 2BR 2BA. f1roplace, very nice S1000fmo.

721 · 1180

•2BDRM $750* *1BDRM $600*

Frig, dshwshr, stove Incl. No pets 545-4855

• 2BR 1BA, UPPER OR LOWER, 3 yrs mt.WI Nr Ho•g Hoaplt•I.

$770 mo. 645-7476

•WESTCLIFF 2BR 2BA, DA. lrplc. frig , dor;k, pool. $1000/mo. 645·6186 or 631·0211

Service Directory

ACOUSTIC REMODELING 3408 Old Ceilings Made New

respray·repalr . wall· texture, lie. tll 348084 Grace Bros 538·8488


Cuat Bldg Plana Re­model. incl design & engrg. 2000 • happy clients, 4 58·630 1

Plug Into the Pilot Classified section to find services from electricians

BUCKS Merchandise Under $300 • Private Party Only

~~:~:llfrs"f"& ...... pfra-in-te-rs-. -+H---~----.TH..._.E a,;;._~E~~,, j 'Pf D"!l!!!\ ~Ull'

liilljPHOt 4) 642-5678 Classified Community Marketplace

For all your home and business needs

AUTO REPAIR 3447 CARPENTRY 3~10 Ste11e' • German Auto Rtp-.rs, Remod Doors W111-

Repa11 3<>"'1i o ff Shop dows, ut><nt'.s s•OJCco & drr Rates. 15 yrs exp. all • AJI, lt11Ces 9<J't1 tic lx wrk guar. 548·8218 3Syrs HP Jerry 642·0567


Stradw1cfc St.:i11s B11t1sh Crhsmn. Speclollzmg cstm staw.vays c:abl· nets, lo pres, 641·8742




loaky showers-Acid wash & re9rou1. Now & Repair. BBttHooms· Showe< door1 Kite· Floors·Plumblng Lie:. 25yfl o.c. 673-8065


Europeen Cr•H•man hne c:ust cabinetry, ar· chilec:turat woodwork. unc:ompromlsfng qlly for lair price, 650-8625


.English Carpenter Ouahty Work, Low Rates,

Patterne d Concrete. Av•ll Nowt Some Gn Stamped & all types hard l o find Nanmos. cone work. 25 yrs e>cp Spec. bac.k·to-sc:hool uc.316117, 642·1027 disc: Roc1o·s 837·1860




Wood Flooring Cus· Vic.tor Pruf. Gard ,. :l 1om Work, Neg p11co, londo;up1ng & M ain1 20 yrs 1n Business Excel rel~ l O ., ' e11p Abraham 559-7963 4 57·1 739

Re Roofs & Rep•lrs lo :.t nc1 16 Yra C.r It r Po •'•C Rig B36·U•e8 t.1J68


Beauty Restored to any Furn Antq/ or not, For f•lr, fast qlty work Call Oebra 642· 1589


• Christian Handyman Pa1n11n9. Stucco. dry· wall, fenc:o1 'gt11es S•


•Brlck;Bloc Stone •Room Addlllonal ptante~s. wa ... wll1.· len n: 111 I ro1<1 Lnt1 wy•. remud I rer11s, C upor lfV '·14344 Rel s, y,rk 9' " .,,1:>.().lolol F'ruu l I 248·040&

RB MASONRY Custorn Pars Const Add.hons bflCk. blo.,lt, tt•l)3111 , fl r uO• I g, ne ..... etc. 30 )'rs oc t'l<P COh· I t'41~ JOO 100 Lie Bonded 970-9-l l 3 sm:i , i.e. ins ~ll

MOVING 3834 SCREEN SERVICES 3920 Ucensed. 731-4487 TRADE

Sell your unwanted 11ems the 03sy way' All Reprs & Installations To place your classi· OltV wrk onllf, refs throuQh c.ass1l1ed

Lo11ln9 Mom will provide qlly childcare for your Infant in my home reas rates 434..05S7

nlor Oise John !>32-4168 • ABC Movlnv• Ins OUtCIC CARCF'UL '

Cllrpentry, plumbing. COURTEOUS. •T1 3v .!6 ltod ad call 642·5678 Local 10 yrs, Honest 642·5678

•---------· 24 hrs, Lou 642-6676 ---------CLEANING SERVICES 3~48

Ille, drywall masonry reas rales ~52·0410 & more Reas. rates

Jim 845·2&24 Poor Man'• Mover 1

M•tlculous Morton' s Mot>llo &c:roen Sef· ;; .. , No min· No Ser· vice Chg • Lowes1 Pr•.:. s uury 642·8~95

HAMMER TIME? When you need a little work done around the house, look in the Pilot

classifieds to find a good cgrpenter, electrician, plumber or handy man.


This Out!


