Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (2024)

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (1)

Alexia E.


My first experience here was a great one! Bailey was extremely helpful when it came to any questions I had, while being quick and easy with the entire process. Definitely will be going back and I do highly recommend. The vibe there is just immaculate! *chefs kiss*

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (2)

Charles S.


Mt. Orab Uplift Dispensary is without a doubt one of the best dispensaries in all of Ohio. I've been to several throughout the state, but this particular location has the best staff, professional, timely and knowledgeable. The facility always has top notch strains and always adding new items to their menu. They had the best discounts around and the processing time for getting in and out is phenomenal! Don't think I've ever doesn't more than 20 min. Congratulations on a very well run facility!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (3)

Darrell B.


Nice place but for those who really need your medicine it’s not really friendly to get in, like with a walker, cane or wheelchairs. Besides needing 2 people, 1 at entrance then another on other door. The floor rugs were buckled over and I got caught on many getting in.Now the workers were very helpful. I don’t remember names but the one black guy at the door was very helpful and made me feel like a valued customer.I’m actually disabled and stage 4 terminal cancer. My wife thought she could help me in and wait in the waiting area. No product, I didn’t even want her to carry out my purchase. She was asked to leave if she didn’t have her card which she has not. That really sucks as everywhere else we have gone she could wait in the waiting area but not shop or hold my purchases inside. I can understand that.I was lucky I had a short shopping list, told my bud tender and he got them for me and rang me up. Receipt says cashier 78811 from Mt Orab, Ohio on 4/20 early.Small place but some harder to find strains.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (4)

Ashlee D.


Uplift is the nicest and friendliest dispensary I’ve ever been in. I’ve been quite a few times but my most recent visit, Sierra was my bud tender. She greeted me as I opened the door and by my name. She’s so friendly and was very helpful and patient with all my questions. I really enjoy coming in here. All the staff are amazing… including the door guard. And let’s not forget the ones in the back, they have my order right & ready every time I come in.Thank you all! 10/10 recommendPS. They have great sales 😍Clarissa is amazing too. Just had her tonight. I’ll continue to add names as I go because they all deserve creditComing back to add Clint cause who doesn’t like Clint? He’s always top tier and he is very informative. He knows what he’s talking about.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (5)

Jillian S.


Sierra waited on me today. I always have such a good experience when I come here Sierra is one of my favorite People deal with Sierra is always smiling and happy to see me. Sierra always helps pick out the best products for me and Sierra always shows me where I can save money. Awesome job Sierra keep it up lol

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (6)

Kassi N.


My fiance and mom go here and they say nothing but good. Great prices. Prettty sure its the cheapest place around and they have sales everyday, too! Really genuine nice knowledgeable staff. The products are also really high quality. You will not be disappointed! One love.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (7)

Julie H.


Julie Terry is my name ..sierra and Jeremy are very top notch! Ive been across the west and this is the Best one ive ever been to. Prices are unbeatable and they .ake you feel important. Its very Clean and the security is a plus. The move very quickly.And a secured entry way into the back...Top Notch Company.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (8)

Wendy M.


It was my first time and they made me feel so welcome! Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and answered my questions without hesitation. They have a wide variety of medications and were able to help me find what would be the best treatment options. The facility was gentle and very clean. The waiting room was serene and calming. Will recommend to others. If you’re looking for superior customer service get to Uplift Mt Orab!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (9)

Christopher M.


This place is very nice. Clean, comfortable and almost like a spa like feeling for a waiting room. Everyone is always friendly, polite, smiling and helpful when asking questions. They look small but they have a very wide selection and are always running sales. The only thing I didn’t like was that they wouldn’t allow me to tip after taking up a bunch of time with questions. Said they greatly appreciated the gesture but was not allowed to accept anything beyond the actual cost of product. Great group of people.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (10)

Jim F.


Bailey was very helpful today. Most of the bystanders are very professional and helpful. If you’re new, take the time to stop in during the day when staff can take time. The store is always clean and well staffed. The stock is varied but availability of items has been an issue before or they simply change. Otherwise a great store.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (11)

C J.


Uplift is amazing! My go to only shop! Prices good, everyone friendly and helpful.The best Budtender is Royce!He’s been helping me almost a year, always friendly and helpful, he knows what I need and like and he is always has perfect suggestions!Top notch Tender, Royce is the main reason I only go to Uplift. He knows me and I get personal help.😎

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (12)

kaden J.


This is an overall amazing place. Staff is friendly and helpful. They will gladly run you through the process for new visitors, and they enjoy visits from regulars. They have great deals going daily, and the process is as quick as you’ll find it, regardless of if you ordered online or walked in. This is my absolute favorite dispensary hands down.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (13)

Amanda K.


I come here often to the mount Orab location. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, the place is clean, check in is very simple and they almost always have deals going on. They also have loyalty points and do cashless purchases through the spender app so it cuts down on atm fees. I definitely recommend this dispensary

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (14)

Skye W.