Adtertlse fow liUitil or Stnb $88 HURRYI for only :~nth

(4 Linet 27 Days)

Call 642-4321 ext. 307

----------• hr nun Ou.ir '"""~st Clean households. 10 H•ndvm•n E• pr••• rates. lie: 108002

yrs exp Rellable Home lmprovemonll, Insur 714 833 ~25 WINDOWS 3934 GoOd Reis freo Est Sr 01scoun1, NO jOb too ---------tow c:ost 175•2383 Small, 24hrs 65t ·2017 PUBLIC NOTICE Olt~ Window Cteenln9

Com1 01t1111e P11co11 House & Ofc clHnlng Handyman Services. Tho Coht Pubhc u1111• uc:on· "'-' & Insured

Use envlro sate prod· Lie 1nsur. Local rots 11•• Commlaslon m:. t roo ~ I 840·8838 uc.11, also ALL 000 frH 951 073•7922 OUtnES lh.:it All u~ecl JOBS, John 673·9567 householCJ 9oous t;;iiiiiiiiii::;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~

mQvers Pllllt tholr P.U C Cal T numbor, llmo• and ct111111fou1 t print tholr T.C.P. num· bor In all dverllt•· monts. If you hove a q11os11on about tho lo gahly or a mover, hmo or chauffeur. c:all

Roli;lbla Housoc:toanlng by the day Local oroa. Excol. rots. Call Alicia 751·42G9

Reliable HouHcleanlng by the day Loc:at area. Xtnt refs. Cell Monie• 549-8438


RS Home R•p•lr• termite/dry wrought ropra, drs, plumbing , & mofere4 h1a, &46-0997


BUii.DiNG 31'160 • U.wns-Mow & Edge Oceenvlew Const Co Trimming, Cloan·Ups

Lawns. Apts 1 ROSI· paonung, drywall, dOc:k· denllal 831-8809 Ing, lenc:lng & roofing.

Public Ut1hlloa Comml11lon


Sav On Movtng Lowo1t, Slorago. prol e11cel reputation. 1 llr min Insur. l1S76~9 V1•a/MC 731 ·295& A'!>73G88. 94e.1 107 All Amerloen Tr••

DRYWALi. :t~H4 Service. Removal, Trim, Senior Oise PAJNTINO 38f>8

Ambrt1 Wall I CeUlnw _F_r•_•_e_•_•·-53- 1-·8-4-15--1 Lg & Small repairs, Bob'• L•wn Service ..,..20 Yrs of Quality Work Remove Wallpaper most Iron• lawn1 $8.$9. ,.,,n.,o S•n•~ ti(: 28()(4~ Fast Srvc Joe 621·73'7 rront & back St 1·S13. __ Af_,, __ ....... $.J_2119_A...;~.,~"-"-''-·

EU: Call1CAL :l610

llteotrlot•n Al•• Small & Latget Repair• .

30 ye1us e111perlence. . ..... 183.


Bt:PAIHS :lfl:lO

All Carpel Repair• Pwr atretch I ln11a11 Any llH job, 15 yra

Rellable 791·870• 11W.P. YOUNGQUIST Ofoeett lcene l.Alndscpng Painting Con,rector

a Irrigation, Trimming Oual. pa1nllng by prof & Aemovel•, Clean· Llc:#602()(J8 Ina. Frao ups & Malnt. st Uc:. _•_•_t _&4_s_.3J_o_s __ _ of 699025, 4 32·8804 Michael Co• Palnllng

Liwn Malnlen•no• S 13 hr, • rna1or1a11 lneluttrill I Anielential Roi. l yrs ••P tflrnmlng. p1an1tng & ___ e_7_e_ .. _oo_e __ •<mnkllf • • 131.a501 l n1n1o.1no of 111w1r10 a

garage ••le? O•v• u• a caut PH.OT CLASS1fll£0

For Ad ~ction Call a

Batlyflllt . AO-VISOR 642·5678


1 de. 730-0031 2• hra l e,,1e..-11111eH. L1wn1, -~lat-3479 ... 2.ae1e ••••••111111

8US1£R CW Ovf Fiie New Montltly lafef Adrertlse four lusl'.'fSS or Se~lce for only $88 For more information,

er Month Call 642-4321 ext. 307 (4 l ""'' 27 Do rvlc~ ~dot' ~

t '•

' Newpert Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot Friday, August 14, 1992 87

lll'""INI ..........

Ol'l'llHll "lllY.~·11q


IMMEOIA TEL Y t .a00-22 ... 40t


Ml-.H< 111\NlllS I"

MISI till I:. COUNTER HELP NAMNY/Mou .. kpr tor PIT, drycleanera, No 2 chlldtat'I. llve In or OEOROEOUS white exp nee. 831-6872 out. Refa & exp w/1ml Nd tray removable

children req. &48-5350 top, hk• ' new coat $75 .. 11ror145.



l't.NlNSUl.I\ hl07

COSTA Ml-.S/\ ti I :.!-I Nt.Wl'llH I

Ht.I\( It h I h!t

SAJ L BOATS 70 l <& MO I Oil( YI I l-. Ml";Hct. Ut-.S !f 1.m

S((JUTt-.H HOIH MOVING SALE 8 ·FT Satl Dln9hy. '81 300SO TlitbO Oiffel, MOVING SALE SAT M , Fr1, Sat, Sun f.5, no LIDO laLAND Sat 7·?, Equipped wrlh O_,I. Mot0tcyele lor 1ale or orig owner, S6900.

OHk chair• c:ouchH, prHala, Lota of teavlnQ ., .. must aell eover. rudder. center· lrade for Uuck 750 676-2311187~331 t drHsert, •nd Ibis, an- turn.,& h1hld goods evorylhlngll, 219 Via bOard . 71<l/489-0442 Honda g1eat •hape•·.-8-7_M_E_R_C_E_O_E_s_~_<tlo_S_L. cyclonad las & more 2°" LaColla Crt Ou1to ~~,,..,.....,........,. ____ It will\ 11 .000 In Nddl• ;;;,yy

...- SANTANA 20. Kevlar b S 1 51 OOO MINT, 12K ml, bOth

Posalbi. 1900 Wkly Pl••• warmer- hold• 1ncom• • lnv•at. Aeq '::"--:"::--~----- 10 1 p e

Need Pff person w11h lruck. &48-4909 Merchandise $.26-StOO, 209 9\1\ St M1~VI~: ~~;A~~''L,...l __ D_O.,,....-a=-A~L""E:--to-\a--of main & jib, apin, tra.tr. 7 ~1~ss.~:4 • ' tops, 1 ownertgrgd

Ettie W/Wnd shld & k i d• 1tuff, book•. Race 0Qu1po. $2400. _ P_E_U_G_O_T_M_O_P_E_D_ $45k (819) 726-9992

NISSAN ~l~O 1-«>0>141-4311 e.xuoo Mtdlc•l·Front Office h .. r.~~··.,a~~~!~a PIT. Exp. helpful. at••I. $300/obo

h•lmet SlOOOobo lot garr1••· toy1, f urn , aJ&.5\44 d; &»!1671 e ' clth•. videos & 1pon· "::":'==~=-----...,-1 Auna great. 1till In

o f men• clth• az 36- Ing goods Sat 8 .2 SNOWBIRDlll'3S7, 12· good condition s2SO/


1n;L MAR 6122


WANTl" D .!'llti Kathy 848-0770 AM. 754·1282 4515 Hampden Rd ..

M Oueon or King Palmi. Cameo Shores, Sat 8 ·

38• n 11 ahoea, •kl· 220 Vis Me~tone built 1" 19411, comp. obo 7t41898·2199 Ing equip. & 1011 of restored. M1n1 Cond, ml1e goodlaa 241 LOW poster king water· $5,500 966-6420 OrtGlgl Heavy duty, multl cycle. 4.5 fHI \all S10 ea. 4 , designer clthl &

ll'VT PARTY ONLY ln1urance l>rocassors. Drye(, excel. Washer Herb plants 80 kind• shoes, bdrm set, hnd 2s.60K 1at TO 10·1 1% H igh earnlng1. will needs p ump. $49 for 11 ea Liiac 6 74.9422 pnted cht ldrens furn,

16th Pl bed w/drawers, euc MUL Tl FAM SALE, Sat desk, goll sel, bunch MARINE SLIPS Automobiles

' 82 N l as•n 200a• runs good, 80,000 orig ml, a/C, smltm •1ereo w /eq , new paint. strong eng1n, $13509bo 575-4850 3mo-3yr .. c 'd 25.,.5% lraln . 213/957-4945 both. 846-5053 ' booka, Jewelry & more

I LTV. 31()-838-0515 COii ----------- RABBIT cage with pull· ---------I 1 or baskets, carload ol 9 •2 grt buy•. urn, Pc· clothing, selection of

tures, , booka & misc atuff Sat/Sun 9 •4 , DOCKS 7022



•·ouN11 ~!I:!~

ORDER DESK out tray, eiccollent ESTATE SALE. Sat 8· Fr I• n d 1 y p e rs

0 n cond. $40. 557·5227. 3:30, Anllq china. lln·

nens, hshld, paintings, naodod 10 lake & pro. AMERICAN OP: MAR· ROLA .ROOF RACK, gilt ltoms, jewelry, 626 cots phone orders. TINSVILLI! large nover u aed, e ll alloh. Seaward Rd , Duties Incl. al'\sworlng dark wood 9·drawer Incl., S500 value, sac ---------phone, llght typing, Iii· dresser with 2 rectan· S300 760·1499 MOVING SALE Sat 8-4, Ing, M·F, 40 hra. $7/ gular mirrors & night Furn, clths, books, hr. Colla Mtsa 646-8441 stand. Both for $300. Shad e, Pine, Cypress jowelry, rugs, sklls &

Call 951-4416. trees, 15-gallon, s2o. misc, 211 Jasmine Palnter.Journeirman 1-gallon plants, $1 E R THING M BR•ND NEW Li"lnn Wisteria S10. ~4·9422 Ave, VE y ature, dependable, "' • • "" M UST GO

253 Knox Pl (alley) 1708 Ttad•wlnds MUL Tl FAMILY L an•, B • vc r••t.

10 Min To Op•n S•• SAIL: 45' Wide beam $550/mo. 45' Nar1ow beam $450 752·2881

BMW 90:10

Sat 9-5, turn, cllh1, M ULTI f AM SA I.E. iewlng mach._ & misc tool1, tv1, cordless tel 28 1 Sherwood St. & answer mach, turn, ---------r

' 84 7331 , IMMAC CONP Srl11ar, fully loaded. blk leather Int.