The employees are the sweetest, they’re educated and care about their patients. They always try to keep a good inventory, they’ll take suggestions for specific products that people really like, they’re truly a team who cares. I couldn’t recommend this dispensary enough for patients who are needing a reliable, caring dispo to go to. However wouldnt recommend working here as the management team is very biased and don’t like when people stand up for themselves/team members.But for patients 10/10 recommend!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (15)

Ryan S.


Very polite and friendly. Service is outstanding, and fast. I always order ahead online and I’m in and out within 5 to 10 minutes. The people in the back make sure you’re satisfied with your order and allow you to add or modify it anyway you want or see fit. I had an issue with a product and was given the option for a full refund, no issues whatsoever. Managers name was Faith whom I had dealt with. Thanks uplift in Mt.Orab, I highly recommend this be your go to for product.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (16)

Michael D.


Was a great place until the blue haired thing that's too busy gossiping to do the job its supposed to do waited over an hour in the waiting room for a new card and my buzzer to go off after the hour wait I was finally answered they completely forgot about My card. Was a super place, amazing people on the old staff.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (17)

Nate D.


I just want to say how helpful the staff has been every time I come in, especially Layne! Layne is always giving the best recommendations being super helpful with everything, I am a caregiver for my mother in law she needs high doses and high quality and Layne always points me in the right way to get her the medicine she needs! 5 star service

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (18)

Michael T.


Absolutely the Best in Ohio! Only dispensary I will go to again. Staff here is by far the Best Friendliest Helpful you will ever meet ! Products are Top Shelf ! Im a Big fan of the local grown Columbia Care, Seed and Strain and Classix!!! Uplift Specials, Giveaways, (which I just won the Volcano Hybrid at the Halloween special,) , the Location, Easy ordering , Easy Pickup, The building is always Clean and well kept and decorated. You won't be disappointed !!!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (19)

Nirvana K.


This place is fast with service even during big events and have great products at amazing discounts, like unbelievable ones. The staff are cool and it's always been a easy in and out experience. I've been to a lot of dispensaries and this one is high on the list. They even boast flower over 35%! That's crazy! Thanks uplift, for uplifting us!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (20)

Clint K.


I am very happy to have a dispensary that is closer to home. I love their selection!! They carry several cultivators that other dispensaries do not. The prices are always at the low end and they offer some of the best discounts around.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (21)

Anthony B.


Went there without an online order the people out front were very friendly and talkative. It wasn't a long wait only about 5 minutes. Then I go back the guy back there wasn't friendly wasn't helpful didn't have any knowledge and was just all around rude didn't show me the product or even let me look at them if customer service is important to u don't go here if there deals wasn't so well I wouldn't be going back unfortunately I'm poor I just hope I don't run into that guy again

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (22)

Mike S.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff. And good prices. Parking lot is small, but looks like you can park in the lot next to them

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (23)

Lavy L.


Tbh this is my new favorite spot to pick up my med cannabis. They get me in and out quickly when I place an order, and the deals they run, especially in Certified products make their prices really competitive. Highly recommend this location, so far the best one in the city.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (24)

Mary M.


Second time visiting. Ordered a online pick up, 5:30-6:00 PM. Arrived at 5:50 and was denied access. Please update your correct hours. You are in fact not open until 6:00 PM on days stated you are. You’re adding 30 mins extra, which was my drive there. Thanks!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (25)

Shawn M.


Best service, and very knowledgeable staff. Everyone is very helpful and polite. Would recommend going out of your way to come here. They will take excellent care of you 🤘🤟👌👍👍👍

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (26)

Devon M.


I have been coming here since the day they opened. The staff have always been exceptionally friendly, well-trained and knowledgeable about the menu, as well as giving their own personal experience and advice about various products. The menu is also regularly updated and kept decently in-stock.The facility is well kept and always clean. There is always active security on site, which, I dare say, is rather comforting in this day and age. Another thing is that, personally, I consider the way they signal guests to go to the back to cash out is rather neat. They essentially give you a small pager that will buzz and vibrate to notify you that you are ready to be checked out.Been coming here for my medications for ages and have yet to have a bad experience.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (27)

Josh W.


Place is AMAZING!!! Welcoming and warm vibe besides the gentleman working “security” at the door could come off a bit nicer.. I’ve been twice with the same attitude received both times.. Every interaction besides the initial has been great for both visits.. The sales, changing of sales, and the sheer number of options has been a breath of fresh air.. Looking forward to seeing what else Uplift has in store..

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (28)

Joshua N.


I went to register as a new patient. I have been to many different dispensaries and I was absolutely pleased with how fast they got my paper work completed and how fast I was called back. They had plenty of staff and man were they friendly. Zoey, Cody and Noah made me feel right at home and was so amazing to be around. I appreciate there hospitality and will definitely be a long time customer!!!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (29)



I have been there a couple times now. It is hands down my new favortie place to go to. Great Place, great service and friendly staff, great atmosphere, excellent product and good prices. 10/10 would recommend.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (30)

Trienetha S.