18' Boat dock $100/mo. 67k ml, $10,000 643· Boat with mooring for 0889 TEEN se111 BEST collec· c:handellert , cllhs &

lion of boy toy1 In ml1c 120 Kings Place toWflll Lots ol misc. hshld bargains. I 030 Begonia Ave Sat 8-4

sale. 675·5095 ---------.,....,...,..,,,-=---,..---,.,r '87 325e, IMMAC CONO 3 HP BrlU•h Seagull 1mokey cir, Illy tded,

runs Xlnll, $200 blk l\hr Int, 45K ml,

' 85 NISSAN PULSAR 5spd. gray, ac, am Im cau, •nrf. 2dr, 112k mi, good cond , 530'50.ooo 63 t-6000 M41cel Waldner


neat, 8 yrt exp, refs room Chaise Loi.inge. LOST! required. 722-1777 Lrg floral pastel prnl, Sot 8-2, tons ol office YARD SALE Sal 9'-4, tall

J I 20th larne male S275obo 540-2069 !urn, home furn, bike, mens clths, lampa, lrg

Transportation 754-1262 $12,000 &43-0889

Sllp!I ava,lat>le, all alzea trom 511·$13/11, up to 50'. D•Anza Marin• 300 East Coast Hwy, Npt Bch. 873· 133t


• ' 79 504 S•d•n, diesel, auto. sunroof, gooo tires, good tra,,a car. 5 1400. 662·7224

.~~rt ha'1r, ;/2 Ab- RECEPT·DENTAL BRASS BED beaut. blk glass Exec desk, mirrors, frmd pictures byslnlan; 1/2 Tabby! Front o fc mgr, gd queen sz, head/foot AKC LAKELAND 2661 Point Del Mar & misc 3070 Hayes

'78 S•Vlll• SUZUKJ 920:>

Light brownlah gold & phone skills & people board w /lrrm orlho Tl!RRtOR 2 mates, Yard Sale Sat Only 9-3 I d I 8mo. P.I qu• allty $600. Sat only 9•3, Antiques, pepper co o re w person. No dental mat. NEVER USED furn now & used 186 E. 19th St. Refrlg , •se C.hrls Craft Clualc

BOATS 7011 clean, straight, orig , ,86 SUZUKI SAMARI . runs out well , lirst $142500 673-2014 conv. 4.114. new top &

black tip tall, alrlped exp'd req'd for right $375 458-697 1 (619) 353-3442 cllh~g & misc, 425 yard equip, full 1z bod 17.5' Runabout, all legtl Blue reflector r,erson . Relaxed,•--------- BUNNIES, dwarf ba· Dahlia Ave · set. Chairs & Morel natruaJ, new Inboard CAMPERS, RV'S,


extras, runs & looks gn $3000, 12!)-022s

color w/blua lag w/ rlendly environ In MOVING·MUlt Sell blH, great with k ids, --------- •ng, 58000 99S-14S5 '72 VEGA au\o, steno, name Happy Snappy! •ngl NB dental ofc. Kinn oak pedeatal only $7 each. SIDEWALK SALE, Sat 1 1 TOYOTA 9210 V H 1 D c e5o-233 E • 11 • Boston Whaler new pan • (yellow)

cly aze r, Orona 4 v 731·1551 bep, day bod with 557·5227 9-4, NEW & USED, Sport, l6hp Suzuki, '86 ~errls Pac er Travel $795 645-3717 Del Mar. AEWARDll £ trundle, dresser, oakr--------- hshld Items, cllhng, SAT 6-3, furn. clthng, 52500, 871 •8628 days, Tra,11er, XLNT cond, ---------

759-7090 oataurant shelf units. slate di· NETHERLAND dwarf beauty supplies & books, tool1, h ahld, 20 lee 4 co 1 ' 84 Corveue, low ml, COOKS·Exp•d nelta, much more. min. baby Bunnies lots more good stuff, . 14 Purple Sage, (Tur·,_99_2_·_9_14_7_ev_e____ ba/ki~. al'cshe~t. $~~ new cond, targa lop,

'81 COROLLA Rul'IS good, very clean. St .500. Call 714/894·7423 .alter 3.30pm or leave msg FOUND CAT orang• /

white long hair, H•r· bor View area, 644· 4687


Knowtedge In Ctthfor. can 714/489-9428 need a good home, 436 Hellolfope tie Rock Dr/Wlllowteaf) VERY SPECIAL ~8' Bay 786-7647 m•ch pert, must see, nla cuisine. Interview SS each. 962·284l . boat. built 1948. XLNT S9500obo 822·5642 In per1on btwn 2·5pm Oak Bedrm furn•·w- A_N ___ T_E~D--L-0-V..,--IN__,...G cond, contact J im Mon·Frl, Studio ~fe, Sofa, coffee/end tbl1, HOME, Free tyr old 875-4213

SCOOTER 8018 3201 E Coast Hwy misc furn. 721·1160 handsome male, HUGE SALE Sat-Sun ---------FOUND ROTTWEILLER, Corona Del Mar SLEEPER SOFA bas1ot hound, p apers, 9-4, Anything you can CLOSET Cleaning, Sat WANTED Lyman or

V I It , • Ad I hi k f G t b 6 2 I I h I South Coas1 Bay ' B4 BOcc K aw•a•kl a c n y o ams Nearly New. Obie bed must have kids & yard t n o . r•• ar• ·1 gr s c I •· app e B 1 64,..~ 7 19

'71 LINCOLN Conti· nentel. 460 eng. runs good S1295 Must aee! 642·0567

'88 CAMRY w ht, 4 -dr, AC. auto, am/Im cass. PS/ PW}PDL Xlnt cond $7900/obo. 495-1986

Brookhurst, Hunll(lg· Retail Mgmt size. Cnlry/frnch Blu, 673-6004 gain• 1041 W. Wilson comp, books & shoes oa • .,.. 4 Dirt Bike! Neods work, ton Beach, 8/ 11 /92, VANSSHOES $450.673-2706 LOOK FOR RED t743BayponWay .SB0754·\262 VOLKSWAGON 923f>

963·7446 Has store manager --------- SIGNS Sat 7am, turn, ESTATE SALE Sat· positions avallable. Twn bed, Simmon• oldlo red s, artwork, Sun 9.1, Vict orian 27' 1973 Coronado

SAIL BOATS 7014 • '80 VESPA P200E, classlc red /grey, Chrome crash bats & rcks, Inc. cvr & trnk. $950.obo 759·3120

The Pilot Clasal· f led '81 VW Rabbit 4 spd, The most comprehon· new tires , AM/FM slve and current dlrec· Cass, Runs Greall Ex· tory of goods and Hr· tremely reliable! Only

FOUND: Ring, on tho sand near 24th St . Newport Beach. Call to ldonttly. 548-8450.

Mgmt oxp prof. For in· St 20• On Brass bd cllhs, books, m isc & Furn, Anllques & gd shape. lotsa gear. tervtew leave massage l rm Sl65, Trlmllne ROGERS 5pc Orum Set, one confused puppy misc, 516 Via Udo sips s. NB slip, $4600 for Sue al 1·800·992· phone $l5 721•1479 twy dty hrdwro & Lud· 1845 Anaheim 178 Nord firm. 673-2014 5603 Exl. 502. wig snare, XLNT --------- ---------- ---------

vices around! $1000 830·9714

LOST PARROT, Green--------- COND $450 645·7175 wtyollow head . Par· SALES/Cashier


Hally plucked ch ell, FT /P T 0 e s I g n er lost around Raymond woman'• apparel $1595 new portable & 20th, Costa Mesa store. Potential tor 1n· spa, redwood akin . 548.0185 croaso In respons1b1h· SAVE $1000.

Lost: Whit• Mal• P•r· 11os. lr.1lne 852·6580 261·8201


FISHER CONSOLE 1 owner, xlnt cond, walnul cabinet, $1 000 Obo 644-099-7

YAMAHA. con1ole. blk lacq. Moving, sacrlhco s 1200/0 8 0. 645-3330. Fridar, Auguat 14, 1192


BOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET? vulnerable. North nO·lNm

alen C•t • Amber --T--1---k-,--- BIKES: 27, 28 & 20 Eyes. Loat In the vteln· e tmlr et ng INCH, Ralotgh $85, lty ol 161h St, CM on No cold calls Chonts Schwlnns S30 oach, 8 ' t2. Family It Heart· preapproachod by let· 12v11 pu~p $5, Tennis broken REWARD!! ler. Work 6 '.30-9pm M· rackets $ 10-25, Soga 645·3669 Th, Sat a m . at our of· G en 0 s Is game 1

flea or your home. S30e b k REWARDlllLo•t Dog Jerry, 673·8670 M·F. a, two 00 case

st 1 ecision to stay out o( the L..of.-A~Ari'ft11ll:'ll~ll11nlr~iirfiel1nntieifr':". f';w;hcoiee>::;.pi)irr'fe:s;sst>~\-;c~ur1os11) concern1n~ NORTH auction had to be baaed on the hope

ntt>d in wid• vari•ty of subjttts, from your fu,nds and soivings ma~ be up tu + K 9 4 2 the opponent.a would land in a DO· BICYCl.F.S ~060

.-b.l.lll.clL.-.ciQi04~ 5094 1987 BIANCHI lO·sp eed Si'. 23 , mon'• · frame, 5150. T i p -top condition.

th• "A" in alch•my to the " Z" In no g<K'd 't'our rtSJX,>ns.> should be Q 9 8 trump contract and then be m for an whole cheathalr. Pink Collar, no tags. LoSI 7/ 18 near Orange/Del Mar. Call &42-6285

TRAVEL 30 14

AIRLINE TICKET, OC to Providence RI. One Way S•pt 3. $200 (40 1 J 433· 1769



Employment Opportunities

EMl'LOYM t:NT !'>:'I.JO

•LIQUOR CLl!RK• PIT 2_. n lghla/Wk Co1ta Meta. Call St9V• 648-38&3 8a'9p

BOATING HELP Small fl1hlng char1er co. In N p t B•ach needa •xp'd DECK HANDS .. approved SKIPPER. P1rt t lmo.

Call 723·1 970

CASTING IMMED! Extras needed tor hims, commorclals & TV. Earn up to $200 per dayl No up neoded. Call today

8 '8· 583· 202'

Mtdb .A






CALL: 842-5878


···-·-Pleas• be aware that the 11111n9s In this cat· egory may require you to call a 900 number In which \here Is a charge per minute.

Bartender Trainees

BLK L THR BIKER JACKET. pert cond, sz 50. $225.. 760·1499

DEEP SEA & FRESH WATER TACKLE, 4 poles & Penn 500, 140, 700 rools, tackle boxes, shark rod & lrg reel 548·983,i?

FOR SALE: Washer/ Dryer, Dresser and other mlac. 723-0770.

Call 951·44 16.

MEN'S HuHy Min. bike, Ilk• now. Recently tunod up. 5150/0BO. Kalhy 979·7026 day1.