Very friendly and helpful staff. Great location for those who live farther from Cincinnati. Easy check-in and out. Plus the interior is modern, clean ad comfortable while waiting. I'm looking forward to my next visit and the specials I can purchase in the future!

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (31)

David C.


The selections and prices are great, but the knowledge and friendliness of the staff is beyond spectacular. Very smooth experience all the way through. Highly recommend.

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (32)

Sara S.


This place is definitely it for customer service. I was there on the official day they opened and they had a lot of people but I was still in and out within 25-30 minutes which is pretty reasonable considering I’ve waited longer at more established dispensaries. This is probably one of the best ones I’ve been in the prices seem to be great and the products I’ve got are great too. I like the buzzer system and the overall environment! Hopefully it stays the way it is or improves if it can get any better. ☺️

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (33)

Chrystine P.


Great place everyone was so nice and helpful hope they start doing discounts daily. Very close to my house which is great. Would recommend this place to all my friends. Keep up the great work 👏👏

Uplift Cannabis Dispensary in Mt Orab, OH (2024)


How much should you tip a budtender at a dispensary? ›

We recommend tipping your budtender the same way you would tip a bartender: around 10 - 20% of your total bill. Why? Budtenders and bartenders are similar when it comes to providing knowledge and customer service.

What's the most you can get from a dispensary? ›

Explained: Under AUMA, California adults 21 years of age and older with a valid, government-issued ID can purchase and possess no more than:
  • 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis.
  • 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • 6 immature cannabis plants per day.

What sells the most at dispensaries? ›

Flower is the highest grossing item at each of the 13 dispensaries, ranging from 49% of revenue to 81%. Depending on the store, the second highest grossing product is Pre-Rolls, Vapor Pens, and Concentrates.

What is the best thing to try at a dispensary? ›

  • Cannabis flower refers to the smokable part of the dried plant. ...
  • Insa's Cannatonnic CBD Flower is a favorite at our dispensary and great for beginner smokers. ...
  • Tinctures are liquid drops made from herbal extracts in which the cannabis plant soaks in alcohol to extract active chemicals.

Is it rude not to tip a budtender? ›

When it comes to how much to tip a budtender, the answer is a little more flexible than in other industries. Typically 5%-10% is expected. But if you spent a lot of time with your budtender talking about various plants and products, consider giving a little more to thank them for their efforts.

Why do dispensaries ask for tips? ›

Tipping is a common practice in dispensaries as budtenders provide a valuable service. If you're unsure about tipping etiquette or don't see a tip jar, don't hesitate to ask your budtender for guidance. Recognizing their expertise and assistance with a tip is appreciated and helps support the staff.

What is an 8th in weight? ›

An eighth refers to a common weight measurement used when selling cannabis. It equates to one-eighth (⅛) of an ounce by weight, which is approximately 3.5 grams.

How much do top dispensaries make? ›

On average, dispensary owners make between $100,000 and $500,000 per year. There are many factors that determine this, such as your overhead costs, monthly rent, loans, income, profit margin, foot traffic, and eCommerce channel.

Do you need a medical card to purchase at a dispensary in Ohio? ›

Purchase medical marijuana from a licensed Ohio dispensary. Only patients with an active registry card, an active recommendation, and their associated government-issued ID can purchase medical marijuana.

Which edibles sell the most? ›

The most popular cannabis edibles brands are:
  • Wyld.
  • Kiva.
  • Smokiez.
  • Plus.
  • Kanha.
  • Heavy Hitters.
  • Highatus.
  • Big Pete's.

Why do dispensaries sell small buds? ›

Since they're more affordable, many dispensaries go through smalls quicker than larger nugs. As such, they're stocked more often and may be fresher than larger flower buds.

What company owns the most dispensaries? ›

Led by Curaleaf Holdings (OTC: CURLF), the world's largest cannabis company, U.S. multi-state operators (MSOs) grabbed nine of the top 10 spots, and 25 slots overall in the first Global Cannabis 50 annual ranking of the largest public cannabis companies in the world.

What should I say in a dispensary interview? ›

Share your willingness to learn and your passion for the cannabis industry, and be prepared to discuss your interest in the field. No matter your level of experience, be sure to use industry-specific keywords in your response to demonstrate your familiarity with the industry.

What is a good tip for a budtender? ›

A standard tipping rate for budtenders falls between 10% and 20% of the sale.

What should I wear to a dispensary interview? ›

It's important to dress nicely for your interview. Choose clothes that are clean, neat, and comfortable. You don't need to wear a suit or anything fancy, but could you make sure you look presentable. Showing that you've made an effort with your appearance demonstrates that you take the job opportunity seriously.


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