Garage Sales

U>diu . Aquarian men art' drawn l o t-eep your now out of m,• banl. ac· J 4 unpleasant aurpriae The deca1on flthing. camping. hiking. Aquari~n rounr•" You'll go11n .u ,...~uh uf wnlli'n + A Q 10 8 proved disast.rous when t h e North· women are Intrigued by a~ormalitin repon WEST EAST South auctioo took off and South in nalu,., Men and women of thit SCORPI O (Oct 2J ·Nov 21) + J 10 7 8 + Q 8 landed in a club slam wluch would z.odlaul sign '" strong in tht>lr Ch•ngt'l> o<'cur al homi' which ult1mau ... <:' 10 3 2 0 J 8 5 have had no play et all with a d1a· b.lif'fs, passion~t• In lh•lr pursulu, ly prove 1>end1c1;il Purchas4.' or gilt <>f 0 10 8 8 5 1 A K Q 9 7 3 mond lead. progrnsl ve, generous, natural hu · mu,1c;il 1ns1rumen1 •~ d1s11nct poss1b1h · + 7 6 + S 2 · Even afterthe hea.rt.aalvo, declar· manitarians. Aqu .arians urn money ty Lunar ~spt'('t co1nc1dH with cn•.u1v1 · SOUTH er 's prospect& weN! not rosy. But 'With Plscn, confid• St'Crtls to C.11prl · 1y un•qul' style phy~1cal at1'4lctwn + A 5 3 David Bum of Great Britain fouhd corn, art' physlc.11lly dr.11wn lo Gt>mi ni. SA GITT ARIUS (Nov 22-0ec 21) :' A K 7 4 the wa,y home. He won the first t rick O.cemb.r could !>. most memorablt> An~wt>r ue found by tool.ing 1n . 2 Ill hand. drtw trumps in two rounds

Needed, earn up to 51 50 dally, aalary + up1, full or part time 2 wk lrlJ,ntng, women, men 2 1 or older. Call:

FRE NCH CO PPE R COOKWARE. 20PC Incl. Ilda, needs rotln, $3000b0 760-0965

m onth of 1991 for many Aquhians. ward • Spotltgt11 alw on rl'.'t1l l'Stall'. Jt" + K J 9 5 4 and then continued heart&. The first garage sale? Give us ARIES ( M.lrch 21 ·Apral tcl} You"' ca ion •fft'Cllng luture an connec11on ~e bidding: stroke offortunecamewhenthe1u1t a Call' ,.;a<iy for pi>wi'r pl•y' Cvcll' mo"~ up N b E So b W la.r ~'-

~ . . with pubhc 1m.11ge m•rn•I ratu~ Pa~· ort ut ut eel broke 3-3, allowmc dee er to uia·

PILOT c• "'SSIFIED you 'll ht> at nght pl<lce anformatton th.111 1 NT p I 2+ p ard d d fro b t.abl N - en Virgo per.onJ fl'prt-.ented ... .., c a iamon mt e e. en 842-5878 had lw•n wuhhl'ld will bt' rl'VHled CAPRICO RN 1De-c 22·1.i1n lql 2 • P... 3 + Pua came the ace and Iring of spades, 800-532.-9222

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Rt>la11onsh1p ont•ns1r1t's as controvet· l:mphuos on re~poM1b1l1t\ dl'•dlane 3 ~ P... '3 + p... followed by the Jack of diamonds. sl•I durable You II w1n'

TAURUS IApnl iO · M•~ 201 Focu' challl'ngt>. strong love rt'l•ll~>Mh1p Po~· 4 + P... 8 + P... East wu forced to wi.n and. left with

UPTO • seoo


Early morning motor routes available . Deliver Monday thru Saturday.

'· Must have dependable transportation

and liability insurance.



Is someone special having a birthday ~f In September? Announce It In the Deity Piiot <'°Y and Independent! Send In a non-mumeble V. photo along wtth S10.00 or just a message

0 with SS.00 and we will publish It on September 3rd. ,

Deadline: AUgust 27, 5 :00 p .m. · Send your mess.age to:

- -

The °"llY Piiot & Independent

330 W. Bay St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Attnt Classlfted Happy Blrthdoy - - - - - -. ~ 1::.. _____ _

' Phone--~~~~~~-'Mcssegc

...... '

on d"••ncr . Language tduca1tt>n phol · cl'i M<Xm fl'llltt» to '"fX v1\lts d1~ov· P.. Paa nothing but duunonds, continue the 05Qphic.i1I c<>n«pts By loni&l't nun\ of t'rll'S th.11 upwt prKomel\·rd no11on~ Openrng lead. Two of 1\llt, allowing declarer to cliacatd a your dt'Sift'S will be fuUalltJ You 11 Cancl'r •notht>r C•pnrorn pl•v Nlt'S spade from hand while ruffi.nc on havet-lofboth'-'Otlds-h.nADU~ AQUARIUS (J•n 20· ft'b Ill! Uni · There an all &Ort.I of awards the board. rom•nc• You'll &••n influentaal alh~ 11er.wl outlool. ntt~'i<ln. - acu•pt do•.. - ded out e1Lcb year for hanch b id, Let'a see· No diamond lffd.

GEMINI Ct.by 2l -June 20) You II t.i1nc• lan~u•ge b•mt'rs " hl'•lth' played or defended W1th gnat skill. heart.I 3·3, spades 4·2 and the AK Q ht'lp othen 'bre•l. frtt from pn~n or cho1tltnge Popul•nty 1nCrl'ol~. m;ul..t'I We propose h on oring the "Luck iest of diamonds all in the hand with the preconceiv~--no1oons Teach wntt'. for product e\pands r15Ct'f Moon com - Hand of the Year." Thil one. from short spades. In our collective l ife· pubh h . dedicate you~eu to umqut c1d~ wuh •dded income ~o""'> ot the recent Euro~an Mllted Cham· times we've been in some pretty bad mwion 't'ou wall m•le fMh st.in and 1055ft p ionshi,ps sponsored by Philip M o r· contract.a. but few have come u be more indt>~ndent as mull PISCES (Feb 19- March 20) You II ris, would be a leading contender. close to O peroent chance of auccus

CANCER (lunl' 21 Julr 2:!1 Al be •I ngh l pl.ace s1yle will b.t 1mpnn1· North-South were playing weak a.s t h is one though d1r«hons Wl'I'\' not deoar you td )'Ou'll ht> prov1dt.'d wuh opp<1r1un1I\ r.:===========================; hnd your w11y. turns OUI to be blt'5!otng lo lr.J to get better d1spla\ or product TO DAY' s 1n d1sgu15t' You'll tncountcr f•$Canat • ttllenr You II dHI with Lt'tl Aquarius Ing Aquano11n likely to have thest' let 1nd1v1du.11ls u z L E ttrs, 1nat1als in name 8. KT IF AUC~T u IS YOUR BIRTH· CROSSWORD p z

lEO (July 23 · Aug 12 ) As!.. quh· DAY: You ;are dyn•m1c ne.ataH' «>"I · lions. oamtne acrounts checl.. invento· le s posse writers ~1gn.uure • Yllu ry Plt>nry or soca.il lift> tonight lttp ilfr•ct C.m1n1 Virgo, S.g1111nus per· flallt'l"Y In proper persp«llVi' P• ton SOM i.omt' or whom areo lt .. l'IV 111 h11ve at• P1Kt>s could · turn 11our heild ' thl'$t' lt11ers 1n111•l<o on their naml'S E C.manr S.g11111nus 11lso 1nvolvl'd N W CurTt'nt cyclt> highlight .,.flt'5 of

VIRGO (Aug 2J ·~pt 22 1 Dig dttp Hp•r•taons reunions rn connec11on for 1nform11ll1>n. venfv reports. ched. wath rom•n<"' m11mag• lmpon11n1 do· rt>ferencn. be •w•rt' ol •dd111on11I mestac •diu tml'nt ,,._ .. s pl<1Ct' Junng IOUrtt maitn.111 Plll«S Moon .ll«ents le· Augus1 You II bt' IASC1n111ed b\ p~ gal arl•ars cred1b1hh partnmh1p of ml'dilahon m s11casm Jurtng ~r· m•ntal status Scorpio n'pl'l'$t'nted tembt'r 't'ou II be or. anore ,...11d •mo·

LIBRA (St'pl 2J-CX1 22> lndrvtdu.il tropal · fan•nnal ground an Ot11.lbt'r

Seevourcar make racks!


Need to sell yCXJ cor? Do it the fmf woy! Run yoor auto oo for l 0 OOys in the Doiy Pilot /lrxieisxJent. ~ it doesn't sell, we'I nKl it for 5 more OOys, FREE!* CoH Cklssified for detoi~.



t Reliable 6 Anderl!

PenJVlan 10 Colomblan

City 14 Qrcum....,,1 15 Ordefly 16 Help (1

felon) 17 Waiki lhtough

wat• 18~

dlMct 20·Cunnlng 2t Plane.,.. 23 Flowor 24 Ancient

Inhabitant 01 Britain

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My Valley '


1 ....... Mal'l\t 2 EllopM 3 - God!Y• 4 Food fllh 5 Pr~daln 8 Motivate 7 Actr ...

Pltrtcla -e Contain« 11 Oii from

pet alt 10N Arnet~

country 11 Seth'•

btOltiel .. 12 - ma,..cy 13 Wiiiow Ill - la18' 22 Take 24 Hollows 25 Cttmoef' •

l'IOme 2t French ,,_ 27 Fr._ 28 All Allen 2t Calf catef* 31 e.euty -32 US rodlet


33 VMtnt 3e 8r111edeedl 40 Endure 41 Dilmal 43 Gulde 45 Con~ 47 Purlftee •e eompeaa pwi 51 Shooe !Tom Im~

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5A - Scot .. SS l<MI thnlwt Sf EdltOf' I WOC'd 57 In thta IMcl

61~ st lt1Ulfl gun 81 £nervY 13 A/td "°'

11 12 13


.. l

88 Friday, August 14, 1992 ADVERTISING Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Dally Pilot

Yov can b~ part of hist6rical Concorde flight By Ronan Murray 45:25 was !let in 1987 by four pnots

A~ p.irl of the western world's in a Gulf Stream IV business jet quinccntennial celebr.Jtion of wilh four fuel stops. The Concorde Chrbtophcr Columbu~· discovery of will mak_e six fuel stops in less time.

The 01ght has been named the nl'.'w ~orld, you will ~ave the ''Sunchaser One" by its sponsor

- upponumly .10 t..lle part m ~ -~'Conc<:>rde -sptrtrToars" of Miami. historical event. On October 12-13, The reason is the sun won't set the Conwrde will attempt to fly during the entire fl ight. .uouncl the world at an averagi: lnduded in the $23,600 fore, is .,peed of '''ice the speed of sound Air France flights to Paris and back n under 14 hour.., setting a new from any Air France city worldwide. ,,orld recorfl. The ex1st1ng record of Also is an overnight stay at Sofitel

Hotel at Paris' Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Gue)ts will board the Concorde in Paris for a short flight to t=isbon, Portugal for a press conference and reception.

The historiC<JI flight will begin in Lisbon and land in the first or Si)( stops in Santo Domingo. This was the original route Columbus sailed in 1492. Then off around the world traveling at an average speed of 1,084 mph.

Included in the 23:10 travel time

are six stops, (about 7 hours):-1from Santo Domingo you Oy to Acapulco, Honolulu, Guam, Bangl.:ok ilnd Oharan before returning to Lisbon, where - arter an overnight stay - guests will be honored at a gala farewell breakfast at the Ritz.

There aren't many seats left and although the price is steep, that's a small price to pay for history. For further information contact Love to Travel at 642-4403.

Warm weather heats up sportsfishing; brings out some exotic catches By Rick Mcintee

Cabo San Luca~ Blue mJrlin .ict1on Jt the tip of

U.1,.1 wntrnue) tll l..t:'cp Jnglers very bu)\ ,,ml 0Jrrdl Prrmro~. owner of the C....ibu-l>.hed fini>terJ Tortuga Spurt11,h1ni; 1 lt.•t::t The i1>hing ha!> Ul'U' .b hot J> the ''cJther. Blue 111.irl1n "e1hh1ng rn 10 per day with more L,H1ght ,rnd rl!le.ht:d. f\IO>t of the lllm•, rn the 250 pound rJnge "1th >tripl•cl m.Hlin .1t Jbout 150 pound> An ~oung angler 11)h1ng on

the Tortuga Fleet battled and landed a 286-pound blue marlin.

Tuna fishin$ on the slow side but still v.--eighing rn the 90 pound class. Dorado have been sporadic in the SO-pound range. An angler trolling a 7 -strand purple lure managed a 75-pound wahoo. Water temps at 82 degrees with the action remaining on mostly dark-colored lures.

Newport landing from the tackle shop at Newport

l.inding, Gavin reports fishing for

exotic speci~ is the hot ticket. Amigo has been making the run to San Oe­mente Island and getting limit:. of big c;iltco bass and plenty or barracuda. On the trrp back anglers are eatching dorado and yellowfin tuna.

Reflection an<l Revele are working the 14-rnile bank and Catalina ChJnnel in search of exotics. The find rs yellowtale to 30 pounds, dorado and yellowfin tuna. Reflection runs charters and Re' ele is doing 3/4 day trips \\ ith reservations required for

both. Call 675·0550. Davy's l ocker Marty at Davy's Loci.er says local

fishing 1s excellent. Western Pride has worked around the oil rips for morning fishing and finding bonito, yellowtale and some nice calico bass Freelance is running 3/4 day trips in search of exotics and reports the action is picking up.

Rick Mcintee is an 3gent with love to Travel in Costa Mesa 642-4403


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55611 per ?3rsorl. double~

Rourd T~ Ai & Trcrcsfefs, Slll-Wed ~es

Flsll I Fiii 5 Sbl' P'3za la Glorim ms- Pueblo Borito Mar 5Days&4~ 5Days&4~

&n Oep. Sut Oep.

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CostaAzJA Aeoort s:m-7 Nglts


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Flight tests to elld; noise to remain - City of Newport Beach - [PDF Document] (2024)


What time can you start construction in Newport Beach? ›

Weekdays - construction allowed 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Saturdays - construction allowed 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. with exception of projects located in the High Density Areas (See Map). For more information: Click Here. Sundays and Federal Holidays - no construction activity allowed.

What time can you start construction in Huntington Beach? ›

The Noise Ordinance exempts noise from temporary construction, repair, or remodeling, or grading activities between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., except Sundays and federal holidays.

How early can you start construction in a residential area in California? ›

Permitted Construction/Demolition Hours are as follows: Monday through Friday 7:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Saturday or National Holidays 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. To report a non-allowable working hour's noise complaint, contact The LAPD at 311 or click here.

What is the earliest time builders can start working? ›

Normally the hours for noisy works are:
  • 8am - 6pm on Monday to Friday.
  • 8am - 1pm on Saturday.
  • no noisy works on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

What time can construction start in Orange County? ›

Generators used during or as a result of an emergency. Construction or demolition activities for which the county has issued a development permit, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

How late is Huntington Beach open? ›

DAY-USE hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The multi-use trail is a high-use area. Please keep personal belongings off trail and look both ways before crossing. All day-use guests must park in the day-use area. Overnight camping is not allowed.

When can construction start Long Beach? ›

Weekdays : 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

What time does Newport Beach Open? ›

Newport Beach includes more than eight miles of beaches that stretch from the Santa Ana River jetty to Crystal Cove State Park and border Newport Bay. All ocean and bay front beaches are open to the public from the hours of 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. Crystal Cove State Park beaches close at sunset.

What time can construction start in Contra Costa County? ›

In general, there are no restrictions for construction working hours within Contra Costa County. Occasionally, as a conditional of approval, the Planning Division may restrict days and times of construction to a permit approval.

What is the curfew in Newport Beach? ›

The curfew in Newport Beach for persons under the age of 18 is 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every night.


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